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Good Friday and the Doctors are on hols

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 8:51AM
I know the poor over worked (yawn) GPs need their holidays but what on Earth is going on when not only do they no longer open on Saturdays (poor chaps, struggling to get by on 100,000 a year plus expenses plus whatever we pay for their wife to work as "Practice Managers" ) but they close on Good Friday too?

Let's face it, I imagine that the majority are not practising Christians anyway.

Been to my local surgery to collect a repeat prescription for a heart condition to be met by 6 other people doing the same thing. None of us told when we handed the prescription request in 2 days earlier (as required by the practice 'rules') that they do not open until Tuesday.

Of course the Stazi (sorry, Doctor's receptionists) were probably too busy talking about last night's Eastenders to be bothered to warn patients (ooops, sorry again, clients).

Oh well, at least the good pharmacist at my local Boots will issue enough tablets without prescription to cover as he has a record of my previous visits, but what has happened to the medical 'profession' in this country? Am I the only one who can remember when Doctors not only knew what they were doing but actually practised it too.

Oh well... rant over.. I feel much better now Smile
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
2 Apr 2010 8:54AM
Unlike wedding photographers who presumably will be busy "practicing" over the next few days Wink
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 8:59AM
Indeed.. I have a wedding today, another tomorrow, seeing a prospective client on Sunday evening (8pm) and I'm doing a commercial job for a department store on Monday morning at 8am.

It is really frustrating though when people you expect to provide a service (and are very well paid to do that) seem to provide less and less and less and the quality of that service is often suspect (don't get me started on the quality of the medical profession in this country Sad)
Toonman 14 1.4k 2 England
2 Apr 2010 9:05AM
Barrie you just aren't picking the right days to be unwell Wink.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 9:06AM
Oh I'm well.. just trying to stay that way - it's medication I've been on for the last 15 years.. perhaps I should start my own manufacturing facility but last time I tried that one, they told me cannabis was illegal or some rubbish like that Smile
pcheywood 16 1.3k England
2 Apr 2010 9:51AM
I don't really understand why you would of thought that a GPs surgery would be open on a bank holiday?
AngieLatham 17 790 2 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 9:57AM
This kind of thread really makes my blood boil. I am a Doctor's receptionist and I find your comments extreamly ignorant and insulting .

I woulden't choose to do a GP's job for all their salary, as I see first hand how hard they work and the stress and commitment envolved. The responsibility they have to carry is enormous and I don't know how they can manage to switch off and sleep at night. their workload is enormous and they work a full day and then often work on at home at night. Ok, you may say that lots of other people do this.....but not everyone has people's lives in their hands

I can't speak for induvidual surgeries but our surgery clearly states our opening hours and when we are shut over holiday periods well in advance....not that most people take the time and trouble to read them!!!!. If you have been having the same medication for 15 years then I do wonder why you haven't been organised enough to take holidays into consideration when re-ordering??? After all there has been Xmas and easter holidays for far more than the last 15 years....

When surgeries are closed there are always facilities to cover this such as Out of Hours GP care, local Pharmacys (as you have been too, so not too much of a disatster was it!) and if all else fails we have A&E and the emergancy services. This constant whining and whinging from people because GP's don't work 24/7 365 days a year is just selfish and ignorant.

It's a sad relfection of a modern 24hr society when we expect to get everything we want when we want and kick up a stink if we can't. We take less and less responsibility for our own lives and actions and just rant and blame others for the slightest inconvenience.

Doctor's do need their holidays and their weekends. I certainly woulden't want to see a GP who was over worked and over tired and likely to miss that first sign of cancer because they were not alert and focused on their jobs.
Scutter Plus
13 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:15AM
Barrie, whatever those tablets are; I think you need to take another one!Wink

One of the issues here is the fact that the majority of us work fairly structured hours but the self employed don't and often (but not always) have time off when the rest of us have our noses to the grind stone! SadSmile

At least with structured hours you can predict when services will be available......................
User_Removed 14 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:15AM
Can we please have a 'good post' button ^^^^^
Henchard 16 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:29AM

Quote:This kind of thread really makes my blood boil.


As the spouse of a GP who is exhausted and stressed beyond belief (and as a consequence hanging up her stethoscope on the 31st August for the last time at a comparatively early age) can I point out a few facts.

On a normal day she gets into work before 8.00 in the morning, does not leave until after 7.30 p.m. does not have time for lunch and still brings paperwork home. She sees on average 30-40 patients a day in surgery (sometimes she has had to see over 60). That is in addition to visits, results to check, paperwork, managing the practice and phoning consultants etc.

In theory she has one afternoon off a week but works Saturday mornings on a rota. However, yesterday (her afternoon off she didn't get home until 4.30 p.m) as well as the above yesterday she had to take time out (and make the necessary hospital arrangements etc.) to tell 3 people they had terminal cancer (you try doing that in the 7 minutes average to see a patient).

It is exactly because of the demanding, 'want, want, want' attitude of people like you that a very good doctor, who cares for her profession and patients is leaving.
Scutter Plus
13 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:36AM
yes what has happened to the helpful post button?
rossd 18 1.1k England
2 Apr 2010 10:37AM
Totally agree with AngelaBarnett.

An ignorant rant from Mr. Harwood which shows that he doesn't really have his life under control.

And this from a man who expects people to display tolerance and understanding ?????

Quote:they told me cannabis was illegal or some rubbish like that

Says it all really. Probably why you suffer from mood swings and tend to rant and rave a lot.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:47AM
I know I have generalised but that's what rants are about usually isn't it. I know that many if not most doctors do a decent job but if you read my local paper, you would know many people have problems with standards at my practice and moving elsewhere where I live is not easy (I even had to appeal to be allowed to go here as there lists everywhere nearby are closed!).

Of course individuals do a great job in all walks of life, but you judge by what affects you personally and by what you have experience of don't you?

I am also extremely cynical about the quality of care provided by the profession in general and in my case it is because:

1. My father was diagnosed with gout by his GP. Three months later, he had both legs amputated because he had gangrene due to poor circulation. There was no gout at all and the gangrene had been misdiagnosed. The Doctor was formally warned following an investigation but no other action was taken.

2. My mother died 2 years ago next week. She had advanced cancer that had been undiagnosed and untreated for 3 years despite visiting the hospital on 14 separate occasions involving multiple intrusive examinations. She was told it was just age related diverticulitis! Her consultant apologised for the misdiagnosis at the same time as he told her she probably had less than a month to live. Great eh? (Can't say more as this is currently the subject of legal proceedings). I have to say, my Mums GP was excellent during this time

3. Last December I had a biopsy as day surgery under a general anaesthetic. Three days later I was readmitted after collapsing at a wedding. I was in an acute ward for 5 days with Septicaemia (kidney failure had started to take place) and unable to work for a month. They had left a dressing in the wound!

Standards generally seem to be getting poorer for whatever reason both in quality of care and service delivery.

Quote:Says it all really. Probably why you suffer from mood swings and tend to rant and rave a lot

Eh? get a sense of humour for goodness sake
Toonman 14 1.4k 2 England
2 Apr 2010 10:50AM

Quote:Oh well... rant over.. I feel much better now Smile

Don't think so Barrie! You might want to get some of that 'herbal' stuff after this flak Wink

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2010 10:52AM
Doesn't bother me.. opinions from people with vested interests are not really objective are they. It's no different from me having a rant over a particular incident.

Someone's husband/wife/brother/sister might be a brilliant Doctor. Their practice might be so good people beg to be ill so that they can go there. Doesn't mean all are so whilst there point might be valid, so is mine.

Not sure why it should make people's "blood boil"... unless of course I am not allowed to have a point of view and make comments against the "sacred cow" of the medical profession

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