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Giving photographs titles.....

curlyfilm 16 139
28 Oct 2006 7:26PM
does anyone like giving picture titles, or think that it enhances the shot, or are you like me and can't be bothered, or am i just being a boring old git, to be honest if take a picture of a tree in fog and its in black and white thats what it is, or should i call it arthur, picture title makers, please say how wrong i am
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
28 Oct 2006 7:31PM
Out there in the real world, a title can sell a photo.
GeoffP 15 130 Portugal
28 Oct 2006 7:38PM
Agencies like Getty Images for instance - titles are everything in their world of advertising.

"Red Deer on moorland" title could be change to "Majestic" and conveys a different impression.

Yes 101% agree with Keithh titles do matter.

Geoff Simpson
cambirder 17 7.2k England
28 Oct 2006 7:39PM
As long as you dont plonk the title on the picture or within a bloody great black border titles are fine by me.
nikon5700ite 17 1.8k
28 Oct 2006 8:00PM
While a picture is as good as a thousand words often the 1001st word helps.
Skodster 15 902 Ireland
28 Oct 2006 8:05PM

Quote:Out there in the real world, a title can sell a photo.

Absolutely agree! The title qualifies and confirms. It puts your photo in context.

I took a photo of a black cat.........mundane..........I then titled it 'Outcast'.

It got loads of clicks which most, I am convinced, were the result of the sad title.
1100 14 36
28 Oct 2006 8:07PM
Definately with cambirder on this one!!! Especially if the writing is that gold, curly writing.
I like the way the old impressionists (manet, renoir, etc) used to title their paintings - A Girl With A Basket of Fish (by Renoir)- does what it says on the tin. None of that Spielberg-sentimentality there. On ephotozine in that famous black border it would be called, 'A Day's Catch,' or, 'Going Home For Tea'.
I know modern advertisement dictates that we should give it a crappy (or even twee) title but all this does is tell us what we should think about the image rather than make up our own minds.
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 10:25PM
I'm another 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of person.
I hate having to title my photos, I never take a a photo with an emotion or feeling in mind for example "Hmmm, today I will take a photo that captures the boring pointlessness of my life" then take a photo and entitle it as such, I just take photos and the ones I like I upload, and just call it whatever it is i.e. Lily & Poppy.

Some of the titles I see just make me cringe I'm afraid and makes me wonder how that person's mind works, but I am actually starting to think I have some kind of autism because more people give emotional titles than not !
martin.w Plus
19 607 28 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 10:36PM
I too hate thinking up up titles, but agree they are needed. I usually spend more time thinking about the title than taking the photo and still come up with rubbish.

By the way 'urbanite', my son is autistic and if you did suffer some kind of autism, titling photos would be the least of your problems Smile

Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 10:45PM
I was just being facetious, no offence meant.

I have two close friends with kids with Autism, one very severe and one with Aspergers so I know what it's like.
martin.w Plus
19 607 28 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 10:48PM
No worries, I added a smiley to show I wasn't offended.

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
28 Oct 2006 11:44PM
I'm a titler. There, I said it. Hangs head in shame

Personally I like the fact that a title can change your perception of an image. Same with books. If I picked up a book and the title was 'Story about a bunch of small people, a quest, and a ring' it wouldn't make me particularly want to read it unless nothing else caught my imagination. But 'Lord of the Rings' - appeals to my curiosity and imagination. The title has metre and mystery. I want to know more. Same with a picture. I can see a decent picture in the gallery and be interested enough to click on the thumbnail, and a good title invites me to see and interpret it in a particular way and to share something of what the photographer wanted me to see by composing it in that particular way.

For another instance. (Please don't visit it, because I'm not click fishing - I'm simply discussing the title! ... I put up a picture of a kitten, composed and presented in a particular way, and called it 'MORNINNNGGGG!" simply because it illustrates the way a cat will jump on you and shout in your ear at five in the morning because she thinks it's time you got up and she's ravenous. If I'd just called it 'Cat' it wouldn't tell the story I was trying to illustrate.

Mind you, sometimes I do struggle for a title and will then go back to the label and the tin (I like that analogy!) Plus it all depends what you're photographing. Cars don't lend themselves to deeply philosophical and insightful titles afetr all Smile (not for me, anyway!)
Krakman 14 3.6k Scotland
29 Oct 2006 1:14AM
Title the image if you want to, not if you don't. The better images, images that are ABOUT something often ask to be titled, even if it's just "Untitled No.6". That itself says something about the image, a statement that the image speaks for itself.

Exhibitions have titles, and that's for a very good reason. It puts the images in a context. It doesn't help much if the exhibition title is along the lines of "Thirty of my Best Pictures".

If you've taken an uninteresting still life of a banana on the other hand, it probably doesn't need a title. Unless of course the title is "Boring Picture of a Banana No.62", which case you're probably having your retrospective at the Tate.
Dannyt 14 66
29 Oct 2006 3:18AM
I title shots. I like to think them up. If it is say a flower and I do not know the name of it. I'll call it flower.

But titles can change the 'feel' of a shot.
chrisw 16 129
29 Oct 2006 4:17AM
Yep, I title images as well. A collection of asterisks tells me absolutely nothing about a beautiful portrait subject. Let's have her name, if not her phone number, marital status, etc! Wink

(And oh yes, a title can definitely change the mood of an image too!)

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