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Getting really frustrated

20 Jun 2011 3:04AM
I was second shooter for a wedding last week (my fourth) All my other weddings have been great and outside. I usually shoot with either my 1.8 prime or or my tamron 70-300 for weddings. I have the sony alpha 350. The kit lens sucked so i bought their "upgrade. A 18-55 for everyday shots and when I needed a wider angle. Here is my issue. I can get ok photos with it out doors but bring in any low light and it sucks, same as the first kit lens. I know I need to upgrade but I am currently on a limited budget for the next 2 months. I don't have another wedding july 3rd indoors. Problem is I know inside i have to bump up the iso, but the photos look horrible. You can see it here: Right now I can either shoot up close or from really far away. These were the settings for the photo:
No Flash (church didn't allow them)

Someone please give me some advice. If I do need to make use of this crappy lens at this next wedding. I love shooting with my prime but it limits the width of my photos big time. Also can any of you give me a good recommendation of a reasonably prices lens (wide angle) I can use.

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mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2011 7:30AM
I am confused. You started off talking about the prime and 70-300; then you talked about the 18-55; then complained about the lens. Which lens? The exposure settings inlcudes 70mm so I presume you are talking about the Tamron? (by the way, the link you gave says the photo has been moved or deleted).

If the problem is the noise, you need to either get a f2.8 zoom which give you more light to work with but the DOF is much shorter and these can be very expensive. Or upgrade your camera to a newer model that has better noise handling. I don't now anything about the Sony range so can't offer much advice. However, I have seen apparently noise-free images from 7-year old cameras taken at ISO3200 and the secret is to shoot as far as you can to the right Unfortunately this may be difficult to do without blowing out the detail of a bride's white dress.
Have you tried noise reduction programmes?
20 Jun 2011 10:38AM
I think your solution is called ..... Nikon
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2011 11:22AM
OK you are up against the classic low light problem, and sadly you are finding out that your lenses and the camera are the limitation.

First off with lenses there is no substitute for a fast aperture. So zoom wise I would say f2.8 is your target. You get lenses from Sony, Tamron and Sigma to help you out. I would think about the Sigma 18-50 f2.8 or 24-70 f2.8 as you are on a budget. Look at 2nd hand to help you out. Sadly you are more likely to find them in Canon/Nikon mount 2nd hand. As a holding point are there any old Minolta primes, say @ 24mm you could use with f2.8 or better?

On the camera Sony made two hard to understand bad choices in that camera for low light. First they gave it a CCD rather than CMOS sensor and next they decided to stuff more pixels in.

So in the crunch, if this is your chosen path I would say both lenses and camera are up for changing. there are better Sony's try ones with a CMOS sensor, avoid their CCD models A 2nd hand A700 would be better than what you have, though their new A580 is better again. To be hones if weddings is your game I suspect you want a better camera than the A580, and I think Sony are not the best bran for your end desire.

So I would recommend you look at Canon and Nikon. Which one, go play etc, arguments rain forever over which one to get. To get started I would pick lenses first then bodies, but if selecting a body go for a CMOS not CCD sensor. I would rather had a set of good lenses with something like a 1000D or 2nd hand 40D than a new body with entry level lenses. And as I said think about the lenses you need, price the systems and go with the one that works for you. Also go look at what the competition are using. I have to say a Nikon D700 plus a couple of decent lenses plus a D300 or equivalent as back up strikes me as a good Nikon offering. Canon's 5D has been used by lots of wedding photographers, in low light it is hard to not recommend a full frame camera as the best, but the later crops have good, if not as good, low light performance.

sadly good low light photographs with a decent shutter speed is the preserve of expensive lenses and bodies
cameracat 15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
20 Jun 2011 12:14PM

Quote:I think your solution is called ..... Nikon

I second that....Smile Buts lets be fair Canon are pretty decent to.....Grin

That said if noise and lack of decent high ISO performance is a problem.....Sad

Then " Pentax " is also a fine choice with the K-x, K-r, K-5 models....!!!

Many on this site would add that if your shooting " Paid For " weddings, You should really be using top quality equipment, Then the problems you are having will not be an issue.....!!!!!!!

Thats the same sentiment for any trade or proffesion.....Wink
20 Jun 2011 6:03PM
Yes I figured, i know the camera sucks. I am don't have a wedding of my own booked until October and I am planning on upgrading to the Nikon D700 and my second shooter for that one has a Nikon. My husband bought my camera 3 years ago as a gift, I haven't been able to upgrade as of yet. Thank you very much for all the suggestions!

IFIMAGE 11 143 Wales
22 Jun 2011 6:47PM
I've added a Sony A580, to go with my A300, its like night and day on my A300 any thing above 400iso is bad noise , noise and more noise, a little beter in raw with post shot adjustments....The A580 1250 iso is fine it has a much better sensor, the list goes on, a better lens would be great, wort a look before you dump all the sony gear, it uses the same 16.2Mp CMOS sensor,dot 3.0" LCD as the Nikon D7000

BigRick 14 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 11:45PM
still no mention as to what lens you have that is f1.8?? and why you cant use this one?
BigRick 14 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 11:48PM
and the link in your first post doesnt work
21 Jul 2011 1:59PM

Quote:I think your solution is called ..... Nikon

Yes I'ved looked at your' pictures.

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