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Fuji s602 extension tube?

redseven 16 30
18 Feb 2004 1:20AM
I own a s602z and I'm considering purchasing an extension tube, so I can attach filters to the lens. Firstly is this the only way to attach filters to the lens, without taping them on? Should I pay the extra price for the official Fuji tube, or can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative that is just as good? Also what type/make of filters should I purchase (will UV and polarizer be enough?- can everything else be done in photoshop?.

Many Thanks

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andytvcams 17 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 2:01AM
Well as far as i know there is only one tube and that is Fuji,and yes if you are going to use filters then it is a must,also worth bearing in mind Ive heard lots of horror story's were unprotected lens that has been fully extended and has been knocked slightly stopping the lens from full retracting (an expensive mistake)as for filters i would only recommend a polariser and a cokin screw on set they are quite cheap and you can use different Grads for different effects,as for photo shop you can create different effects alas I'm from the old school were any effects i use are on the end of the lens,hope this helps,PS i would not bother with a UV,i always leave my polariser on.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
18 Feb 2004 2:20AM
Raynox do an extension tube for the 602. It is marketed by Jessops cost 9.99 at my last look.

It is made for the Raynox DCR-154 Pro 1.54x tele extender. It takes a 52mm filter.

As the fuji version takes a 55mm filter the Raynox version may give a little vignetting or shading at the corners with the lens set to wide angle.

Additionaly, if you later wanted to by a tele extender you would need to buy the Raynox at 119.99 to match.

Or, in this case, you could buy the fuji tele extender, complete with extension tube anyway, for 89.99 from Jessops.

The choice is yours! as they say.

I think my choice will be the latter. (When I find out what the Council Tax is going to be this year).

Just Jas
snowdrggn 16 13
18 Feb 2004 9:23AM
The Fuji tube does cause Vignetting at mid to wide settings with the tele convertor mounted, though probably not as bad as the smaller diameter Raynox adapter tube. When there is no tele convertor mounted, the tube alone is fine. It does cause shadows doing macro with the built in flash though. Don't forget to set the camera for "adapter yes" if you have the tele con on the tube or the AF can be screwy. If the tube alone (with UV filter to protect the lens) the camera can be set to "adapter no" to enable the passive AF sensor above the lens in the camera body. Anything that is a larger diameter than the adapter tube (convertor, lens hood) and you should set the camera to "set adapter ring = YES" as they block the passive AF sensors.

Hope this helps,
naturenut 17 1.8k England
18 Feb 2004 10:00AM
I use the fuji tube and 1.5x lens but bear in mind that it does not have a thread on the end to take filters, but I believe the Raynox version does have a thread. Hope this helps, also this has been discussed on the forums before, I'll see if I can find it.
naturenut 17 1.8k England
18 Feb 2004 10:08AM
The other thread is here
snowdrggn 16 13
18 Feb 2004 10:20AM
I used a tiny amount of black Silicone sealant to secure a 58mm x 62mm adapter ring into the front of my Fuji tele convertor. Now I can put 62mm filters and a lens hood on the front of it. If I want to remove the ring at a later date, it will come off and clean up easily. Just be careful not to use too much, or get it on the glass of the lens.
I leave a UV filter on the front of the convertor to protect it at all times, when I remove the convertor, I leave the tube on the camera with a UV filter fitted to it for the same reason, plus it stops the camera's own lens from getting damaged when the camera is powered up and the lens gets bumped. Another advantage of leaving the tube/filter mounted is that dust cannot migrate into the CCD through the front of the camera as the assembly tends to seal the area.


Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
18 Feb 2004 12:04PM
Snows idea of using a silicone product in lieu of a permanent adhesive is useful should you have to return the lens to fuji under warranty, as the attachment can be peeled off. A permanent attachment might nullify the warranty. Better safe than sorry.

Re meggsy's link above. I also read this thread with interest some while ago. I wonder why fuji do not incorporate a filter thread on the front of their converters?

I have been toying with the idea of buying a tele converter for my 602 - the extra 100mm gained could be useful. However, the lack of information on the fuji site for the TL-FX9 compared to the info + photos given on the Raynox site worries me. Is the Raynox DCR-1540 Pro 1.54x worth the extra 40? Is the tele converter really worthwhile or is the degredation from fitting the converter such that a software magnification is nearly as good? (depth of field effects aside).

I should like to be aware of any shortfall before spending 90 to 140 on either of these converters.

Just Jas
Nik LG 16 35
18 Feb 2004 12:37PM
I use Raynox bits on my 602.
I have the 1.54 TC and the .66 WA.
They are both worthwhile in my opinion. I haven't notice any degradation in image quality when using either.
As far as vignetting goes, there is none at wide when using just the adapter tube. Neither is there any when using the teleconverter ( at full zoom, obviously ). There is a little when using the WA, but not a great ammount. It's forgivable given the extra width that you can achieve.
If you want to see any pics taken with the TC, have a look at my 'portfolio'( I haven't posted any that use the WA though.. )

redseven 16 30
18 Feb 2004 4:05PM
Thanks to everyone for all your replies - very helpful, I found camerashed from the old thread very interesting, great website!
a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
18 Feb 2004 7:17PM
Sometimes I wish someone would just order me things instead of all the learning curve and shopping around!

I am in the middle of looking for +1, +2 and +3 filters and had thought they would go on the ext tube that came with the wide angle and tele lenses I bought. No?

I had a look at the camerashed site too - thanks for pointing it out.

If anyone makes a shutter release thingy - make two!

andytvcams 17 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 7:41PM
The Fuji tube does have a screw thread.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
18 Feb 2004 8:54PM
Does anyone else besides Jessops, who are not the always the cheapest at best, sell the Raynox product?

Just Jas
naturenut 17 1.8k England
18 Feb 2004 11:56PM
Just to confirm that as Andy says the fuji tube is threaded on both ends, but the Fuji tele lens is not threaded on the end to fit a filter.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
19 Feb 2004 12:09AM
I think that I will wait a little to get more flush and go for the Raynox lens. At least I can buy the extension tube separately and get immediate protection for the retracting lens of the 602. I can get the converter a bit later.(No council tax in Feb ,March. God help us in April).

If I buy the fuji ring first, I buy another with the converter. Don't want two.

Just Jas

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