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GRR! Private driveways...

kokobrown 16 1.9k Scotland
2 Jan 2006 3:26AM
I have a private driveway attached to my house, surely the benefit of having a driveway is off street parking no?!
It pi**es me off as people keep parking right over the driveway, blocking me in...or not letting me get in at all. Its driving us both crazy. A few months ago a car was parked over the drive for 3 days without moving. We put notes on the car, knocked on doors. The note was moved so someone read it. We eventually called the police who contacted the owner and told them to shift it!

This morning 2 cars are parked directly over the drive, I need to get out, ive been beeping like mad for 15 mins, my other half has been knocking on doors but no answer, im loathe to phone the police as I shouldnt have to do that everytime.
Its obvious its a driveway, cos theres a bleedin car in it!
I put signs up saying private drive in use, but its still not making a diff..

Any ideas, aside from letting down tyres etc..!

sillyconguru 16 4.4k
2 Jan 2006 3:31AM
Park in the street?

kokobrown 16 1.9k Scotland
2 Jan 2006 3:35AM
I know but I shouldnt have to! grr

Paul_Barr 16 544 Scotland
2 Jan 2006 3:41AM
Just have to phone the police Laura. Sounds like a clear case of obstruction.

In the longer term try putting up a sign to remind folks not to park over the drive. I think you can get then from B&Q.

Badsey 15 20 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 3:47AM
Hi Laura,

We have a similar problem where I work, we have put up signs but they still park there. So we changed the signs and made them bigger, still no change.
Now here is the thing that worked for us, bright orange sticks with the words, "you have obstructed our driveway please do not do so again" printed on them. We find that 5 or 6 stuck right in the middle of the drivers field of view has the desired effect, they only do it once. If they come to the office to complain then we have them bang to rights, oddly enough no one has ever come to the office.


Happy New Year BTW
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 3:53AM
letting down the tyres won't move the car!

it is obstruction, especially if your car is in the driveway and can't get out. it has to be dealt with by the police though, and they might not treat it as a high priority.

(as usual, Google is your friend!)

I don't yet know what you actually can do yourself (legally that is), perhaps a private prosecution.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
2 Jan 2006 3:56AM
Yes a polite sticker on the windscreen - preferably one with a VERY sticky backing which is a struggle to remove, placed slap bang in the driver's field of view should do the trick.
AlistairF 14 322
2 Jan 2006 3:59AM
As part of our insurance, we have cover against damage to move (not sure how) any vehicle that is blocking us in. Not sure if this helps at all but you could contact your insurer to see if you have similar cover.

kokobrown 16 1.9k Scotland
2 Jan 2006 4:00AM
Id love to do that!

...do u think id get in trouble?

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
2 Jan 2006 4:04AM
So long as you do not cause damage to the vehicle I can't see that you could get into any trouble. A removable sticker does not cause damage.

If it causes a nice residue which will require hard work to remove - that would be good! Grin
gus 16 156 England
2 Jan 2006 4:10AM
Sorry I was laughing but now be very careful, do not do it Laura, what you may potentially end up with is a conviction for criminal damage. Why do you think that the parking fines are placed in low residue bags? you will be responsible for obstucting the drivers vision and therefore you will have to clean the sticker off not the driver and if the police get involved it gets a lot worse.
kokobrown 16 1.9k Scotland
2 Jan 2006 4:13AM
Yeh I suppose letting down tyres wont move the car..ill make sure im at the side of the road when I do it..and ill feel a lot better!
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
2 Jan 2006 4:13AM
The obstructer is the one breaking the law. In practice I would have no hesitation in putting on a very sticky sticker!!

Just as Badsy does - except he sticks on 5 or 6 of them!! Grin

Actually it may be worth finding the legislation concerned and actually mentioning it on the sticker: "You are contravening Section xxx of the YYYY Act 19ZZ".
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
2 Jan 2006 4:18AM
Just a quick query?....Does the driveway have a drop kerb?....If not, any offenders would be perfectly within their rights to park there I'm afraid.

I'm sure it does, but was just interested!

kokobrown 16 1.9k Scotland
2 Jan 2006 4:20AM
Just been having a look on google..cant really find anything that would help me BUT in London if you thoughtlessly park over someones driveway you can get fined 100!


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