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Graphics Tablet

davro49smo 20 13
11 Apr 2003 8:15PM
I am just starting up in the digital era,I have been told that the graphic tablets are very good. Are they any better than the mouse that I use. look forward to your comments.

FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
11 Apr 2003 8:16PM
I have a Wacom Graphire and I wouldn't be without it for editing photo's. It allows you to be so much more precise it's unreal - takes a bit of getting the hang of but once you do you'll wonder how you ever managed without one
ella 20 43
11 Apr 2003 8:52PM
PC World kindly let me take two different tablets home so that I could see the benefits of each one. The Hewlett Packard at 50 for an A5 was fun but very slow to respond. The Wacom at 150 for an A6 is fantastic - and to my surprise a perfect size.

I thought that A6 would be far too small, but in fact it works very well. I have no criticisms at all of the wacom tablet. The other cheaper one would have been very rapidly thrown out of the window due to it's bad performance.
scorchio 20 129 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2003 9:46PM
hiya Smile
wacom r the only pads worth considering. the bigger pads r a lot more accurate, so if u can afford it, its worth spending the extra money. thats not to say the small pads r bad, i use an a6 one now, but i do miss my a4 pad.
durlstonp 20 638 1 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2003 1:20AM
Don't let the price put you off, the Graphire/PSElements bundle at 99 is the best digital bargain to be had. It's size is great. Its feel is great. The only bad thing is the truly awful mouse that they bundle with it. My tip, bin the mouse and use the tablet as a mousemat for a decent usb mouse when you don't want to use the stylus.

gromble 21 22 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2003 12:12PM
I use a Wacom Graphire 2 pad, and it's one of the best bits of equipment I have. It's much faster than a mouse for graphics work, and it put an end to the worrying pains in my wrist from using a mouse. I would suggest that you look at the Wacom Volito package - I think it's about 35-40. If you try a tablet out before you buy, be aware that it will feel quite awkward at first, but will soon be second nature and should provide a much greater degree of control and comfort.
12 Apr 2003 7:58PM
Here's a suggestion for you Pete, prompted by this thread - I've had a look and there isn't an equipment test on these nifty little gadgets. How about it?
telep 20 11 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2003 11:28PM
I use a Wacom Intuos with pen and Airbrush, I cant imagine life without them now, well worth getting.
absurd 21 228 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2003 12:56PM
I've just been looking at Maplin's website and spotted what they describe as G6 Graphics USB Tablet 12x9 on offer for 99. Goodness knows if it's any good but it's certainly got a good size drawing area and may be worth a look.

mrjes 20 2 United States
14 Apr 2003 9:08AM
I agree with everyone who has recommended Wacom's Graphire tablet. This product is indispensible to anyone doing fine detail photo editing.
rugbylass 19 403
14 Apr 2003 11:23AM
Yes, you can't go wrong with a Wacom! I use an A6 Intuos here at work (although it is on its last legs now). I don't use a mouse for anything now- it's the pen/pad all the way!
zzzms 20 40
14 Apr 2003 2:28PM
I hold a pen oddly and find the Wacom impossible to use. Check it out before you buy, my friend now has mine and loves it!
davidw 20 48
14 Apr 2003 7:45PM
I too am thinking of getting one of these, but just one quick question....

Can you say, select the cloning tool in Photoshop and then use the pen to go around the image on screen and remove blemishes etc?? Dont want to sound thick but want to know if it is that useful.

ella 20 43
14 Apr 2003 11:51PM
yes absolutely you can and sooooo much more!

I use the pressure sensitivity on mine to influnce amount of transparency, or brush size etc. Millions of things. Check out the website.
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
15 Apr 2003 2:01PM
Wacom now do a FANTASTIC screen that you can use a pen on to draw directly on the screen. Saw one at Focus and was very impressed, except for 2 things:
1. it costs 4 grand
2. the "demo" the guy was doing "retouching" a photo was actually just him erasing on one layer to reveal the picture below. very naff.

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