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Guest Editor POTW Discussion

rick Plus
10 479
19 Mar 2021 8:25AM
So you've just been Guest Editor for the week, please post a link to your winning photo. Explain your reason for selecting the winner and any runners up you considered, so other members can engage in discussion.
Buffalo_Tom Plus
16 2.3k 29 Wales
19 Mar 2021 12:46PM
I was GE the last week in January and it was the first and only time I have carried out this task in all the years I have been on the site. I left the site for a period but returned when I retired last February 2020. I decided I would like to give it a go so I spoke with Janet to ask who I needed to get in touch with and she put me in touch with Colleen.
At the outset of my GE week I set myself a task of selecting my Photo of the Week. You are given the opportunity to select what you feel are the best images both pictorially and technically of the week which I feel I did.
The Image that was chosen as my POTW was " Soaking in the Sun " by Clicknimagine. It was a beautiful poignant image of an Indian man sitting in the doorway of I presume his house. It was technically good with the doorway on the thirds but what struck me was the mans " Lost " expression which I thought was priceless set against the backdrop of the colourful sandstone building.. It was close between this one and a couple others I had awarded but I kept coming back to this one as it spoke so much.
The others considered where " Geraldine " by Kenp666 a lovely image in window light of a beautiful model. The other image was mono Portrait of a Vietnamese woman called " Honest Toil " by The Shaker. Lovely travel picture with the face of the lady speaking out. Sorry not sure how to get the links on here but you have the titles.
I do feel that the GE is allowed to select his / her best picture as it adds a bit of extra interest. But there is no point in selecting massive amounts of images as some GE's do. The images have to be studied and selected properly for both pictorial and technical merit.
Thank you. Buffalo_Tom.
ColleenA Plus
10 508 11 Australia
20 Mar 2021 4:22AM
Thanks Tom I loved your winning photo it really does speak to a person and what photography is all about at the end of the day.
I can see you spent time going through the Galleries, picking photos on merit and didn’t just dish out awards to buddies.
saltireblue Plus
13 14.0k 85 Norway
20 Mar 2021 7:01AM

Quote:The Image that was chosen as my POTW was " Soaking in the Sun " by Clicknimagine. It was a beautiful poignant image of an Indian man sitting in the doorway of I presume his house. It was technically good with the doorway on the thirds but what struck me was the mans " Lost " expression which I thought was priceless set against the backdrop of the colourful sandstone building..

The image in question can be seen here:
chase Plus
17 2.5k 676 England
20 Mar 2021 9:45AM
My last stint was w/c 15th Feb this year.
There were some cracking images that week which made my initial choices really difficult.
My choice of GEA of the week would have gone to Angi Wallace for this image.
A superb example of focus stacking, such detail, well lit and so well post processed showing almost as much detail in the clear reflections as on the main subject.
Complimentary bg colours which really made this one shout at me.

Not an easy choice I assure you, other considerations were Emma and Chris by Zen Tony...fabulously emotive and War Games by DaveU, so very well put together.
saltireblue Plus
13 14.0k 85 Norway
20 Mar 2021 1:14PM
My latest stint as GE was the second week of February.
The image I would choose as my POTW is Cage Our Humanity , by Lovebe_eyes.

Appart from being extremely well photographed and imaginative, it is also so very actual, depicting, as I see it, the physical and mental constraints so many are living under at present.

As for a runner-up, well, there are several that are so good that I do not feel like I can separate them, they are all deserving...
Joline Plus
16 38 59 United States
21 Mar 2021 8:28PM
I was GE the week of March 8th. My image of the week was
I found this to have visual rhythm and also a fine example of creative seeing during this period of lock down. Turning something this interesting from an everyday object takes a fine imagination and talent.
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
22 Mar 2021 12:51AM
Thanks to Janet for this lovely idea of Guest Editor POTW and to Rick for his efforts to make it possible...

At the end of this week, I must say thanks to everyone for your submission and making this week difficult, I have selected a few from the lot, but never thought my choice will be safe choice or not, nor I have considered the name whose images I am dealing with...whenever I faced difficulties i thought what I would have done if I were that concerned photographer...

This Week (From 15/03/2021 to 21/03/2021)

These are the images which I have nominated for consideration of Guest Editor POTW...

The Family seat is the winner of This Week's Guest Editor POTW according to my views...I considered it because this image has equal proportion of technicality and creativity with a touch of humor that we all desperately want in this Covid-19 years...

All the images are close to my heart so I shouldn't name any other, all are worthy winner...
Mike_Smith Plus
15 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2021 6:05PM
Ok just finished my week as GE yesterday Sunday the 28th March. My best picture of the week was one by Legend147 as here
A stunning image perfectly composed, with beautiful light and colours.
Runner up was one by Brian Curtis, a fine macro shot. With stunning colours and clarity.
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
5 Apr 2021 3:40AM
It was an impromptu week and also a short one, but I have nominated a few images for Guest Editor POTW, and these nominated images, you can see below...

Nominated images for Guest Editor POTW...

The Guest Editor POTW is Drawing with light...I have selected this abstract image over several other great images due to its creative, artistic and unique approach, light painting is itself a technique that can be used creatively but the result as Alan got in combination of ICM, Multiple exposure and light painting, I bet it is an unique property of this site...

Everyone has submitted great images, I have to select a few out of them, so well done to everyone, and every other nominated images are runner up on equal merit...
chataignier Plus
10 251 14 France
10 Apr 2021 8:42PM
A bit late to the party as my last week was early march, but here is the comment i posted at the end of the week :

Well, that's my GE week completed. Some days quite a few superb images, some days hard to find one I really liked.
Overall impression : far fewer photos in the gallery than the last time I did a stint.

My favourite of the week ? This one : favourite

I really enjoyed doing it - being GE for a week obliges me to look at every photo, not just those I'm following, and there are sometimes some rewarding surprises.
Regards David

My reasons for choosing it : I liked the composition and the use of what seems to be natural light - especially on the model's face. I also particularly liked her look of concentration with a touch of surprise too - as though she has just spotted a winning move opportunity.
chase Plus
17 2.5k 676 England
12 Apr 2021 10:22AM
My latest week has just finished.
Some great images to choose from but this would be my choice of image of the week.

The frame held my attention for ages. So well exposed to let me see what was going on inside the food stall.
Great minimal light and a really good 'story telling' composition.
The red line...excellent timing.

This was a difficult decision as my choices were pretty diverse and each image imho deserved of a GEA.
saltireblue Plus
13 14.0k 85 Norway
19 Apr 2021 8:32AM
That's my week finished, and I am already looking forward to the next time...

My GEPOTW choice turns out to be the first one I awarded.
A powerful and slightly confrontational study
which is impossible to ignore. The choice of a very tight crop increases the intensity, which is intensified even more by the processing.
pamelajean Plus
17 1.8k 2288 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2021 12:57AM
I thank Colleen for giving me another opportunity to be Guest Editor. It has been an interesting week for me. I did as requested and tried to award images that were outside of my comfort zone, and that's what made it so interesting, but also very rewarding.

My GEPOTW is THIS one, without a title but certainly not without impact. I enjoyed the fun aspect and think it took a model shoot to another level. It seems topical because of all the lockdown hairdo's about, including my own, and the pegging-out-to-dry is so well done.

johnke 10 232 17 England
3 May 2021 8:09AM
Thank you, my GE finished today. I found so many fantastic Images last week
and that in itself just made the decisions more difficult. I made all the comments
necessary on each Photograph. I have been GE a few times before and as
usual my stress levels hit the roof, I looked in depth at every image and am
happy to say many fell in to different genre's.

My POTW goes to Short Track Speed Skating.

My second Choice goes to On (retro) Reading. I heard from Ian and that's his wife in the hot seat who is really reading to give this even more appeal. The person reading in the BG was a set up as I guessed, glad to interpret the image correctly.

My third image goes to golden Glow.

Thank you for the opportunity I hope all of the mandatory requirements were fulfilled


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