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Gallery Votes/Comments - Luck or not????

Marc_Andrews 11 100 Wales
7 Aug 2007 12:00PM
I sometimes feel that the amount of views & consequently the number of votes & comments you receive from a gallery picture is sometimes down to luck as much as it is quality of work.

If there happens to be a lot of people uploading at the same time, then before you know it your image is 2 or 3 pages back in the gallery before anyones even had a chance to look at it. And I'd be willing to bet that you could adopt the search engine principle and say that very few venture past the third page!

I'm no expert, however I believe some of the images in my folio to be quite good (mind you some are not so as aswell) and I was certain that my most recent image would do well. But it took approximately 45 minutes before it ended up on the third page of the gallery. There aren't many people that'll see it in that time and before you know it it's 10 or 20 pages in and will probably never be looked at again unless someone stumbles upon my portfolio.

Has any one else got any comments on this?



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Duncan_E 11 201 3 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 12:20PM
Sure, the normal solution is to post a message saying, I'm not getting many clicks for my great photos, and then everyone comes and has a look and you get the clicks. Otherwise, the normal posting process does mean that pictures have a very short time to catch the eye. If you do start posting lots of very good pictures though, people will add you as a favourite, so that when a new picture goes up, even if they dont see it at the time, then they will the next time they log on and your click count will increase correspondingly.
deviant 14 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 12:26PM
Wouldn't worry about clicks they're just reciprocal usually and no indication at all about if something is any good.
Marc_Andrews 11 100 Wales
7 Aug 2007 12:31PM

Thanks for the prompt response. However, I don't like that fact that you imply I've set up this topic purposelly to obtain more votes. I appreciate that you are staff and have to look after the better interests of Epz but nevertheless you are suggesting I've set up this post for my own gain.

My post was based on simple perception. In fact, in order to abeit further responses like yours how about consideration is given on the next update to a views facility.

At the end of the day as long as people are viewing my pictures then that is fine by me comment or no comment. At the moment the only means we have of knowing (as far as I'm aware) is by the number of comments/votes that are left.

SInce posting I notice that there are several other posts of a similar nature. Have all those others posted just for clicks as well? I think not and that it is far more likely that others share the same concerns.

Tandberg 15 1.2k 2 England
7 Aug 2007 12:32PM
robin i have noticed that most of your shots are personnal to you.
And they are nice for you,but many folks tend to click landscapes and portraits that stand out from pesonnal stuff..
Dont get downhearted by that.

It depemds what you want from epz,if its just to load pics,snapshots etc then carry on.

But if its to get clicks for good stuff, Then try some landscapes with light,comp, etc..
Its just the way it works here and on many other photo sites..
deviant 14 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 12:32PM
If you're an e2 member you can see how many views a picture has.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
7 Aug 2007 12:34PM
try posting at 2AM - you'll be on the front page for some time then
deviant 14 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 12:36PM
I did the proof on clicks once for my own amusement. I posted seven ephotozine fodder pictures in a row and got 7 RC's in a row without recip. clicking. They where all landscape with big foreground and very heavy on saturation. Where as today I posted something I actually consider a strong image and got one click :o)

I tend to value comments more if they have been thought about.
miptog 12 3.6k 61 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 12:36PM
Views and clicks on EPZ is the preverbal "EPZ Chesnut".

Although we all want the magic 30 votes, the truth is that you can get far more from constructive comments than clicks. Still nice to get a click though Smile
_Helena_ 11 596 1 United States
7 Aug 2007 12:40PM

Quote:But if its to get clicks for good stuff, Then try some landscapes with light,comp, etc..

There's lots of other stuff that is good and is not landscapes.

Quote:And I'd be willing to bet that you could adopt the search engine principle and say that very few venture past the third page!

I use a mental picture of the photograph I saw last everytime I go through the gallery and I go all the way back until I see it again, so I know I've seen just about everything.

I'm probably not the only one.. I don't go through every photograph, I only open the ones that spark my interest and look intriguing or with potential from the thumbnail.

But yeah, I do go on average 10-15 pages back.
John_Frid 12 514 57 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2007 1:03PM
The whole topic of clicks & views has been aired many times on the forums, but my view, for what it's worth is as follows.

Luck does play a part in how many clicks you get, but it is only one part of the equation. The most likely way to get clicks is to produce consistently high quality work that appeals to the majority of people who use this site.

Note that I say consistently produce high quality work. As Duncan quite rightly points out, those who produce good work consistently find there way onto peoples favourites list (for e2 members). This means they get views (and hence clicks) long after the image has passed page 4 in the gallery.

As for good topics, then this site has a strong bias towards landscapes. This doen't mean other stuff can't do well, it just means landscapes generally get more attention.

As for when to post, then I don't think it really makes much difference to the clicks you will get. As Ade says, if you want to stay on the front page for a long while then 2AM is a great time - however, the downside is there aren;t many people browsing the site to give you a click.

Where luck comes in is when your posting of a high quality image just happens to co-incide with loads of people who like the subject browsing the gallery. Do this often enough and you'll soon be getting loads of clicks.

Another 'tactic' you could use is to cast your clicks liberally and add comments. The people you click for will often come and have a look at your pf, and if they like what they seee they will click the button.

Personally I am getting used to only having a few clicks (but please feel free to browse my pf - there are some lovely images just waiting to be loved).

Overall, I think it is too simple to feel that clicks equates to quality (although most images that get to 30 are usually pretty good, and if you make 50 plus then they are excellent). I have certainly seen outstanding images that have only mustered half a dozen votes.

Take and share images because you like them, not because they get votes.

Hope that all makes sense.
csurry 16 9.2k 92
7 Aug 2007 1:06PM
Marc define quite good.

You refer to some of your images as quite good. Well I think you'll find everyone on here believes that there images are quite good or even better unless they 1) lack confidence or 2) are a complete beginner.

Being quite good is not going to get your images noticed by the majority of viewers.

The subjects are, as has been stated, quite personal. Thus the potential interest is small.

There are plenty of exceptional images on here that do not get the recognition they deserve, unless they get lucky and for some reason come to the attention of a large number of viewers.

Keep taking the photos you enjoy, keep posting, but don't worry too much about the number of votes. If you want a vote boost post a sunset (or a red squirrel).
NickParry 12 1.0k 79 Wales
7 Aug 2007 1:10PM
I agree with with what John has mentioned above. I hardly get a RC anymore, but it doesn't worry me really, I appreciate good comments more than 'click fishing'. Thats not to say I wouldn't like a few more clicks though Smile.

With that said, if I see a pic I like I click or comment/click depending on what I see rather than who took it.

_Helena_ 11 596 1 United States
7 Aug 2007 1:35PM
I just had a look at your portfolio marc, and at your website.. and I can't help it, I have to ask..

Some of the images on your website are amazing - particularly the horse jumping photos. Great focus, great composition, very nice depth of field etc etc

Now I look at your portfolio and I see most images have composition and/or focus issues which would explain why they aren't doing too well.

I mean if you're a pro.. then surely you can see what I'm seeing and I'm an admitted beginner at this. Why aren't you putting your best foot forward?

Sorry I didn't mean to be critical, it just seems odd that this thread is about how many clicks you aren't getting when you're not even putting your best photographs out there.... some of those pics on your site I'm downright jealous of...
Marc_Andrews 11 100 Wales
7 Aug 2007 2:45PM

First and foremost thanks for your comments (both critical and kind).

Your missing my point here it's not so much the votes because as you (and I state in my original post) some of the images in my folio are not so good but then it's not always about the best shot, composition, colour, light or quality. It's about those shots that you like. In particular a lot of the shots in my folio on Epz are experimental, because I would like to think I would receive lots of comments about where I got it right and where I got it wrong. My website doesn't afford me that option so what's the point in putting up experimental shots there. The website is reserved for what I'm good at beacuse the website is where the money comes from. Epz helps me to learn and better that which eventually finds it's way onto my site.

Looking back perhaps I was wrong to mention votes in my original post but not so to mention the lack of comments, the more of those I get the better and quite frankly I dont care much what methods I use to get them as long as they are constructive & helpful in some way or form.


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