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Flash metering for my S20

FrankThomas Avatar
FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2005 4:38PM
Wonder if any of you gurus can answer a question thats been bugging me for a while now.

Suppose I take a reading with a flash meter - set the ISO the same as the digital and get 1/125 F8 or something like that. If I'm using film, I know that's bang on but if I use the S20, then I just get a pure white screen !!
I have to stop right down to F11 and set the shutter speed up to 1/1000 or higher to get a reasonable histogram.
Why the huge discrepancy??? anyone know ?

In theory, the shutter speed doesn't make any difference to the exposure, but in this case it seems to make all the difference. Is it the same with a DSLR? or is it restricted to the prosumer jobbies

Thanks in advance
sillyconguru Avatar
sillyconguru 19 4.4k
22 Jan 2005 4:44PM
Dunno. I have used two flash guns with my S5000 (dark room, shutter speed of 1 second, apertures of f4-f8 which were chosen by using a Courtney flash-meter, flashes fired manually), it seemed to work fine. I had to use such a slow shutter speed and fire the main flash manually (other flash was slaved) as the S5000 has no hot-shoe. I used this set-up to help visualise the effect of the flash (direction/intensity) before shooting on film.

The shutter speed can make a difference, the flash might not be at full capacity by the time the shutter closes (1/1000 sec upwards).
FrankThomas Avatar
FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2005 4:56PM
I wondered about the flash not being charged but I have the ready beep turned on and I always wait a couple of seconds after that. It's a bit of a mystery to me it has to be said
Snapper Avatar
Snapper 18 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
22 Jan 2005 5:01PM
I don't have any problems with the S2, nor did I have problems with my old Olympus E10. Am I correct in assuming that you are talking about using studio flash units here?

I also just looked up the S20 manual on the Fuji website and at page 65 it says you have to select External Flash Mode in the menu system and that you can't use external and internal flash at the same time. If you are doing all of this by the book, I'm afraid I don't know why the problem is arising.
FrankThomas Avatar
FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2005 6:59PM
yup - got it set to external and yes I'm using studio strobes. I think some more experimentation might be called for here
Jack57xc2 Avatar
Jack57xc2 6 29
28 Oct 2020 8:36AM
I was going to buy a Samsung S20 ultra, but found that it's much worse than the same phone sold in America.

I feel I will never buy anything from Samsung now, who rip us off.


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