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Film scanning times ? . ? . ? .

dawn_patrol 15 50
15 Dec 2005 11:54AM
how long should a scan take?
it's taken my new scanner over half an hour
to scan 3 x 35mm slides @ 4800dpi.
(173mb image) (no ICE)

i don't ask for instant results,
but that's real slow...

does anyone know what the determining factors of scan speed are?

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sillyconguru 15 4.4k
15 Dec 2005 12:09PM
Determining factors; Bit depth, DPI, & PC/scanner interface speed.

Why are you scanning at such a high DPI? You must be ending up with 30+ megapixel images.
Fleetwood 18 63
15 Dec 2005 12:11PM
25 mins of that was trying to find/hunt for the slides as there so small,up MF l say Smile, just joking. Does not seem that long, Crap takes 5 mins but QUALITY TAKES TIME.
dawn_patrol 15 50
15 Dec 2005 12:18PM
is this a nornal scan time then?
say 10 minutes for A3 from 35mm?
Hugo 15 649 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2005 12:23PM
What sort of scanner?
I'm currently scanning stuff with a Dual Scan 4.
It's about 20 seconds for a slide at 3200dpi scan, - 40mb.
However, alot longer though if I apply multisampling.
FrankThomas 17 2.8k United Kingdom
15 Dec 2005 12:28PM
if I do a 4 pass scan of a 6x7 slide, it can take up to 15 mins or so to finish.
p-g 16 126 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2005 12:35PM
As we speak I'm scanning batches of 4 slides on the Dual Scan 4. Scanning to A4 (2544 dpi input, 300dpi output) 16 bit, 8x multisample. Reckon each batch takes about 12mins.
Quite happy with the results. Mind you cr@p in still equals cr@p out Smile My Mont Blancs were all done this way.
Fleetwood 18 63
15 Dec 2005 12:42PM
Would have to say for that file size it does not seem that long, of course the scanner, and elements of the software that are enabled will make a diff. Would not get to upset with the time taken, if the quailty is as you want it then thats all what matters. My imacon, jolly expensive can take around 30 mins for a 6x7, but the time is not important to me, l, my agent and my customers demand high quality and thats what they get.
p-g 16 126 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2005 12:53PM
Quite right, Fleetwood. Depends what Paul wants to do with them. I'm archiving years of slides just for my own (and family's)personal use. Any that look half decent I'll go back and re-scan if I feel I may want to print them large at some time.
Fleetwood 18 63
15 Dec 2005 1:06PM
p-g hit the nail on the head, dawn-patrol.
dawn_patrol 15 50
15 Dec 2005 1:07PM
many thanks for all replies,
the scans are for printing to display, with the printing being as quality as reasonably possible at my budget (small) and the available resolution from this new Epson 4490 i bought.
I was trying to find a reason to take it back, the quality seems no worse than some i had done profesionally on a quite new Coolscan, but more testing needed.
any suggestions (apart from a digital slr)...
Fleetwood 18 63
15 Dec 2005 1:22PM
Quality begins with the film as you will know, sounds as if you have a good scanner, so tweek / focus on the Film and scanning combination, try not to lose any quality in the PC, which normally you wont if you do not fiddle about with the image to much and all should be ok. Printers, do not really add any additional quality, they just print what they see/receive, keep us posted.
dawn_patrol 15 50
15 Dec 2005 1:29PM
the film probably is the limiting factor here...
better scanners could pull out more detail, perhaps, but what i can see is grain from the film.
or it could be digital noise. hmmm....

in the black areas, lighter pixels appear - but i have seen this result on scans from a Coolscan, so not too sure
dawn_patrol 15 50
15 Dec 2005 1:33PM
also, maybe using 48 bit colour was a bit hopeful of me...
will it make any difference on the final print?
Fleetwood 18 63
15 Dec 2005 1:48PM
Try some comp tests at mid and high dpi and colour depths 16,32 and 48, you may find your pushing the scanner on its limit and lower settings will not show any noticable diffs. The lighter pix in the dark areas might also be a result of pushing it to the limit, l have this problem with light lines appaering in the dark areas, it happens it is not a fault, but for me this tells me l must recal the scanner with the recal slide provided, which l do about once a month depending on the usage. Check your documentation to see if recals are something that you must do on a regular basis.

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