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Fuji S9500

tomcat 16 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
1 Dec 2005 10:35AM
Hi Allan...It is quite possible that you got hold of a duff one...Quite a few of the US forums which I browsed before it was released in the UK were about 50/50
Some had taken their cameras back to the retailers and had them X-changed.
There have been a few instances in the UK where the focusing has gone on tilt
Just a thought

lizziew 16 5
1 Dec 2005 11:02AM
hi dave ,i too had a 7000 and have just brought a 9500, i havent taken loads yet but your welcome to look at my postings, i have put where i have used the 9500, but so far i am very happy with it especially the batteries which last so much longer( i use rechargables....................lizs
tomcat 16 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
1 Dec 2005 11:08AM
Hi Liz....just been having a peep at some of your 9500 Flower images.....If they aren't convincing then nothing is.Some truly good photography IMHO
Curious whether you used Hard or Normal for the Sharpness settings

lizziew 16 5
1 Dec 2005 11:24AM
hi Adrain thanks for your comments .. as i only took up photography in march this year, and have only recently found out the advantags of using a tripod, i still find it more comfortable hand holding ,i no its naughty lol.....
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
1 Dec 2005 1:16PM
Yeah some good flower images there, Thanks.
I'm a bit mixed on what to do, I'm quite happy with the S7000, not to bothered about getting an SLR but thats only because of the costs involved, Iv'e been given a REALLY, REALLY good offer for my camera which was the only reason I was thinking about getting the S9500 but I'm getting really mixed reviews. On the one hand all the web sites and mags seem to give it good marks but on the other: personal users are mixed in the results they get.

One last thing, I was passing Currys yesterday and popped in to find the camera priced at 399 which really surprised me!, although I've seen the camera for 399 over the counter already, it was from a indy that offers cameras at a really good price every where else seemed to be doing the camera for 500 and Wildings in Manchester are or were doing it for 549. So I asked the assistant wether I could have a closer look at the camera (which was on display unboxed)He handed the camera to me and realizing I had MY camera on me, I asked if I could try my batteries in it? only to be told that it was something that they didnt do? at first I thought he was joking!, he was'nt.

I worked in retail for 10 years until recently and places like Vomit,,(I mean Comet) and Currys are classed as a joke in the retail sector for having staff that are Inadequately trained and for being over priced which is why I was surprised about the price of the camera!,, Maybe things where changing!?,, Maybe NOT!!, As soon as he told me I could'nt try the camera I handed it straight back and walked out stating that I would try elsewhere (but not making a big deal of it, as I knew the shop assistant could'nt give a rats ASS about the sale!).

How can Currys' be serious about selling digital goods if you cant get a simple demo?, The camera was on display in a cabinet so is therefore 2nd hand, are they just gonnna leave it in there to gather dust????.

Now I remember why I go in these type of shops as little as possible. They may as well just put a cardboard cut out of the camera in the cabinet or put it in a 12kg catalogue like Argos.

anyways to you guys & gals I say Thankyou and to Currys I say Thanks for nothing!.

riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
2 Dec 2005 12:14AM
For me the decision to go for a 9500 rather than a 20D was a compromise; as most buying decisions are, image quality or convenience. I chose the convenience, of not having to change lenses when I see the shot I want, and not buying into lenses I latter regret. I already spend too much money on digital paraphenalia LOL so if I had gone for a 20D, which is my desire, then all those tempting accesories would have upset my bank balance too much!

The S9500 is proving to be a reasonable camera, IMO, excellent colour rendition and capable of producing images that match the quality of a low price DSLR with cheap lenses.
Hot_Fuzz 17 121
2 Dec 2005 3:53AM
Iv'e gotta admit, from what Iv'e seen of the photos of the leaf's the colour does look stunning, are they straight from the camera or have you done any photoshop work on them?

riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
3 Dec 2005 6:22AM
the Bradgate Oak image in my PF is straight from the camera, some I'll upload this week though may show off the capabilities better.Through Bracken is also untouched.

I usually do a small amount of level adjustment, but rarely use Auto levels as the colour balance changes too dramatically too often!
Mitzi 16 1.0k
3 Dec 2005 6:40AM
Yep. Auto levels in APS 7 are bad news. Just ordinary levels are good.
andmolliethedog 15 120 11 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 9:07AM
I have the 9500...there is a lot of talk on the fuji site relating to blurred images and overal photoquality..I have no real problems it has lots of things going for it...if you have the 7000 according to fuji there were complaints relating to sharpness hard?????? so they softened it for the 95000..and this is there explanation for apparent "softnss"..

The truth is somewhere in the middle..I love my 9500..but the autofocus is not perfect..but the manual zoom is a great compensation..pre focus and you should be fine!

Problem with my old fuji s1..everytime you changed a lens thee ccd sensor picks up crap!
tomcat 16 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 9:32AM
Agree re the autofocus...but hell..we can't have it all...I find if the light is reasonable there is no problem.

Hot_Fuzz 17 121
7 Dec 2005 2:41PM
The colours from the S9500 seem to be very vibrant!, I always seemed to get a greenish tint with some of the pix I took with the S7000. I could alway compensate for it in photoshop, but it always pissed me off!.
riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
8 Dec 2005 1:00AM
The 'crome' or velvia, feature on the S9500 does produce more vibrant colours than on the S7000, and in addition to the landscape mode then greens and blues are certainly ramped up even further. The Neutral mode is fine and does what it says in the manual. I do wish that RAW was available from the F button though!
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
8 Dec 2005 8:43AM
I've been following the prices for the Fuji S9500.
Cheapest I've found so far is Curry's online at 379.89.
Can anyone beat that?
adonoghue 17 522 England
21 Dec 2005 11:14AM
I've just taken delivery of my S9500.

Took a few shots on Auto and was a bit dissapointed at how noisy the images seemed, but it turns out it favoured an ISO of 400.

Manually set it to 200 and tried again and was more than happy with the result.

Think its very much horses for courses. Got mine for 372 and - upto now - am very happy...

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