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Fuji S9500

Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 7:26AM
Is there anybody outthere who can comment on this camera?.

I have the S7000 and am thinking of upgrading to the S9500, I've heard that the wide angle and telephoto lens is built in to the camera, can any one who as this camera tell me what you think of this option? or basically tell me about any positive and negative points about the camera.


collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 7:45AM
Digital Photo did a report on this and it was extremely good. They said that the start up time was a little slow and it would have achieved a low 90s % if this had not been taken into account. Looks a nice package to me if you dont want to go DSLR.
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 7:51AM
Would'nt mind a DSLR but its out of my price league at the moment.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 7:51AM
Dpreviews comments

Its it or the panasonic FZ3 if you do not want a dSLR in their view. To be honest I would think about keeping your existing camera. You will loose a lot of money trading your existing one in. Why not buy it a second hand adapter.
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 8:02AM
Someones offered me 350 for my S7000 (cost me 320)
and I can get the S9500 at 399, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!, but having said that I havnt really had problems with the 7000, gotta admit I like the idea of the manual zoom and focus on the 9500 though!.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 8:06AM
But you can get the s7000 new for 299 check the shop, and I would guess half that for 2nd hand. Anyway, in that case bite their hand off. Anything else they want to buy? Does your house have very big windows?
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
28 Nov 2005 8:07AM

Quote:Would'nt mind a DSLR but its out of my price league at the moment

Not really. If a SLR-style costs 399, with around 30-40 more, you could get Canon 350D, or Nikon D50. Or with 60 more, you could get Konica Minolta 5D.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 8:09AM
I agree with Cole.
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 8:10AM
Yeah I know!!, thats another thing: The S7000 has kept its price reasonably well in the last year however the official price for the S9500 is 549.99, its been out a couple of months and the cheapest Iv'e seen it for now is 370 (online), whats goin on????
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 8:11AM
Yeah but dont you then have to fork out for lens's? or do you get a standard lens with these cameras?
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 8:13AM
Not enough people bought it at the higher price? The dSLR price has been falling over the past few years. They have had to drop the price to keep below the dSLR price point I would guess.

There are a variety of options re lenses. For about 150 you can get a sigma pair that would cover (in 35mm equivalent (28 to 300mm). Or you can buy second hand.
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 8:15AM
Does any one know of any S9500 users on Ephotozine? so that I can have a look at some images?, I know of one but there must be more on here?.
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
28 Nov 2005 8:16AM
Agreed with John completely. I would pay the money to get a DSLR rather than the SLR-style s9500 if it is 549.
Yes, those prices I mentioned are with standard lens. Yes, you do have to buy lenses from time to time, but only when you can afford it. It is easier for you to upgrade and get better lenses if you have a DSLR. Well, at least thats what I think.

Hot_Fuzz 17 121
28 Nov 2005 8:23AM
An DSLR is something I'll have to think about, but I really can't afford to fork out for lens's, which I eventually would do! (either that or I sell my house and start living on the streets as the richest tramp in england with a DSLR, lol)
Mitzi 16 1.0k
28 Nov 2005 8:28AM
The S9500 would seem to be very excellent but once you start to look at the performance I'm afraid it offers no threat to cameras like the Canon 20D. This fact is reflected in the prices! Check this -

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