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Fujifilm S7000 is it realy as bad as AP's review.

redsnappa 18 2.8k United Kingdom
3 Dec 2003 9:58PM
The new Fuji S7000 was realy marked down in regards image quality, is it realy that bad. Thing is I was planing to buy one,
Andy80F 18 328 United Kingdom
3 Dec 2003 10:47PM
I was a bit surprised by the review and had looked at the S7000 as a potential next camera. The S5000 got a lookwarm review somewhere recently as well.
Perhaps these are just early models but it is a worrying dip in quality from Fuji if the review is accurate.
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
3 Dec 2003 11:06PM
I read a rather poor review of the the S602Z in a computer magazine which rather put me off. Later in the same magazine there was an article where the writer took an S602Z and a similar Nikon SLR 'type' camera abroad with him and used both. He compared them on his return. His favorable report on the S602Z seemed vastly different to the original review, although he reckoned that the Nikon slightly had the edge.
A recent short review in PP was again quite favorable.
The review in epz was quite favorable.

So a lot depends on who's doing the review.

The S7000 appears to be a upgrade on the S602Z with the 6 megapixel 4th generation sensor. As such, I would expect an improved performance.

I have been quite satisfied with the S602Z.
Just Jas
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
3 Dec 2003 11:31PM
I think it depends on what you use the camera for. I have a friend with a 6900 and he is not too happy with its abilities, especialy in less than strong sunlight. Noise is very evident in objects that are red, so in normal daylight a red object in the shade carries quite a lot of noise. Having said that he has has some great macro photo's. In side by side tests my old Fuji MX1700 turned out sharper lower noise (and resolution) photo's which dissapointed me and put me off upgrading last year. I can well believe that higher resolution sensor of the same design could have the same problem. I intend to wait till the Sony DSC-F828 is out and try them both out.
vfr400 19 886
4 Dec 2003 12:26AM
I was disapointed by the review in AP of the s7000 i have the s602z and i think the images ae superb, vertualy all the pictures in my portfolio are shot on the S602. i would wait for a few more indepth reviews before commiting either way. ps Judgeing by the number of members who use the s602 on this site it can't be that bad.

SteveH 18 37
4 Dec 2003 1:49AM
I had a Fuji S602Z and was going to get the S7000 until i found out about the Canon 300D (Digital Rebel)... id rather have 6.3 REAL megapixels than 12.(whatever) interpolated "final file size" crap. On photos taken with my Fuji S602Z i would zoom in to 100% and always the image would have this muddiness to it... due to this "interpolation" from 3.1 mp to 6.2mp.. sure things printed out nicely, but im a purist and i want things to look clean when im zoomed in 100%..

i'll have to read the review on the DP site to see if this so called 4th gen CCD does the same thing.
SteveH 18 37
4 Dec 2003 1:54AM
oops the review is AP? where would i find that...
ken j. 17 374
4 Dec 2003 10:01AM
Agree with Chris,
Apparently the same reviewer was equally scathing about the 602 when it first appeared.
mikeyc71 17 1.2k
4 Dec 2003 1:04PM
In other words is the Fuji Finepix S5000 any good or not? My father-in-law plans to get one for Christmas and I want to make sure it is a good camera. He will be using it to take photos for painting. He is a part-time painter and a good one at that.

Help guys!

geoffmclark 18 238
4 Dec 2003 3:54PM
I have an s5000 and i am quite happy with it but I could not go into highly technical detail about it.A lot of what I read goes over my head and I think is largely irrelevant to amateur use at this price level.300 is not bad for a camera with this spec.
What I do know is that it is comfortable to handle, takes excellent photographs which enlarge up to a4 size (but as I only require 6x 4 that is largely irrelevant anyway) and that would be as much as one could expect of a camera I think.
It is certainly as good as my old Pentax ME (but no doubt someone will want to correct that!!)
If you wwant other opinions on the s5000 then it is worth trawling for other websites which are dedicated to just that camera.
Incidentally I also use mine as a basis for watercolour paintings.
regards geoff
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2003 11:44PM
Another review of the S7000 can be found at They also found that noise was a dissapointing issue in this camera and included the photo's to prove the point.

It's sad as I like my Fuji but was put off buying one because of the noise I found when I tried one of the newer Fuji's.
naturenut 18 1.8k England
5 Dec 2003 11:12AM
I'm disappointed with the reviews too and will keep on with my fuji 6900z because it takes great macro shots, and I like the natural colourings it produces. I tend to use Scene position mostly for other shots as manual modes always have a load of noise and full zoom sometimes produces the dreaded purple fringing. Unless I am using it incorrectly, of course !
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
5 Dec 2003 12:54PM
This site gave a good review of the S602Z I thought.
I linked to the S5000 portal. Is there a simlar site for the S602Z, anybody know of?

Just Jas
geoffmclark 18 238
5 Dec 2003 4:15PM
Just Jas
try this one as it is on the same website as the s5000 portal that you looked at
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
5 Dec 2003 7:19PM
Thanks, Geoff. I will do this.

Just Jas

(Gosh! What a long string)

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