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fuss over Prince

26 Apr 2016 8:07AM
When Prince died BBC did tribute on One Show for those that liked him, but the BAFTA awards the other year ignored Bob Hoskins, and the BBC ignored Warren Mitchell no tribute on any show. The media ignored Warren Mitchell and Bob Hoskins. Shame.

mike hawthorne

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davidburleson 13 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 8:14AM
I might come across rather insensitive, but personally, I just wish the media would stop reporting when someone dies who was remotely famous at some point in their lifetime. It seems it's in the headlines every day and it's just the latest way to get people to share/like/comment on their news posts.
Nigeyboy 12 927 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 8:50AM

Quote:and it's just the latest way to get people to share/like/comment on their news posts.

Isn't that what it's all about these days though?

It be honest, while I didn't particularly like Prince's music, there is no denying the influence he had on the music industry over the last 30 years. His music defined a lot of other artists styles, and he was also a prolific producer and writer of music for other musicians.
26 Apr 2016 9:11AM
Prince influenced the likes of who, are they just saying that to be "cool" any way you could say that about any body i think it just the media being PC.

mike hawthorne
franken Plus
17 5.1k 4 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 9:20AM
Here's a list of some of the music he wrote for other artists.

I was never a big fan but he was a really talented guy.
Nigeyboy 12 927 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 9:26AM

Quote:Prince influenced the likes of who

There are plenty of you have a look around - any big music star will influence up and coming talent, albeit directly or indirectly. I'm sure you wouldn't say David Bowie didn't influence anyone . . ..
franken Plus
17 5.1k 4 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 9:28AM
My favourite song he wrote for another artist is, "Nothing compares to you," by Sinead O'connor.

Probably her only big hit.
davidburleson 13 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 9:38AM
Don't get me wrong, I like prince, I couldn't resist buying the Purple Rain sountrack on vinyl at a carboot a 1.50 a year or so ago.

But, it's all just a bit depressing when the media feels the need to report the latest person in showbiz who has died. But, I guess for some people, it's a big deal, while for others, it isn't.
Nigeyboy 12 927 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 9:45AM
Agree with you David - and as you say, depending on your music tastes it either means something, or it doesn't. For example, I was devastated when Sir Patrick Moore died, as I'm very into astronomy. Others didn't even realise he had died!!
rambler Plus
11 1.0k 17 England
26 Apr 2016 11:59AM
The media is self obsessed, there was even a report of the death of an ex porn star recently.
Entertainers do a wonderful job on the whole but so do most people and they are far less rewarded for it.
26 Apr 2016 1:09PM
Was warren mitchall acting career ignored by BBC in case of reminding people of Alf Garnett, people today realy dont grasp irony. Mike hawthorne
dark_lord Plus
16 2.5k 663 England
26 Apr 2016 3:54PM
While I liked some of Prince's music I'd not describe myself as a fan. I could say that about a lot of artists.
He did an awful lot of writing and production, so he would have had a lot of influence there.
I do think that a lot of 'tribute' programmes tend to be ott, cashing in (in terms of audience figures and ratings) on the moment.

As for Warren Mitchell, I can see the BBC (and other media channels) wanting to not 'offend' anyone as they're so bland and PC .

Another thing to consider and throw into the mix is that many in (prominent positions in) the media are of a certain age that grew up listening to Prince, Bowie etc. etc. so their death is seen as a big thing. Add to that there are many stars now approaching the later years that we can expect much more of the same over the next 10, 20 years and more.
That's not to say we shouldn't be sad at those people passing of course. If it's someone you liked listening to then it's more of a deal than someone who's music you didn't like.
ikett 9 545 England
26 Apr 2016 5:33PM
As the "media" do the death of Prince is now in the past other bits of nonsense to report on, but he was one hell of a guitarist.

Eric Clapton was once asked "How does it feel to be the worlds best guitarist?" his reply "Ask Prince".

Have a look at this the Prince bit is at the end.
arhb 12 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2016 5:57PM
I cannot remember a year in my lifetime when so many celebrities have died in such a constant succession as they have done this year, it is unprecedented.
Prince is the latest, but the way things are going, get ready for a lot more - singers or actors - you name it it.

This is also when we find out who, in 'rock n roll' terms, who made a deal with the devil - Did they read the samll print? I can imagine Keith and Mick still being alive in 20-30yrs time Wink
bwlchmawr 8 32 1 England
26 Apr 2016 6:04PM
I guess if you like his music you can't get enough tributes but although I was aware of him (obviously) I hadn't realised how Biblically awful his music was.

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