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Reason : No need!

agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
15 Feb 2005 1:05AM
I did just post a reply to the "Geoff" thread, the one about removing photos. I mentioned that it might be frustrating, annoying, when you make a comment and then find the photo has been removed. Guess what! The police have been in and removed the thread now! Not sure why, flexing their muscles? It all looked harmless stuff to me. I did also mention though that although I'm normally very stinting in my praise, IMHO he does produce probably the best stuff in EPZ!

Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
15 Feb 2005 1:08AM
Maybe they just wanted to frustrate and annoy you?
akh Plus
18 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2005 1:12AM
Agree with you Frank - I contributed to that thread as well and couldn't understand why it had disappeared. As you say it was all harmless stuff. Perhaps someone will be able to tell us the reason.
snapbandit 18 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
15 Feb 2005 1:18AM
Harmless as in not physically dangerous yes, but there had been a few 'personal' remarks/comments and obvious ill feelings, not alleviated by token 'smileys', made (from both sides). I have seen less offensive threads I have been posting to deleted, so I'm not really surprised this one was.

Joe B
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
15 Feb 2005 1:40AM
"Maybe they just wanted to frustrate and annoy you?"

I think that was the point I was making! Wink

15 Feb 2005 1:42AM
Threads are never deleted to deliberate annoy people, they are deleted for a very good reason, as I'm sure this one must have been.
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
15 Feb 2005 1:46AM
I deleted it!

Do we have to create threads that pick on other members? Am I being to idealistic in hoping that the threads can be used to discuss photography, life and other things without bickering about the way people use the site?

Last year so many of these sort of threads started, erupted and caused havoc. There's no need. It's so easy to ignore the way some members use the site if it doesn't agree with the way you use it.

Most of the problems that occur here are because focus is placed on the 0.1% of members/site features that annoy you. Surely it's possible to skip by and enjoy the 99.9% that doesn't.
elikag 17 749
15 Feb 2005 1:49AM
Hear hear!
lyne 18 15
15 Feb 2005 3:08AM
Hear Hear,i dont oftern join in with these nit picking threads as i know i would get into trouble,but i did read the thread last night,and i have to say i really felt sorry for Geoff, i think pete has said it all in this thread and evryone should take it in,just get on with it because sometimes its like been at school reading some of these threads alot of bullies,lynex
starstriders 18 1.6k United Kingdom
15 Feb 2005 3:28AM
Oooo errr...I must stop visiting the forums! Forked tongue is firmly behind teeth (for now). ~hissssss~

In defence, the thread made some valid points and pettiness came from both sides of the playing field (although I missed the later updates this morning which is annoying) was just getting interesting!
User_Removed 17 117
15 Feb 2005 5:12AM

Thanks for deleting it - lets hope they (they know who they are) don't lynch anyone else. But in time they will as these type of people just can't help themsleves.


bpa 18 1.2k
15 Feb 2005 5:17AM
*Comment Deleted* did this myself to save you the hassle!
starstriders 18 1.6k United Kingdom
15 Feb 2005 5:20AM
There's that weblink again Wink

I'm going to shut up now!
User_Removed 17 117
15 Feb 2005 5:23AM

The web link is especially for you - so you can look at half decent images at playschool.
bpa 18 1.2k
15 Feb 2005 5:24AM
Seconds out, round two