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Fuji S7000 and memory - Advice required from fellow users

phil_1975 15 165 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 3:51AM
Right I admit I'm confused and need some advice from fellow S7000 users.

I currently have two 128mb and one 16mb XD Picture Cards. I could really do with getting some additional memory.

I was thinking of getting a 512mb XD card but then I remembered that I have an additional memory slot.

My questions are as follows:

1) I know I can use a Micro drive but can I use Compact Flash as an alternative? If I can does it matter what type of CF i.e. I or II. (I've seen conflicting information about the use of micro drives and CF hence why I'm confused)

2) Would you recommend using micro drive/CF or stick to just XD?

3) If you use micro drive/CF what brands, capacity, speeds etc do you use/recommend.

Thanks for your time.

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bpa 15 1.2k
28 Dec 2004 4:06AM
Check this LINK out, it says Type 1 and 2 are acceptable, so I would suggest going for a fast Sandisk type 2, I'm sure there are laods of others though.

Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 5:09AM
Don't have an S7000, but I use lots of different digicams at work and personally use CF cards. The advantage of CF over xD is that they are still slightly cheaper per Mb, and CF card readers are cheaper. Also, if you are going to stick your card in a kiosk at any point, they all have CF readers, not all have xD.
xD on the other hand is smaller and if you already have a reader, then the price of these is immaterial.

If you go for CF, I have 1Gb versions of the Lexar 80x and the SanDisk Ultra II, both of which are excellent cards and can be had for around 80 quid for 1Gb.
phil_1975 15 165 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 9:25AM
Thanks for the advice Stephen and Brian.
mshepherd 15 667 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 9:50AM
I use the s7000 and agree with Big Bri. One thing to note is that the CF cards are slightly slower than xD cards (but so much cheaper).

I dont think the s7000 can make use of the 80x speed on offer from Lexar (it will still work - and make read times in a card reader quicker) I think you will be fine with a card at 20x plus for the s7000.

The other plus for using the CF card is that you can keep your xD card in the camera @ the same time as you other memory - I think when one fills up it will automaticaly swap over to the other.
phil_1975 15 165 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 10:31AM
Thanks Matt. This helps as I thought I had read that not all CF cards would be compatible. As for the speed issue, I think to be honest I would use my two XD cards first and then switch to the CF when they were full and/or I didn't have time to change XD cards. As you say CF is cheaper then XD.

BTW I'm enjoying your A-Z series.
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
28 Dec 2004 10:55AM
I work with lots of cards, cameras and card readers (my company writes photo kiosk software) and the only brand of CF cards we have had problems with is Fuji's own brand. Stick with SanDisk or Lexar and you should be fine.
PaulM 14 6
1 Jan 2005 8:44AM

I recently bought a Hitachi 2GB Microdrive for my S7000 and I am very satisfied with it. At the 6M mode I can store 1328 images and in video mode I can get 29 minutes of good quality video. I agonised whether to buy this or not and someone suggested I get a compact flash card instead as there are no moving parts on it but as I leave the microdrive in my camera all the time this is not a problem. Finally I shopped on the internet and bought mine for 129. I believe that the price may go down again so I would say it is worth considering.

Hope this helps.

phil_1975 15 165 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2005 2:30AM
Thanks Paul for the advice. I must admit I'm in no immediate hurry for extra memory so I'll keep my eyes open on the prices of all the options that people have suggested and then take it from there.

raziel_uk 15 4.9k
3 Jan 2005 3:25AM
Hi Phil

As a (new) fellow S7000 owner I would draw your attention to the box and manual which does state that not all CF cards are compatible. The manual advises you use "CF+ Type II standard" (see page 110, "Microdrives").

I'm very fortunate in that I've just upgraded from an S5000 meaning I can use all my xd cards from that.

Amazon have 512mb xd cards for 53.99 (inc free delivery), so it could be worth checking them out.

phil_1975 15 165 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2005 4:06AM
Thanks Ashley. That's why I asked the question because I had read some reviews/articles that gave some conflicting information about what could be used. Like you I upgraded from another Fuji camera that used XD cards, I could just do with a bit more capacity then I currently have, although it isn't a major problem at the moment. I'm thinking of sticking with XD as that's what I'm used to and already have an XD card reader etc.

raziel_uk 15 4.9k
3 Jan 2005 8:01AM
I'm very much of the opinion that a number of smaller memory xd cards are better than one big one (although I do have a 512mb) as if you took 200 (about the max a 512mb holds on an S7000) photos on one 512mb card then something happens to the card you've lost all the photos.

If you took 200 and spread them across two 256mb cards and something happened to one of them, at least you'd have some left.

ThePimp 14 53
25 Jul 2005 7:57AM
You can use CFII cards on the S7000. CF1 cards don't always get recognised and from memory are not listed as supported by Fuji.

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