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Film Scanner grief!

ckristoff 13 984 Wales
8 Jul 2007 8:47PM

I have a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III film scanner which is driving me up the wall. During the past 2 hours I have only managed to scan 7 slides into my PC!

I'm getting a message Error = 1 unknown message. Does anyone know what this means?

On another post, I saw a link to Minolta scanner driver, which I downloaded, but all it does is uninstall the software. I then install the software from my original software disc. I used the scanner and it worked fine for the first 8 slides, then it was back to the damn error = 1 message.

How many other members have got this model and do they have the same nonsense? If not, would you be willing for me to borrow your software disc? I would happily re-imburse your postage costs.

Thank you.


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cameracat 13 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Jul 2007 9:05PM
Frank Try this link before you commit Har Kari Sad


Sorry you'll have to copy paste it into browser.

EDIT; If this is the same driver that you have downloaded, IT could be that it had to remove the old driver before it could be installed, Going by what you say.

So the answer is to Run this downloaded software driver BUT make sure you have already Uninstalled the old OR other version.

If not you may well get compatibility issues.

User_Removed 13 17.9k 8 Norway
8 Jul 2007 9:09PM
Here's the link Frank.

Have to agree with Vince.... I have the ScanDual IV - and having the 'latest' driver is crucial with these scanners.

IF the problems continues, then I suggest you do a reboot.
Little Jo Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
8 Jul 2007 9:11PM
Hello Frank

I don't have your model of scanner, but I'm willing to offer a few suggestions. However, it would be useful to know what operating system you are using. There may be information available that describes what your error means. Is there a manual on the software disk? The manual on the website is 13MB!

I had a look on the Konica Minolta website and the driver is still at version 1.0. That suggests there hasn't been an update.

It may be a hardware fault, eg. something inside overheating. It could be a problem with the lamp. If it was a simple driver issue, I wouldn't expect the scanner to work at all. This sounds more like a hardware issue to me.

Unfortunately, with these things, it's often cheaper to buy a new scanner than repair the old one.

ckristoff 13 984 Wales
8 Jul 2007 9:12PM
Cameracat, Mike,

I believe I have downloaded this before. However I've looked at it again, and apparently, it only applies to Windows 2000 as far as I can see.

But I will try it again and see how I get on.

Thanks for your help.

cameracat 13 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Jul 2007 9:23PM
Hi Frank, Little Jo has made some very valid points on this, Meanwhile the Driver may well be listed as Win 2k, But it also traces back on an XP search.

A lot of hardwares that crossed over from Win 2k do in fact work OK on XP, as the guts core of XP & 2k are almost identical. ie Win NT5.

Good luck, But I fear Little Jo may be right, Based on the fact that you have been plagued with this problem. Sad
ckristoff 13 984 Wales
8 Jul 2007 9:29PM
Little Jo, Cameracat,

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention I do have XP.

Thank you all for your replies. I really do appreciate the help I receive on EPZ.

Little Jo, you could be right! The most annoying feature of the hassle my scanner gives, is that I have to wait 5 minutes or more before I can even attempt to eject the film holder.

cameracat 13 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Jul 2007 10:44PM
Hi Frank, Just a thought on something that Might help.

I had a guy like yourself who just wnated to get his slides onto his PC for archiving, He did not have a scanner at the time, So we devised a way of doing it without one.....Are you intrigued? ? ?.

OK so here is what we did, He dug out his old slide projector and the blind thing on a stick for pointing it at ( Just love the techie terms ) OK so far, Then we set his Digital camera up on a tripod, At this point you do have to play with the angle ever so slightly, By that I mean the angle of the Projector, The screen & the Digital camsera.....So as to maintain perspective...

NEXT we loaded up his carousel, And simply photgraphed the whole lot with the DSLR...Note do a couple and check them out so you can adjust the settings etc.

Much to our delight this worked a treat, And on the up side it was faster than doing it with a film/slide scanner, Oh! And the quality was superb.

Sooo There's something for you to do next weekend ( LOL Smile )

Little Jo Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
8 Jul 2007 11:05PM
What Frank needs is one of either of the following:

A replacement scanner. Has anyone out there got one you no longer require?

A slide copying device to attach to a DSLR.

Sorry I cannot offer more suggestions.

mrcal 13 1.0k
8 Jul 2007 11:34PM
I have a ScanDual3 that I use but infrequently. Would like to borrow it for a while? I've just tested it and it seems to work as it should.

PM me with your address if you'd like it.
ckristoff 13 984 Wales
9 Jul 2007 3:33PM

EPZ is full of stars! Thank you all for your kind suggestions.

Mrcal, can you give me a couple of days before I give you a definite reply? I'm going to try once more with a suggestion I received earlier on.

Thank you all!

PS Mrcal, your offer is very generous indeed. But consider this. If you send me your scanner and then I return it to you and you find it's no longer working as it should, what do we do then?

Just a thought. Smile

mrcal 13 1.0k
9 Jul 2007 6:19PM

Quote:But consider this. If you send me your scanner and then I return it to you and you find it's no longer working as it should, what do we do then?

I shrug my shoulders, say life's full of twists and move on. Don't worry about it.

The offer stands.
ckristoff 13 984 Wales
10 Jul 2007 5:38PM
Hello friends,

Frankie boy again. Smile

Here's the latest. Apologies to the member or members who provided me with the link to an American forum, I'm sorry if I can't remember your name. On there I read a message that is 3 years old, advising switching on the film scanner before turning on the PC.

So last night I uninstalled the scanner software, re-installed the software I downloaded from the Minolta website and re-started the PC. But I didn't use the scanner again.

This afternoon, I switched on the scanner, then turned on the PC, got the scanner software running, and blow me!! I managed to scan 28 slides onto the PC in about 2 hours. I was absolutely thrilled, because I wasn't expecting it.

Please Jo, I'm very sure your advice makes a lot of sense. If I've already had this hassle, it's very likely to happen again.

Once again, thank you all for you concern and help.

Little Jo Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
10 Jul 2007 6:40PM
Glad you got sorted Frank.

That's what is important.

ckristoff 13 984 Wales
16 Jul 2007 3:34PM


Since last week, I've been in email correspondence with a nice man from Konica Minolta. The last message I received, informed me of a company that can repair scanners. But before I do, could I try to use the scanner on another PC. Well, being Frankie boy, I got another PC, actual a newer one than what I'm using now.

So I load photoshop CS on PC, plus the Minolta scanner software. During the past hour I've scanned in 4 slides and 7 negative images. The scanner acanned wonderfully. I shut down scanner, open photoshop, check all 11 images and everything is absolutely fine. Am I missing something here??!!!! If it carries on like this, I'll be happy. Problem is my 2nd PC has no internet.
Question - if I work on my 2nd PC and put images on CD, would I then be able to transfer to my first PC in order to upload my images to you lovely people on EPZ? Smile

2nd question - on my 2nd PC, photoshop asks me to register after 30days. Is this necessary?

I apologise for all the hassle - I had a complicated childhood. Smile


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