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Fisheye lens

jclaydon1 13 20 1 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 4:40PM
Hi everyone i am new to the forum. I would like advice on buying a fisheye lens for a 5D, i was looking at the canon 15mm 2.8, however Sigma do a lens that is cheaper is the canon better? Many thanks Julie
sherlob Plus
14 3.2k 129 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 5:10PM
I have the sigma and I am really pleased with it. Focusing can be a challenge at times, but I gather this is not unsual for fish eye lenses and I tend to use manual focus anyway.

My main point though is this - how often do you intend on using the lens? I was luck and I had mine bought for me as a gift - I use it, but rarely. I doubt I would go out to buy one otherwise as it is for me a luxury item rather than a necessary addition.

Finally, I want to experiment with fish eye panoramas - but the software to combine them cost way more than the lens it self. I don't know if this applies to you, but if it does the software costs need to be factored into your decision.


Busseauboy 13 159 France
21 Apr 2008 6:20PM
Does a fisheye lens (such as 15 mm mentioned above) remain a fisheye on digital at, say X 1.5? Is it still a fisheye at 22mm approx equivalent due to angle of view? Or does it revert to a simple wide angle lens (and not very wide at that!)

Best regards to all

**** M.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
21 Apr 2008 6:22PM
Just wide angle, **** M, as I am using 10-22mm
jclaydon1 13 20 1 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 6:40PM
[link=null][/link]I thought it gave a different angle of view to the 10-20? the fisheye 180 degree view? Adam have you ever used it for portraits in a confined space? regards julie
P.S i have only seen other peoples work and it was very impressive
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
21 Apr 2008 6:42PM
hmm, I would be very surprised if it does.
But please feel free to correct me as I am interested as well.
sherlob Plus
14 3.2k 129 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 8:11PM
Julie, on a 5D it will be a genuine fisheye as the 5d is full frame. 15mm gives a good fisheye effect in a rectangular frame - the next step is an 8mm fisheye which gives a circular frame (personally I'm not keen on the latter, but it's all down to taste).

**** - On a cropped sensor the fish eye effect is lessened due to the magnification effect. You will still get some barrel distortion (which is what differs a fisheye from a standard super wide lens where it is corrected). However, the effect will be minimal. Been a 5d user I have not used the 10-20, but I do remember trying it once and that too gave some barrel distortion on a 1.6X crop factor sensor. I'd think this is a good choice for those using cropped sensors - that or the 8mm fisheye solutions (although expect some vignetting. I'm sure some have tried this combo and can advise better than I. I'm willing to stick my lens on my old 300d if you want me to give a more detailed report on the effect - let me know.


conrad 16 10.9k 116
21 Apr 2008 8:59PM

Quote:However, the effect will be minimal.

I don't agree with that. The effect is lessened, yes, but not as little as 'minimal' suggests. I use a Zenitar 16mm on my 20D and there is still a quite pronounced distortion which is definitely different from a normal ultra wide angle distortion. But it all depends on what you shoot and how you shoot it.

To give you a few examples: This shows a reasonably nice fisheye effect, but here you hardly notice that it was taken with a fisheye.

So - whether or not the effect is minimal, or just llessened, depends on your subject and how you capture it.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
21 Apr 2008 9:01PM
sherlob Plus
14 3.2k 129 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 9:09PM
Cheers for the correction Conrad.
21 Apr 2008 9:10PM
Is it all to do with the lens's optical make-up...?i.e. a 10.5mm Nikon is very definitely "fish-eye" effect but the 10mm end of a Sigma 10-20mm is merely very wide..
jclaydon1 13 20 1 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 9:25PM
Thanks for all the info lol, quite a debate. I am going secondhand i think in case i don't make enough use of it. julie

P.S i was looking at an image Called Windmills by Poochie taken with a Canon 15mm fisheye i think it is images of the week
sherlob Plus
14 3.2k 129 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2008 11:46PM
Heres a link - Poochies PF is something else... fantastic!

conrad 16 10.9k 116
22 Apr 2008 9:02AM
Yes, interesting one, that. The pro critique is negative about the fisheye effect, but the picture got an EC and was selected as POW. And so we see that tastes will always differ, even among pros...
newfocus 14 647 2 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2008 12:17PM
Yep - it's a love/hate thing to some extent. Although I only use my fisheye occasionally it's very definitely a favourite of mine and I wouldn't want to be without it. The full 180deg view is a big part of the fun and creativity so if you're shooting on a cropped sensor I'm guessing one of the specfically designed lenses (e.g. Sigma 10mm) would be better for that.


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