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Good Bye!


This topic is locked.

Reason : Thread has run its course now. Jas will hopefully return. Pete

Just Jas Plus
16 26.2k 1 England
18 Mar 2005 4:01PM
The following is the essence of emails that I sent to Pete yesterday:

"This action has been in my mind for some weeks now and I have finally come to the conclusion that I no longer wish to participate in the activities of the site and in particular the forum.

I have had enough of the furores that I have become involved in recently, at no intent by myself. I do not need this hassle, I intend to enjoy the remainder of my retirement years quietly from now on, in my photographic activities.

I would therefor ask you to remove my profile and registration from the site.

I do not see the point in taking part in the discussions if personal abuse spoils the interchange of views and information, and ultimately results in the thread being locked. This is upsetting to everyone, especially the originator of the thread.

My best wishes for the site, and to my virtual friends with whom I have exchanged many views in pleasant manner - Ian (digicammad) Stephen (bpa) John (strawman) to mention but a few. And, of course, Carabosse - I have exchanged much good humoured banter with CB with no ill offence taken on either side!"

There is no returning this time and this is my last visit to the site.

Just Jas

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StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
18 Mar 2005 4:05PM
I respect your descision Jas, and wish you all the best in youe endeavours. You'll be missed mate.
Mari 14 1.8k United Kingdom
18 Mar 2005 4:12PM
Oh Jas, i'll miss you and i'm sure i'm not the only one. You have such a great sense of humour and its very sad that you have been subject to such hassle. You are right though, retirement should be enjoyed peacefully but just remember we won't forget you.

LAF 15 1.7k
18 Mar 2005 4:22PM
Sorry to see you go but wish you all the best. Take care of yourself.

sillyconguru 13 4.4k
18 Mar 2005 4:28PM
Yes, as others have said.

Good-bye and good luck Jas (I hope you sort out your Zorki).
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
18 Mar 2005 4:31PM
Well I am frankly appalled that, largely through the words and attitude of just one individual, Jas has felt the need to leave EPZ.

I am sure I am not alone in (much) preferring to see the individual concerned kicked off the site, rather than Jas leaving!

I hope that (a) the above-mentioned individual is indeed thrown out of EPZ and (b) Jas - like others who have left in the past - will in due course return.
ken j. 14 374
18 Mar 2005 4:42PM
Totally agree...
Jas - if you're still there...
You have been a major contributor to this site.
Why let one d***head drive you away?
cambirder 14 7.2k England
18 Mar 2005 4:44PM
Is this anything to do with that very boring thread about Hyperfocal method?
Westers 13 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
18 Mar 2005 4:52PM
Sorry Jas you feel this way.

I have to say that, as the orignator, I asked for the thread to be locked because I felt that your good intentions were being used as a forum for someone else to seek some kind of "superiority" over yourself. Your posts were very informative - I can't pretend to understand the theory behind the maths but I did at least follow the formula. I still wouldn't know how to simply apply that in the field.However, you said yourself that your intention was only to explain how the method worked, not how to use it Smile

It was the insulting nature of certain responses to yourself that I felt were being provocative and unnecessary. Clearly you felt your logic was based on solid research, which I applaud you for. However, there was obviously a disagreement.

Normally I'm not bothered by such arguments if both parties present their case in the same manner as yours. However, the other party was not so civil in his response.Hence I felt it was probably best to lock the thread.

I'm sorry that you feel this way and only hope you read this before you decide to leave here for good. I thank you for your input and can honestly say that I did learn something from your response and hope you reconsider.

If you feel that you still wish to leave then enjoy your retirement and good luck in your photography.

bpa 14 1.2k
18 Mar 2005 4:53PM
Sorry to see that you've been upset to the extent that you feel the need to leave the site, all the best Jas take care. Oh, and don't leave, a great many more people on here appreciate your presence than don't.

Badger 15 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2005 4:57PM
Jas, I missed that particular thread, I am sorry that I hadn't read it earlier and stepped in like Ian.

Please take a few days to mull it over, then put those infantile comments behind you and rejoin the ranks.
And, who else is going to make the masses groan with those (witty) one liners?

peterkin 14 637 England
18 Mar 2005 5:02PM
Understand what you say, Jas but I for one will miss your contributions. But I do implore you to reconsider!
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
18 Mar 2005 5:03PM

Quote:Is this anything to do with that very boring thread about Hyperfocal method?

Yes, but it was not the first time Jas was subjected to abuse and discourtesy from the same source. I guess that the 'hyperfocal' thread was the last resort.

I do hope that the individual concerned - at the very least - receives a warning from the EPZ Team. If they felt able to lock him out of EPZ so much the better... I doubt there would be anything other than applause!
ken j. 14 374
18 Mar 2005 5:17PM
Re my post:
Good to see the moderators are working late...
Bernie 14 2.2k
18 Mar 2005 5:25PM
No way Jas, COME ON!!! you have a thicker skin than that.
Normally I would say Cya, but not on this occasion. Take a couple off weeks of Jas. You can't do this buddy?