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Garden Diary - What's Going On In Yours?

KarenFB Plus
16 5.9k 184 England
6 Nov 2011 10:54AM
I've just seen a Red Admiral flutter past the window!!
Gypsyman 11 690 England
6 Nov 2011 11:11AM
Just been out and taken this shot.

MeanGreeny 17 3.7k England
6 Nov 2011 11:12AM
The stone flags and concrete are glistening in the sun
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2011 11:58AM
Autumn has finally arrived in our garden, the leaves of our Liqidambar orientalis have decided to "go South for the Winter" and I've just filled a bag, without there seeming to be any less left on the tree. I wonder why they only seem to change colour when they hit the ground? (those on the tree are still green).
Our Acer Palmatum are all changing nicely too, may even be a pic in their somewhere.
Meanwhile the Clematis are still blooming like crazy - its a funny period at the moment
cattyal Plus
17 9.2k 6 England
6 Nov 2011 12:01PM
Alas there's not a lot going on in my garden and I don't venture out much this time of the year. My garage blocks the light now so there's just a strip across the back fence which is a tad frustrating but at least I get plenty all summer long.

As usual there was a frog watching me whilst I was playing with the macro lens earlier. Oh and I notice the orange hawkweed is trying to take over the freshly made border - I wish I could figure out how to kill that off - tricky as it spreads on runners and is all over the place.
SlowSong Plus
14 10.4k 30 England
6 Nov 2011 12:42PM
Like Brian, my tree is finally shedding. Bags and bags of leaves to come, but I quite like raking them all up. It's all good exercise and on a nice day it's lovely to be out with the odd robin watching, and of course the cat "helping". I hang my nyger feeder over a strip of earth at the bottom of the garden now as the finches have terrible table manners and drop tons of seeds. Niger plants had started growing in the gaps in our path and on the lawn which were a pain to clear up. Anyway, since all this rain my small hydrangea bush is now encircled by a lovely crop of nyger plants, like a fairy ring. I think I'll leave them and see what happens. Smile

NaturesHaven 11 283 6 England
6 Nov 2011 9:03PM
Managed to get a few hours outside, clear blue sky, not like the last few days with rain and grey cloud. Out with the camera for a few hours, lots of tweets around today including a visit from the local Sparrowhawk, didn't manage to capture it on fast Sad

The pesky Robin drove me round the would not stay still for a moment.......I'm sure it enjoys our little games Tongue

Neighbours taking advantage of the fine weather to trim hedges and some were busy pruning trees, we are cutting our hedges this week......should be funSadSad

Had to keep the cats indoors due to the of the boys is terrified of the bangs and on Friday I didn't think of people letting fireworks off and I went to call him in and I couldn't find him anywhere.............panic SadSad

Finally found him cowering in the dog kennel..........we don't have a dog.........but the other cat Archie uses the kennel as his sleeping place during the night..............if he goes out that is...................he likes his comfort and warmth........and so he should at age 14.....Tongue

Planted the tulips, crocus, daffodils, some alliums and we have the amaryllis indoors.......we love colour.........Wink

Hope everyone had a good weekend......
StrayCat 18 19.1k 3 Canada
7 Nov 2011 8:49PM
Two deer came by at midnight and cleaned out the bird feeders, and any seeds that were on the ground, so I have to replenish everything today. They can consume in a few minutes what will last the other critters days.Tongue I put the feeders higher up, and more towards the centre of the trees last fall, and they broke off several large branches to get at the seeds. I wouldn't mind so much if they were more considerate, and came by during better light so I could get a few images.Wink
SlowSong Plus
14 10.4k 30 England
7 Nov 2011 10:28PM
Deer in your garden! How fab is that!!! Smile
monstersnowman 17 1.7k 1 England
8 Nov 2011 3:06PM
LEAVES !!! Lots of effin leaves ... oh and a beautiful small tree that has long slim leaves that have turned yellow/red ... amazingly vibrant colours :o)
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
8 Nov 2011 3:26PM
Lots of pond weed covering the pond (thanks to the extreme Winter last year killing our fish).

Geraniums, Stocks, Nasturtiums and Marigolds complaining about the frost on Sunday night

Birds everywhere, finding the last Rowan berries, bathing in the cascade and playing tag across the lawn (even the long tailed tits have paid a rare visit)

I need to work out how to stop the greenhouse door freezing up, so I can get in over Winter and check the young plants over wintering before being planted out in the Spring.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
8 Nov 2011 4:26PM

Quote:Lots of pond weed covering the pond (thanks to the extreme Winter last year killing our fish).

Oh dear! Does that mean that Pete's pond is full of duckweed again? Wink
JJGEE 17 8.0k 18 England
8 Nov 2011 4:29PM
The grass is growing.

Really wanted to give it at least one more mow but the last few weeks have been too wet.

The Magpies, Crows, Jackdaws, Seagulls are beginning to make appearances.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
8 Nov 2011 4:36PM

Quote:The Magpies, Crows, Jackdaws, Seagulls are beginning to make appearances.

With the possible exception of the Jackdaw the rest have been in our garden all year.

Throwing out food for them causes some right squabbling amongst the seagulls.
Ewanneil 12 1.1k 2 Scotland
8 Nov 2011 9:39PM

Quote:Deer in your garden! How fab is that!!! Smile

Reading your comment made me realise how blasé I have become about seeing deer. I see them from my living room window almost every day but I barely pay any attention to them - a bit like seeing a blackbird or a robin - you notice them but it doesn't really register.

This shot was from a few years back. The two deer were only about 30 yards from our house - usually they stay a couple of hundred yards away but on this day they were a bit braver.


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