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GE Awards


This topic is locked.

Reason : Specific Volunteer Thread Opened.

Jasper87 Plus
8 2.0k 150 England
13 Feb 2014 9:56PM
I think GEAs (or whatever you want to call them) should be brought back. UAs are definitely 'connection' based but only because it is impossible for everyone to view all images and ECs and HCs are beyond the majority leaving GEAs as an attainable target for most people.

Having said that and having done GE 3x as have quite a few others I get the impression that it is fairly difficult to get people to volunteer for a week's slot.

To make it more complicated Tongue, why not invite a panel of GEs (maybe based on previous volunteering) who are activated as a GE all the time. Images are nominated for a GEA by clicking the relevant button and any image that receives a minimum number of nominations gets the award. Admin would hence be minimal but the programming would need a bit of tinkering. The number of people and the number of nominations would need to be considered but could be adjusted if the number of GEAs dropped or increased too much.

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derekhansen Plus
9 210 24 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2014 10:04PM
I would definitely like the GEA's to make a comeback. I think if the GE's stick by Petes original guidance and only award exceptional work it dosnt need to change drastically from the previous incarnation.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
13 Feb 2014 10:19PM
topic GEs

as in

1 GE for architecture
1 GE for landscape
1 GE for birds


where the GE has experience of the topic Wink
Migster 5 106 England
13 Feb 2014 11:04PM
Bring me back.
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
14 Feb 2014 12:11AM
I'm in favour of GE awards, but think there should be a minimum, like...oh....say....20 per day?Wink
tj Plus
15 2.0k England
14 Feb 2014 12:24AM
Thanks for all your input so far...
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
14 Feb 2014 12:31AM

Quote:Topic GEs

as in

1 GE for architecture
1 GE for landscape
1 GE for birds


where the GE has experience of the topic Wink

It's not necessarily an experience of the subject Ade, it's understanding what's a good image ... And what isn't. Maybe a useful addition is that the images should be short listed first - then there might be a little realism particularly early on in ones time as a GE. Btw Ade, have you ever took the cudgel?
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
14 Feb 2014 12:49AM
trawling through my own shots is a big enough chore Nick, why would I want to look at thousands of other peoples stuff Wink

ON your first point... I'd rather have someone into, say, architecture, looking at the architecture shots than a wildlife tog - and I'm sure vice versa is the same. I know what you mean about seeing a good image... but, well, you know.

but also... a further advantage of splitting GEs (rather like the atom)

everyone goes on about how big a deal looking through ALL THOSE 1000's GALLERY SHOTS is... soul destroying.... especially when you've zero interest in many subjects.

So make the job easier... get a rosta of people into each topic... they'll get their topic's tiny share of the photos each day... hell, they could do it for a month, 2 months... even ongoing till they get bored!

On the rare occasion I look at the gallery I often filter to Architecture or Landscape... see what's new. There's not many buildings posted... could probably wiz through in 10 minutes...

Landscape's a different proposition
GillyB Plus
13 317 8 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2014 1:12AM
On both occasions I have been GE I have always given the reasons why I have awarded a photo. I have noticed that this was not always the case, so if it could be made part of the process of giving the award then it may make people stop and think before hitting the award button.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
14 Feb 2014 1:14AM
in an ideal world - yeah, an explanation would be great

just may involve an awful lot of typing on top of all those photos you need to look through each day.... making it a job few would have time, or inclination, to do...

one for the retired maybe ?
JJGEE 13 7.2k 18 England
14 Feb 2014 7:44AM

Quote:one for the retired maybe ?

I think that is why they are looking at a new system Wink

Well, at least for organising the rosta.
petebfrance 6 2.7k France
14 Feb 2014 11:12AM

Quote:Clear guidelines, though, including 'suggested' or 'likely' number should be there to help the person doing the job (perhaps based on numbers awarded by Pete / the current team / previous GEs....)

Here are the rules as written by Pete: (My bold text)

Rules are simple
Look through all the photos uploaded to the gallery in your week of appointment. With your special button provided click ones you think deserve an award - be selective only choose the very best and do not award friends / favourite genres unless they also genuinely deserve an award. The idea is your Awarded photos should be the very best pictures uploaded to ePHOTOzine - no bias please.

Thanks. That seems nice and clear to me. There shouldn't be too many of the 'very best' in my opinion, although how on earth that can be judged progressively rather than until they are all in......

Are there really enough people with the expertise to do this on a weekly basis? Who judges the judges etc. - never mind, I think I'll exit stage right and leave this discussion to people who know something about it.....

*edited to add - but I'd really like to know roughly (an average?) how many photos the GE will have to look through
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
14 Feb 2014 11:30AM
the answer is "all of them" Pete, but not sure how many that equates to - you can probably work it out using date filters in the gallery...

I just filtered all the shots uploaded in 1 day... here are results...

Quote:Wildlife / nature (105), Landscape / travel (94), General (82), Portraits / people (51), Close-up / macro (42), Flowers & plants (39), Architecture (31), Black & white (31), Photo journalism (27), Digitally manipulated (24), Humour / fun (24), Specialist / abstract (24), Pets / captive animals (21), Digital art (16), Nude / glamour (13), Flash / lighting (13), Nature (10), Birds (9), Transport (6), Sports / action (6), Bird (6), Fashion (5), Butterfly (5), Snow (5), Winter (4)

so if, say, I volunteered to become the "guest editor - architecture" I'd have just 31 photos to look at and mull over.

If joe Bloggs went for Wildlife, he'd have 105 to look at...

However, if we went for the "everything" approach - there's probably 600-1000 (if you add that lot up).

Judging by niche...

I guess you can spend more time taking in 31 photos than 1000...

Anyway - got some editing to do...
tj Plus
15 2.0k England
14 Feb 2014 11:33AM
Hi guys

Just thinking...
If we go down the route of a judge for each category, can you please let us know in this thread which category you'd be willing to judge (to see if we have all basis covered)?

keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
14 Feb 2014 11:35AM
That's a lot of judges. Are we talking one per week, per month or for all time and who specialises in Humour/Fun