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9 Nov 2015 10:51AM
I have a E-M1 and want buy two flash guns and a wireless transmitter, I have been looking at the Cactus system and Yongnuo. Has anyone any experience with of these two makes.

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9 Nov 2015 11:08AM
No, 'fraid not, but the key question is whether you want to preserve full automatic operation or not. I mainly use flash for studio lighting and so generally have plenty of time to test shoot for manual exposure control. In that case you can use something far cheaper and simpler and keep the difference for other goodies. The Neewer kit is cheap ad cheerful, just a remote trigger, but it works fine for me with up to 3 remote cobra flashes : Neewer flash trigger kit.
thewilliam 11 6.1k
9 Nov 2015 11:56AM
When you use two or more lights of any sort, there's no one correct exposure.

It's the balance between the power of the various lights that creates the picture. Normally we have a "keylight" which is a stop or two brighter than any of the others.

I'd urge the OP to think about this when choosing a trigger.
9 Nov 2015 12:29PM
Thanks for the info and advice, I'm not worried about TTL as I much prefer manual control; I had a lot of success with my old Sony/Minolta gear in Manual.
sitan1 Plus
11 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 12:46PM
I can recommend Yongnuo and absolutely love them.
I have the Yongnuo 560 tx transmitter and yongnuo flashguns version's II, III and IV.
With the 560 tx and flashguns version III and IV the flashguns zoom and power can be set on the camera via the transmitter.
Or to save money you can buy a basic transmitter like the RF602 or RF603 which will just fire the yongnuo flashguns.
The flashguns I've mentioned are manual only so there is no TTL etc so you will set the power yourself.
These are great as a cheap option into off camera flash.
Not sure about the other brands like neweer with regards to flash but you can always google it to compare them all.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.0k 58 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 1:28PM
I've used Yongnuo loads on my Canon and recommend them. I use then loads in manual power situations (RF603CII), I've also used one TTL TX/RX pair - works great too with my Canon TTL flash.

Are you looking to shoot manual or TTL?
AlexandraSD 8 769 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 2:35PM
Buy the Yongnuo's and you won't regret it!

Never tried Neewer speedlights but their triggers are terrible, prone to misfire, very frustrating IMO, where as the Yongnuo triggers work 100%, either the YN560TX or the smaller RF603cII, the former you can control power and zoom right from the trigger, very handy when using multiple light setups.
User_Removed 5 1.0k United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 2:53PM

Quote:I can recommend Yongnuo and absolutely love them.

I agree, I use Pocket Wizards now


I agree with the person above they are blasted good triggers, have used them and when one was faulty with just a lose screw I was sent a FREE replacement and told to keep the other one. Do not under estimate the Yongnuo, they are very good
9 Nov 2015 3:52PM
I have looked deeper into Yongnuo and there are mixed reports on Amazon, some are not good at all!!
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.0k 58 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 4:00PM
For me i came down to finding a reliable product at a price i could afford. I've gradually added extra triggers and 2 manual flashguns. They may not be the best in the market but they do seem to be good enough for my hobbyist needs at present. The only issues i had with the old MK1 603 triggers was that they had no locking ring and would not always work above 1/180sec. Just today I've received the MK2's and they do have a locking ring and say they operate up to 1/250.

I could not do this with the expensive brands. And the uber cheap units like the old 'Newer' ones i tried just fell apart and failed to trigger once to often.
brian1208 16 11.7k 12 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 4:08PM
Frank, I have been using the Cactus system for about a year now (with the EM-1, 5 and 5 mk2) and rate it very highly. My system is 3 RF60 guns + 2 V6 controllers (the second to act as a remote trigger for flash and camera.)

I use them in studio and in the field and find them totally reliable and simple to use (no ttl though, purely manual, which is what I wanted)

A couple of example shoots:

Single cactus RF60 on side flash bracket with a Rogue Flashbender as small soft box used to supplement poos room lighting

Jitterbug Jive group

and a 3 gun set-up a sole lighting for a studio shoot (main light with soft box, fill light with rf60 + large Flashbender and with small Flashbender snoot as hair light

Black Swan shoot

brian1208 16 11.7k 12 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 4:24PM
sorry, I'm out of edit time:

for "poos" read "poor" (although thinking back the lighting was a bit "poo" Grin )
sitan1 Plus
11 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2015 5:38PM
All this flash talk I've just ordered another Yongnuo 560 IV flashgun 👍🏻
Carabosse 17 41.4k 270 England
9 Nov 2015 11:13PM
I hardly ever use flash but as the Panasonic GX8 has no built in flash and, unlike Olympus OM-D models, does not include a small flash as part of the kit, I feel obliged to buy an 'emergency' flash gun. But It will spend nearly all of its life in the darkness of a drawer or a bag. wink-light.jpg
I really don't want to spend more than 50 (the Panasonic ones start at 100). Less would be even better. I was looking on here and wondering whether any of those listed might be OK. Obviously I don't want to get anything that would damage the camera.

Any thoughts or suggestions? 9207_1446516808.jpg

Paul Morgan 19 19.4k 6 England
9 Nov 2015 11:25PM

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