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GRR! Private driveways...

StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
4 Jan 2006 1:48PM
The Hamlet of Bragg Creek, 20 mins SW of Calgary has a sign that reads; "John Deere Parking only, all others will be ploughed under."
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
4 Jan 2006 2:03PM
hehe Denny

Ya don't argue with that!
KathyW 17 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
4 Jan 2006 2:12PM
Yes, there's nothing worse than not being able to get your tractor into a field at harvest time because some muppet has parked his 4x4 in the gateway while he toddles off to photograph round bales in the sunset...
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
4 Jan 2006 2:15PM
Hee hee! Nice one!! (You know who you are etc)

ellis rowell 16 2.0k United Kingdom
4 Jan 2006 2:25PM
Bad parking?
Hows this?
Many years ago I was soundman at a cinema & theatre. A customer parked his car over the emergency exit (offence relating to public buildings). I checked the EE's then went into the auditorium, got four hefty mates to shift it. They bounced it to the blank wall between two EE's then bounced it between the two buttresses, right against the wall. The owner had to pay them to get it out.
mikeyc71 17 1.2k
17 Jan 2006 3:52AM
Just post a sign outside your drive with words to this effect, or similar:

Drive way in use.
No unauthorized parking.
Offending vehicles will be clamped.

Hope this helps.
michaeldt 16 1.2k
17 Jan 2006 5:16AM
well, if you couldn't get into your drive because someone parked there before you, park in the street with your indicator on and wait til they move the car. eventually the police will wonder why the traffic is backed up and will come to investigate.

it might not make a difference to the driver, but at least the police will show up!!
Big_T 14 58 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2006 12:08AM
Get a local farmer to bring his tractor and tow it into the nearest field full of bulls and see how they like that!!.Good luck
UserRemoved 16 6.2k 1
25 Mar 2006 12:39AM
Best story I was told relating to bad parking was by a removals guy. He was travelling through London, big van, and tried to get up a narrow road with cars parked on double yellows on either side. Not enough room and no way to reverse.

Police arrive and say they'll guide him through. Now driver knew there wasn't the room but obeyed the directions from the police as they waved him forward. Accompanied by screeching and grinding!

Got to the other end and asked about the, by now severely 'altered', cars. "Shouldn't have parked there, should they?" was the only response.
sidaorb 14 3.9k 2 England
25 Mar 2006 12:47AM
An old friend of mine used to drive fire engines, if a car was illegaly parked and blocking them on a shout it got 'nudged'.

On a serious note though you have already said you have a drop kerb, if there is no possible way to get you car out (and I mean no way, even if its a tight squeeze) ring the police, they will try and contact the owner and tell them to move it (normally mentioning towing costs etc) and if that fails for whatever reason many will attend and remove the vehicle. Please bear in mind however you are rather low on the pecking order as far as catagory of crime is, so it is all subject to available resources.

Oh yeah just another point, be careful with sticky back labels on the screen, I am aware of a recent claim for criminal damage caused by the glue of the sticker!!!!!
roamingrich 14 29
25 Mar 2006 5:25AM
I remember an incident sevral years ago of a guy who parked his vehicle in a BT exchange car park on a Saturday afternoon to go shopping. The exchnage Technical Officer, in charge of the building, closed the gates locking this guy's car in the car park. When said car driver returned with his shopping, he couldn't get into the car park until a side gate was pointed out to him - we let him wait for about 30 minutes before we told him that.
The car driver was more than a tad upset at being told the police and bomb squad could have been called to investigate a suspicious vehicle parked alongside the building. Whilst we calmly talked to this guy, drinking our tea, the TO suggested that parking in a telephone exchange car park was not really that clever after all. Indignant car driver, now getting really upset replied 'I've got every right to park here as I pay my 'phone bill!' 'OK' said the TO, 'I'll leave you there to consider your actions as we are on the night shift and won't be leaving for several hours'.
Oh how we laughed!
Tandberg 17 1.2k 2 England
25 Mar 2006 7:26AM
It does pis* you off when some w****r cannot understand WHY you want them to move their car from outside your house,,,durh are you fuc**ng blind you pillack see those, they are gates to My bloody house. It didnt bother me at one time but now it does now it gets me wound up. If i were you, screw em get a clamp i know it will cost initialy but i would put a release fee of 120 on it, Making your money back. They will learn the hard way. I ask em once if that dont work i talk about nice DEEP scratches and cost of repair and how i dont give a shi* about doing bird.
usually works well i aint been inside yet


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