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Gallery Upload restriction

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
5 Apr 2004 10:00AM
About 6 months ago we reduced the number of uploads you could make to the gallery from unrestricted to a limit of 1 per day. The idea was to reduce the number of pictures members had to look through each day so you could enjoy viewing all photos and comment on many. It also ensured anyone who uploaded would stand more chance of getting comments on their pics. The plan didn't work because instead of getting between 600-800 pics per week the number has risen to between 1600-1900 per week! Obviously some of this is down to growth of ePHOTOzine.

We feel that to encourage more feedback and ensure you have a manageable number of photos to browse, we need to reduce the upload limit to 2 or 3 per week.

We would like your views on this...
jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:06AM
I reluctantly have to agree as you are right re the amount of uploads now. I have lost track and missed viewing loads of photos due to work.
Another thought Pete; Is there any chance that you can create a way that we can look at "daily" uploads rather than weekly? That would be really beneficial in order to try to catch up with what we dont get chance to see? I hope this make sense...Smile

ps - 2 a week may be a bit low - how about 3-4?
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:06AM
I have no problem with this Pete. As a compromise though, it may be worth offering new members the chance to upload 1 per day for the first week, so they can get their portfolio going and their backlog out of the way.

I don't know how many new members you have signing up each day, so perhaps this compromise would still cause too much movement on the gallery pages. I'm sure whatever you do some people will not be satisfied, but I'm a happy camper!

keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:10AM
I don't see any serious problem.

It might be mildly frustrating for someone revamping a portfolio, or for a totally new member, or if someone has a bright idea for fun uploads, and you've just used your allocation.

However, it looks like a Something Needs To Be Done situation, and we should all be able to live with this.

I wonder if it would be really effective though ? Are many people uploading more than 2 0r 3 a week ?
Nyx 18 533
5 Apr 2004 10:14AM
I agree with the 2-3 upload per week restriction too.Recently i was ill and didnt look on here for one day and im still struggling to catch up,but its great that this site is attracting so many people now Grin
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:21AM
Good point Keith. Pete, what is the average uploads/week at present?

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
5 Apr 2004 10:26AM
I share Keith's doubts about whether a further restriction is likely to be effective. When people know their chances of uploading are reduced they may make full use of what is available. Already you get people sitting up until midnight (or 1am at present) so that they can upload!

Think of upload restrictions like drinking up time in a pub. Everyone rushes to drink/upload as much as possible!! By limiting uploads to 2 or 3 a week you may, ironically, increase the total number of uploads. Epz has 12,000 members as I understand it so the scope for increase is enormous.

We get about 250 new pics a day on average. One of the problems, discussed on here before, is the fact that pics disappear from the first page of the gallery so quickly.

There are only 16 thumbnails per gallery page. In contrast, the Photo Locations page has 88 thumbnails.

Can we not increase the number of gallery page thumbnails? Just an alternative approach.

flossie 17 1.6k
5 Apr 2004 10:37AM
I reluctantly have to agree that you need to restrict the numbers, surely it's the only way to cut down on the number of uploads.
I'm interested to know out of the 12000, how many are regular users.
Regarding new members, one thing that was mentioned before but never got off the ground was flagging up a first upload with maybe a red cross or something. The picture may be a load of rubbish but a least people can see it's someone new and say hello. I wonder how many people join and then never come back because their first upload doesn't get any response?
Take-a-View 17 293 5 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:41AM
The increase in thumbnails sounds like a good idea, combined with limiting uploads.

Something will obviously have to be done or the EPZ server will go into meltdown!
michaeldt 17 1.2k
5 Apr 2004 10:43AM
Pete, what is the average upload per user per week? If it's only 2-3 per week, then it might not work, however, if 250 users (the same ones) are uploading one a day then a reduction might work.

if you do that though, is there anyway of building up some sort of credit - for example - some users will upload 3 in a week and then nothing for 3 weeks. if a user uploads nothing in a week, they can then get 1 photo credit allowing them to upload an extra photo in a week of their choice up to a maximum of say 3 credits.

the reason for this is that not all users upload a picture a day but prefer to upload in groups - eg. a project.

from a personal perspective, i use a film camera and use a scanner at work. users with digitals are more likely to upload daily since their images are digital immediately. but being a film user, when i do develop a couple of rolls of film, it takes time to develop, print, scan them and make them viewable on the PC. this usually means having a batch of images ready to upload once every 4 weeks, however, this can be frustrating when only allowed 2-3 per week, especially when for the previous few weeks nothing was uploaded. so basically if you put a blanket restriction of 2-3 per week you'll also be 'punishing' those who upload less often. but by allowing those who don't upload for weeks, to build up some sort of credit it will make it easier to upload.
amps 17 225 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:53AM
I also reluctantly have to agree as you are right re the amount of uploads. I sometimes find it very time consuming to view all uploads and have missed viewing loads of photos due to work etc. It will be hard to please all but thats how it is. Alan
Phil-LS 17 632 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 10:54AM
I agree in the fact that we need to restrict the amount of up loads.

One idea i have just thought about aswell is if every member had a membership number would it be posible to say, divide the total membership be 7 days and say have numbers 1 to 1700 upload on say Munday then 1701 to 3400 upload on Tuseday and so on.

Just an idea that might spread the amount through out the week.
michaeldt 17 1.2k
5 Apr 2004 10:59AM
although not much use if you an only access at work and your number says you can upload on a saturday!! perhaps you can choose a day depending on how many free slots are left.
kidda 19 277
5 Apr 2004 11:04AM
I'm with michaeldt a monthly allowance would be the best for us film users who have to scan stuff as and when we get it developed.

It would also stop people uploading a pic every day of the month just because they can.

So if we could say upload 12 in a month as opposed to 3 a week would be great for me!
I dont know how much work would be required to make a monthly allowance system (it would give Will something to do of a weekend!)lol
Phil-LS 17 632 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2004 11:10AM
The idea of a monthly is ok but then you might get everyone trying to upload the 12 in the same week or even on the same day

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