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GE Awards


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Reason : Specific Volunteer Thread Opened.

User_Removed 6 10 4 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2014 9:19AM
I like the idea of seven a week, often in want to give awards to images and I'm told I can't due to the time limit on the awards, which I find to restrictive.

I've rejoined after several years and find any limit on who can and can't give awards ridiculous. Many people who join are much more qualified to assess an image than others.

Guest Editor Awards fill the gap between a user award and a more qualified photographer giving an awArd, which hopefully the Guest Editor would be chosen for.

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SlowSong Plus
11 8.5k 30 England
16 Feb 2014 9:51AM
You can give 7 UAs per week, one a day, but if you're GE you can give as many as you like within that week, any number per day.

As I've said before, as far as UAs are concerned I'd like the option to give my 7 awards out at any time during that week, say Sunday to Sunday, but leave the GEAs as they were, whatever and as many as the GE wishes.

I don't think you can discriminate between who you think is a "good or more qualified" photographer and as the GE is voluntary and encompassing it should include beginners as well as pros. Everyone has an opinion. The only thing I would say is to only let members who have been on the site for 3 months or more and have actually uploaded a fair number of images to the gallery be allowed to contribute.
fazzer 10 54 7 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2014 10:09AM
I can't believe it's taking so long to get the GE award system back up and running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the GE who gives two to three hours of their time every day and one of the reasons it was stopped was because it involved too much staff input ?????
Do something quickly please otherwise there will be more togs voting with their feet
saltireblue Plus
9 10.1k 43 Norway
16 Feb 2014 10:21AM

Quote: one of the reasons it was stopped was because it involved too much staff input ?????

It wasn't stopped because it was taking up too much staff time - it was run by Pete who was semi-retired for the past year.
What the team want is to find a way to make it easier to manage, less time consuming to run since they have to plan it into everything else involved in running the site. As long as Pete was organising it, it wasn't a problem.
keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Feb 2014 10:24AM
If this is rushed into and does not work smoothly, then that's when people will vote with their feet. It's not worth doing that when all you have to do is be patient while already busy people put things in place.
saltireblue Plus
9 10.1k 43 Norway
16 Feb 2014 10:30AM
Well said, Keith.
ValSaxby Plus
14 146 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2014 10:51PM
Would like to see it reinstated - as it was, for me it worked fine as it was.

Again would be happy to take part.

discreetphoton Plus
15 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2014 11:40PM
Several personally directed posts were removed asking with related replies.
Please check the terms and conditions. Please stay on topic on this thread and others.
AnnChown Plus
10 207 1 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2014 4:11PM
I think anything other than the old system isn't going to work... keep it simple! Smile
AnnChown Plus
10 207 1 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2014 4:16PM
I'll volunteer to be a Guest Editor if the old system comes back as it was....
tj Plus
16 2.1k England
19 Feb 2014 4:22PM
Thanks for all your input - duly noted.

To keep things separate and make things clear, I am now locking this thread.
Please volunteer your names in this thread only.

I will state in there those of you who have volunteered so far.