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Flash for Canon 300D

martinl 16 269 2 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:22AM
Can anyone advise on the following.

I am looking for a decent flashgun for a budget of 100 compatible with my Canon EOS 300D, but that would also be compatible with something like Canon 30D, (in case I get the chance to upgrade!!) I have seen a Sigma gun (500DG?) at approx 100 and a Metz (36 AF4?) at approx 70. I have also seen the Canon Speedlight SB EX220? for about 120.

Any clues which one may be the best buy, or any other suggestions would be most appreciated.



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culturedcanvas 14 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:29AM
What are you using the flash for?

If its for general use I would try and buy a used 430 EX which you should be able to get for around that kind of money, maybe a used 550EX.

I wouldn't move away from those two to be honest in that budget range as they are both excellent.

martinl 16 269 2 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:35AM
Cheers Dan,

Yes, general use for landscapes, in buildings, fill in flash etc and also the occaisional portrait.

A used Canon flash, (but higher up the range) would be best then. Must admit to not thinking of this. Where would you suggest for decent second hand?

mattw 16 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:38AM
The spec of the Sigma 500DG is kinda basic. However the Sigma 500DG has lots of features, and for a great price if you can strech to one.

The Sigma guns work well, although the build quality is not as good as the Canon ones.

Hugo 15 649 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:53AM
Look in ePz classifieds....
culturedcanvas 14 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:56AM
If its landscapes then save your pennies and get the 580EX. I have that unit also and the extra power is useful .... I actually don't use it much for landscapes but it's there if needed.

A lot of the features on the higher end flashes will never get used, but the power is crucial in landscape work when you do need a bit of extra light ... plus you need the pull down extenders to get out to 14mm on wideangle shots.

strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 10:08AM
The 430Ex works well, and will carry forward. I have one and it is good for general purpose. A 550Ex is about the same price 2nd hand. A 580Ex new costs fortune, but is good. A friend has a 580Ex on his 10D, apart from range, we have not found a significant difference. Neither of use use the master feature, where the 580ex has an advantage.
justin c 16 5.1k 36 England
11 Dec 2006 10:34AM
Within your budget or thereabouts, a secondhand 550EX would be an excellent choice,or,a 430EX of course (but being a recent model they could be hard to come by secondhand).

The 550EX is a feature packed,powerful and versatile flashgun,that also has the added bonus of being fully compatible with the more recent 430EX and 580EX flashguns,which may prove very useful at a later date should you decide to use a multi-flash wireless set-up.

Have a good look through the camera stores that sell used equipment.A 550EX should be fairly easy to find as some people trade them in for the latest model.

martinl 16 269 2 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 10:43AM
Thank you all for your feedback.

Due to the advise received, I now have a bid on ebay for a used 430 EX and have found a used 550 EX in EPZ classifieds, which I have requested some further info on.

I will contact some local dealers too, to see what 2nd hand stock they may have in, so thank you for that idea.
Please feel free to offer any further options for consideration.


stan walker 17 578
11 Dec 2006 3:28PM
I remember a newbie who wrote in to enquire about the best flashgun for shooting the moon. I must be missing something here.
SimPick 14 545 2 Azerbaijan
11 Dec 2006 3:31PM

Quote:I remember a newbie who wrote in to enquire about the best flashgun for shooting the moon.

Ha ha. That is excellent. Superb stuff. I reckon he would need one of those flash extenders like the Better Beamer, but a big one..................a very very big one.
Nike55 14 966 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 6:02PM
I use a Sigma EF-500 DG ST with my 300D. Bought it originally for use with my old film Eos5 - surprised it worked on the 300 - nothing else from my Eos 5 kit did!

I have no idea if it is considered to be good, bad or indifferent. It's ok at filling in during the summer and works ok for parties. It has an "off", "TTL", "Mh" and "Ml" setting, a bounce head and swivels 45 degs to the right and 270 degs to the left.. It has a built-in diffuser. No idea if the auto 28mm to 105 mm auto zoom setting works though - haven't tried this out.
martinl 16 269 2 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:32PM
When I mentioned about further suggestions, shooting the moon wasn't quite what i had in mind!!LOL


Nike55 14 966 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2006 9:39PM
...shooting the breeze ok then?
jimthistle73 16 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2006 12:04AM
Guy walks into a speciality cheese shop and opens fire with a Kalashnikov. The police roll in and ask him what he thinks he's doing. Oh, just shooting the bries........

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