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Flickr "Groups" - Are they really as sad as they seem?

User_Removed 7 4.6k 1 Scotland
4 Jul 2012 9:26PM
Left with an hour to spare due to this horrible wet weather, I spent some time exploring Flickr in more detail than I had before.

I came across dozens (there may be hundreds or even thousands) of "Groups" that seem to work on a "Post 1; Award 6" principle or a variation thereof.

The general idea seems to be that you are allowed to post one photograph to the group on condition that you then make an "award" to six others from that day's submissions.

As far as I can tell, it is an inane "mutual admiration society" activity for saddoes who produce generally poor photographs and somehow think that a few totally meaningless awards from half a dozen similar saddoes gives them prestige.

Am I missing something, or is this really an activity for moronic imbeciles that puts the "Click Cliques" of our beloved ePz Galleries firmly into the shade?

For an experimental laugh, I put a small selection of my poorer images onto some of those groups and, within minutes, had them heaped with crassly stupid "awards". Oh Dear!!


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4 Jul 2012 9:37PM
It's a variation on "Give yourself a pat on the back!" Smile There may be good groups on Flickr, but i don't know where! I'm in a few groups, but they're special interest, such as Irish Traditional Music, and Irish Megaliths, which tend not to attract the "OMG Your Pictures are Awesome!!" types.
rvoller 6 33 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 9:56PM
Not much order on flickr, some 'orrible photos with awards and come across a couple of stunning gems hidden amongst hundreds and thousands of snaps with only one or two comments.
SlowSong Plus
9 7.0k 30 England
4 Jul 2012 9:59PM
I hate flickr. Such a mess, and totally swamped. Unless you're a special interest group I really can't see the attraction. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
4 Jul 2012 10:07PM
i'm glad i'm not the only one missing the allure of flickr
NaturesHaven 6 283 6 England
4 Jul 2012 10:08PM
I left Flickr a long time ago..........wish I'd never joined it in the first place..........."Vote for ten or you will be banned" mentality........the admins of some of the groups were like little dictators, had my images stolen then accused by Flickr that I'd stolen my own images........DOH.......and yes I was banned from some groups because I questioned the admins.......and proved they were wrong so I became a target, one mistake by me and I was attacked...............life is to short..............never again.........SadSadSadSadSad

Lots of holiday snappers which is not my cup of tea...........and some very naughty images which were not noticed...SadSadSadSadSad
franken Plus
15 4.3k 4 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 10:13PM
I had a look once and never returned! Smile

User_Removed 7 4.6k 1 Scotland
4 Jul 2012 10:25PM
Thank goodness it's not just me.

For a wee while this afternoon, I began to wonder.
sitan1 9 1.1k United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 10:49PM
It all depends what you want from flickr as an individual.
Personally I have gained a few friends through flickr.
Had a picture displayed in a gallery in Australia thanks to flickr.
Had pictures in magazines thanks to flickr.
Sold a few pictures through Getty thanks to flickr.
Sold pictures to companies who contacted me direct thanks to flickr, including someone at Buckingham Palace.
And I'm only an amateur who fits photography in between family and work.
So I wouldn't say it's all saddoes on there and it's crap, it's like anything in life, it's what you make of it.

P.s I don't belong to any of those awards groups for a long time now Grin
GarethRobinson 11 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 11:41PM
is it really much different than the possi on here? when you really sit down and think about it I find it is not.
keith selmes 13 7.2k 1 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 11:49PM
A lot of people use it as a place to just show or share images of all kinds - not just photos - where they don't want any kind of critique or votes etc.
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
5 Jul 2012 4:37AM
They are totally and utterly optional. You don't have to take part, heck unless you search for them you don't even have to look at them Smile

I use flickr as my main host for my photos online - I also use the groups as well. There are loads, from generalist brand groups like Canon or Nikon; then there are even whole groups dedicated to single lenses or items (great for finding out a bit of info on specific products). There are even those dedicated around subjects (macro - landscape).

Some of these are lax and some can be pretty informative and in-depth (depends on who runs them).

There are even some good critique groups where instead of awards you give critique to others when you post your photo (And you get some in turn - and yes whilst its all Joe Average there are standards too).

Heck many interest groups also run flickr groups - I know a few forums use them and gaming clubs/companies (miniature armies).

Really the groups are totally user made - start your own; join the ones you want. They are very much like the groups EPZ has - the users make them and suit them to what they want to focus the group around. Run well they are a great asset - flickr just has a bit of an awards culture if you want to take part in it.
779HOB 5 1.2k United Kingdom
5 Jul 2012 7:43AM
I use Flickr only as a place to upload large numbers of photos so the person I took them for can pick the ones they want - I also use Flickr as a source of CC images for use in my day job.

It's just a dumping ground for me. We also use Flickr at work for storing large amounts of photos that we can then use on the website, teaching resources etc - we use Moodle and Flickr integrates well now as a searchable repository.
duratorque 14 426 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2012 8:14AM
I use Flickr a lot. There are many groups there, you just need to find groups that interest you and ignore the rest. I use it as my portfolio.
KevSB 13 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2012 8:54AM
I also use flikr alot to share photos, Its a great resourse to complement epz. For alot of peaple out there they have no intrest in tehcnical and artistic shots and just want to see them selves. It gives you the ability to post photos that you would not want to share on here. Ive been contacted numerious times by magazines and venues wanting to use my images from Flikr and quite often send the link to my album to verious organisations when I apply for Media passes which have always been approved. I use it mainly for volume rather than Quality as my flikr albums are not edited.
Flikr is what you want it for

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