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False Alarm

warb 14 839
26 Aug 2004 2:25AM
having nearly had two break in's in the middle of the night in the last year (both of which shutters and the like were damaged but luckily they never managed to get in) we are now very wary, and being the end house next to wasteland makes for an easy target, so the smallest of noises and im jumping up to check. well i just had a quite nerve wrecking half hour, heard a noise so checked out of the loft window (where i am now) as normal...i notice the side security light is on, stretch out to see if the back light is on..it is, so now my heartbeat has moved up a notch or two, what do you do? i grabbed the camera and in pitch black managed to make my way down the ladders and to the back bedroom window from where the security light shines, heartbeat's pounding as i quickly switch the flash on the camera off and peak around the blinds, can't see anything but can here muffled voices...heart starts to pound faster and as im wondering what to do next....the phone rings (yes! it really did) bearing in mind its about 2 in the morning i immediately presume it's a neighbour ringing to let us know we have someone hanging around the house so before going to the phone i 1st run to my room to get shoes and whatever items of clothes i can grab quickly, as i get my shoes on my mum's answered the phone, it's a friend of my sister's saying she's left her purse somewhere and that he's got it. bit of confusion, bizaare timing, i tell my dad i was just in the back bedroom cos the light was on, the side and back lights are now both off...........but now the front light is on! run to the front window.......and it's a bloody cat sat on the wall! breathe a sigh of relief. still in my boxers and trainers i return to the loft, just about to relax when i notice the side light is on again, so i take one last look to give the cat a disgusted look if nothing else, i see no cat but..someone climbing over the side wall!!...heartbeats flying again as i grab the camera and jump back down the steps i shout down to my dad that there's somebody round the side, my 1st intinct was to get to the kitchen window which is right by the wall where he was climbing over...as i get to the kitchen my dad sees the front light come on so goes straight out, i follow and we are faced by the guy who was on the phone, the friend of my sister's, looking a bit worse for wear and stuttering something about money and my sister (who's not even here tonight), after giving him the 'what the hell are you doing?' and not getting much sense he says sorry and is told to go home. maybe he was just too drunk, it is wednesday afterall, but i can't help getting the feeling it was all a little strange, maybe tomorrow/today will have the answers.

anyway, what would YOU do in the situation of a potential robber?
would a camera be the furthest thing from your mind?

right, my heartbeat has returned to it's normal rate so im off to bed!

good night.

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warb 14 839
26 Aug 2004 2:28AM
did i just write ALL that? sorry, it all came out in the same breathe! :o)
IanA 14 3.0k 12 England
26 Aug 2004 4:26AM
Having an SD9, which is about the same dimensions and weight as a brick, yeah, I probably would!
Sleep well!
andytvcams 15 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 7:04AM
Friendly neighbourhood,i hope you gave your dad a warb award for going outside in the first place,perhaps next time you should phone the police,better safe than sorry.
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
26 Aug 2004 7:23AM
Hope you gave him the details of how to log on and find ePHOTOzineWink
csurry 16 9.2k 92
26 Aug 2004 8:31AM
Scariest moment on hearing a noise and going to back patio window to peek out and me and my mum was coming face to face with the little toe-rag.

Luckily still through shut door, actually don't know who got the biggest fright, cos he scarpered pretty quick. Police came, but he'd gone. Was the second attempt in a short period of time. Needless to say we moved.

Didn't grab for a camera, but had grabbed a golf club. Does that count because my hobby was golf not photography at the time.
thefizz 14 353
26 Aug 2004 8:44AM
To hell with the camera, I would go for the baseball bat or similar. Mind you, the camera would be handy for the resulting autopsy.

robs 14 681 2 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 8:44AM
Nearest thing to hand for me quite often is an Ice Axe Wink
digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 8:48AM
Reminds me of something that happened when I was a kid. My (older) brother and I used to go round to a friend's to play football one evening each week. We walked there and back and it was always dark when we were on our way home. Our route took us down a pitch black unadopted lane which formed a sort of cutting between fields and the hedges were about 10ft above us.

One evening on the way home we heard a rustling noise behind us as we were walking down the lane. We gave each other that did we really hear that look and carried on. A few yards later we heard the noise again, closer this time and we got really worried.

A couple of weeks earlier there had been a murder in the area and, although that had been a crime of passion it was obviously at the back of our minds.

My brother told me (brave lad) that if anything happened I was to run like hell and he would make sure I got away. Anyway, needless to say, a few yards further on there was suddenly a loud snort right behind us. It frightened us so much we just took off like a shot. It was only when we had gone some distance that we realised what we had heard was a horse! When we turned around we saw it trotting after us, it had got out of the field and had started following us.

Once we had got the jelly out of our legs we went and told the farmer and finally managed to have a laugh about it.

Bernie 14 2.2k
26 Aug 2004 8:51AM
Have to ask Danny, why keep grabbing the camera????
nigelf22 13 583
26 Aug 2004 8:56AM
...Similar thing happened to me 6 months ago with a thief trying to steal the car from the drive. Keep the EOS 5 (with built in flash)under the bed ('coz Remington pump guns are not allowed)and shot the sneak thru the window. His face was a picture as he leapt into the air and vanished hasn't been back. (No film in camera then, always keep it loaded now..)
flossie 14 1.6k
26 Aug 2004 8:58AM
Camera would be the last thing on my mind ...I'd be hiding under the bed, not brave at all
warb 14 839
26 Aug 2004 10:21AM
Have to ask Danny, why keep grabbing the camera????

lol i dont know!!! there was no baseball bat or similar tho i have been meaning to get one, and having had previous attempted break ins my intinct was to first get a decent shot of the bugger and see what he was upto before going out to confront him and have him run away. also thought it was a good opportunity for my 1st crack at proper photo journalism, and im sure had i got a shot it would have been a certain EC lol just joking but im sure it would have been useful for the police.
nigelf22 13 583
26 Aug 2004 10:55AM
...don't think the police would have been paricularly interested. I wouldn't think the resulting mugshot would be admissable as evidence in court of any wrongdoing. Wouldn't you need a model release form too..and if the miscreant was under 16 wouldn't that raise another spectre...think the Remington pump-gun would be the best answer..not to actually fire, but just to make that reassuring sound when it's cocked..guaranteed to frighten off even the meanest crim. They sell em in the 'states using the same example. "Hear something funny downstairs at night? Go to the top of the stairs and "Kerrrlunk, Kerrrlatch"..sound of footsteps rapidly disapearing.." I'm told it's worked more than once...
User_Removed 14 1.4k United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 10:59AM
I recently moved from stoke back to warrington after a miserable 8months there, Anyway, new house new street and me and Lisa chose the front bedroom as then i could jump up if i heard any strange noises and look through the window at the car and every night was unable to sleep properly because the lady next door spoke about the cars getting damaged every now and then, 13 of december we moved into this house and after a few weeks of nothing happening it was christmas day night and the kids was knackered so they went to bed about 8pm, me and lisa went up about 10:30pm and i slept like a baby! BIG MISTAKE!! I woke up in the morning with the kids shouting daddy theres a copper at the door ("WHAT IN THE GODS NAME") i screetched, ran down stairs with just my boxers on (only to find the copper was female) then she said, "if you get dressed can i come in" Yeah sure hold on (no don't think that, the kids are watching lol) Anyway, i got dressed opened the door and she said, is this your car, i said yeah why? she said it looks like someone has slashed your tyre (and they had) i was fuming, i was saying all the words under the sun (mainly because i wasn't working and just moved which was just before christmas, so the extra expense was not good timing) so she came in and i reported it, she then said you should see the guys car up the road... the ickle B@#!@%$s had smashed up a car on the street (all the windows was smashed and an axe was in his bonnet!!) i then said well "aint i a lucky sod"!

I think i would also grab something a bit more 'threatening'than a camera...

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