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Good-bye 2013 - and good riddance,too.

petebfrance 8 2.9k France
31 Dec 2013 1:18PM
Probably the worst year I've ever had health-wise. Problems (which I wont bore you with) disrupted just about everything, photography all but abandoned now and so on. A real stinker of a year.

Is anybody else glad to see the back of 2013?

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AlanJ 7 1.0k England
31 Dec 2013 1:24PM
Me too . One of the saddest in my 60 years. Glad to see the back of it.
franken Plus
17 5.1k 4 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 1:26PM
A poor year for me health wise and as it's never going to improve so each year that I can still get about is a bonus for me.

peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 1:28PM

I know that 2013 was a miserable year for many people I know; though not so badly affected I am personally happy to see the back of 2013 and face 2014 with renewed hope and optimism.
AlexandraSD 8 769 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 1:56PM
2013 wasn't too bad for me, health wise im as fit as a fiddle for my age, but i am only 39, well, for a few more days at least, i hit the big Four Oh (nooooo) in just over a week, not sure how that will effect me mentally, it could depress me or it could just wash over me and ill not think too much about it, who knows. But none of us are getting any younger, and it seems the older you get, the quicker time speeds up, and looking back on my life, my early 20s feel like it happened last week, where did all that time go?

Older and wiser, well thats what they say, maybe a little bit wiser yes, but , i could still do with akick up the backside now and then!

I certainly dont feel old, i can still jump over fences and gates in 1 go, one handed jumps. But even i feel my legs are getting tired when walking in woodland, uphill really tires my knees, maybe the knees go first and the rest follows, or falls apart...

Anyway, for now i am still in my 30s and tonight im gonna party like a teenager Smile

Have a magical 2014 everyone Grin
russmac 9 9 England
31 Dec 2013 2:04PM
I have to say that although I didn't suffer bad health I just haven't felt 100% for a long long time. I know I should have been out more but I have just been really lethargic and never got my backside into gear!!! new years resolution - get out and about with the camera and learn more from all the good people on EPZ

good bye 2013 and welcome 2014. may it bring all our friends and families health and happiness
Andy_Cundell 9 1.1k 5 England
31 Dec 2013 2:18PM
It was a pretty bad year, BUT (stolen from a Facebook page)

Tomorrow is the start of a new 365 day book, a book that YOU are writing....................only you can make it a best seller!!!

Andy Smile
Migster 7 107 England
31 Dec 2013 2:24PM
Glad to put 2013 behind me but really looking forward to making the most of 2014.
Good luck and best wishes to everyone on here.
Let's all make it a belter.
Best regards
altitude50 15 18.4k United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 2:47PM
Rubbish year, my wife has been suffering pain all year (Shingles) I have been helping her and driving her around, now cannot even do that as a motorist drove his car into the back of my legs on Boxing Day. Fed up!SadSadSad
31 Dec 2013 3:41PM
2013 ! kick it into touch as far as I'm concerned. Prostate cancer treatment at the start of 2013 and looks like its going on into 2014.

Mind you there's kids with cancer moan less than me.................like my old Gran used to say...'only this life then the next then it's all bleedin over....'

GOOD LUCK and I hope it gets better for everyone.
frenchie44 14 342 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2014 9:26AM
In February 2001 I was told I had " Non Hodgekinsons low grade lymphoma "first thing I said was "at least its only low grade" It didn't mean what I thought, it damages the blood cells and is not curable. they gave me 10 to 15 months only, what a shock! you just go numb, any how I went through radiation therapy for 5 weeks to clean up the area of the tumour that was removed, in the process they damaged my Thyroid gland, then did not protect my shoulders with the pad to cover any area where radiation is not needed, so I had a "frozen shoulder" that is very painful. so there I was with a few months to live, a painful shoulder, a damaged thyroid gland, which meant I was very low on energy and very depressed. then I was given some tablets to take which i was to 8 a day, a week later I was found on the ground writhing in agony, I woke up in hospital with a doctor ready to ask me questions about was I on drugs! I told him the only thing I take was prescribed by the hospital, I got someone to bring in one of the canisters of these tablets, on the label it said take 8 a day, this quack turned round and said "its your own fault, you should have known that 8 was too many, 3 a day was the maximum" within 5 days I was back in, unconscious again, the tablets overdose had caused some internal damage,

After all that I spent the next few months training two of my sons to run the business ready for when I die, that was a very emotional time for me and them. I even attempted suicide, which failed.
from then on I threw myself into work, the business is thriving, I am still breathing nearly 13 years later. my photography is the big thing that helped me, with a camera in my hands out in the countryside I am at my happiest. this experience has changed me, I appreciate things now that I did not notice before, even rain and wind does not upset me, to feel it on your face is living,

the thing is not to give up, you never know what will come along, make the most of what you have, do not waste a day of you life.
Some say to me "how do you cope with uncurable cancer " I say " first thing in the morning I read the paper, I go to the births& deaths page, if I am not in there I get dressed and go to work"
what else can I do?
I have even designed a new product for photographers that will be launched soon, I loads of ideas to keep me busy for years yet, so I cannot afford to die.


JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
2 Jan 2014 5:05PM
Well, I have got an horrible cold / sore throat so I would like to say Good Riddance to 2014 already Sad
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
2 Jan 2014 5:54PM
The way I look at it a lot of people had a worse 2013 than me. Work wasn't brilliant as I was put at risk of redundancy twice in 4 months. On the positive side I did complete 100 half marathons in 200 days even though I managed to brake my a toe after the 13th and helped raise some money for people less fortunate than me, so to be honest I wouldn't change 2013.
Paul Morgan 19 19.4k 6 England
2 Jan 2014 10:15PM
Yep I was glad to see the back of both 12, and 13 Smile
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
2 Jan 2014 11:59PM
having just heard my old childhood mate Roger died (aged 43 - cancer), every year you're alive is a good one.

2010-2013 have been epic - my own boss, doing what I love, how I want to do it...

ok - it's been extremely hard and testing, but that's why it's been good.

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