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GX7 Tips

Paul Morgan 18 19.3k 6 England
26 Aug 2014 7:18PM
Forgot to add the link Chris, put a brew on and check out this and others from this channel.

Believe it or not I use a hacked GF2 far more for video than my EM5, its a sweet little camera, M4/3 opened a few extra windows for me.

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Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
26 Aug 2014 7:18PM
Great thing about photography is that when those geezers start waving charts everyone else lets their pictures do the talking. I always look at people's websites or portfolios before taking them too seriously with their recommends etc.
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
26 Aug 2014 7:38PM
As Paul mentioned above, even legacy lenses are stabilised on the Olympus bodies. That's fine for anyone who wants, or needs that, but many folk are not into long focal lengths, early morning, or late evening dim light photography. For me, it means the tripod gathers dust in the trunk of the car, although I do use the tripod once in awhile for a landscape, or if I have the opportunity to use it for some wildlife. I'm getting the Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro again, so I'll use the tripod occassionally with that lens. I'm going to have another crack at macro.Tongue

I'd purchase a Panasonic camera if it had IS built in the body, of course I would, but not without. It would be too limiting for my needs within the MFT system.
Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
26 Aug 2014 9:09PM
My Panny camera has got in-body image stabilisation and that's why I can't understand some of the comments. On one YouTube video, channel called gear talk or something like that, the guys are sitting at a cafe, they have a GX7 and an Olympus lens gets mentioned and they say how it's a non-IS lens unless it's on an Olympus body. Why don't they say it's a non-IS lens full stop. Or that if you put it on a body with in-body stabilization it will obviously be stabilized.
Paul Morgan 18 19.3k 6 England
26 Aug 2014 9:27PM
Panasonic also make none IS lenses Smile
ChrisV Plus
12 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2014 9:33PM
DP have their very exhaustive test criteria and they attempt to be as objective as possible, but they do state in the roundup there's very little to choose between most of the cameras on test - pretty much all of them are good. I suppose given that it's now hard to find a stinker, those tests only serve to show up a rare runt in the litter or flag this or that feature which you may hate, or perhaps be the one deciding factor that makes the camera for you.

As I said earlier in the group above their pick was the EM1 even though it itself came out one percentage point less than the D7100 - which is tacit admission that scores aren't everything.

I think I've said elsewhere I'd like a camera that has the strengths of both the GH3 and the EM1, but alas I fear even the GH4 doesn't tick all those boxes. There's still also if course the tiny bit of extra space needed for the GM1 - a camera not as good as either of the above, but insanely convenient and also tiny enough to persuade any eagle eyed steward it isn't the sort of 'serious' camera they should prevent me from using if I'm not there on a list.

I'd probably have a bit more money if there was one camera that was perfect for all my needs. Thank god there's a system that is (just about).
CathyT 13 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2014 9:51PM
After reserving a GX7 at Gatwick airport en route to Canada I would like to now be telling you how I'd got on with it photographing all the beautiful lakes, mountains and waterfalls......and unseasonal snowscapes.

That is, if they had given me a lens to go with the camera.Sad

I couldn't believe it. Got to the hotel in Canada, opened the bag they had put by for me ....Camera only......not including the 14 - 42 lens. I had ordered the 45 - 150 so at least I had that and "thank the lord" I took my big camera. I nearly didn't .

I phoned them from Canada as I was not a happy bunny. I was hoping to hire or buy the lens in Canada but to no avail. They did however meet me when I landed and give me the correct camera package.....Smile
Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
23 Sep 2014 9:57PM
So, I'm in love with mine and have been treating it to some nice prime lenses, are you starting to get into yet, always a couple of things annoying with new kit, the menus can be a nightmare and I still get lost in em, but not regretting getting one or recommending to you but hope you are starting to get some good photos out of it??
lemmy 12 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2014 11:21AM

Quote:the menus can be a nightmare

Blatant sales pitch but you might find my book on that very subject useful Blush
Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2014 11:22AM
I have already mentioned your book in another thread Tongue You already owe me a pint Tongue
lemmy 12 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2014 11:31AM

Quote:You already owe me a pint

I f our paths cross I'd be happy to do that! It was a bit blatant, wasn't it? Blush Blush Blush
Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2014 11:40AM
Couple of weeks ago when I was on Amazon looking for GX7 accessories, spare batteries I think, it came up in the recommended section at the bottom of the page!

One reviewer says "Bought this even though I don't have a GX7" he deserves two pints Grin

Panasonic could sort this out for me by allowing me to log into Club Lumix (which should store all of my personal settings for me as well as find stolen cameras) and allowing me to drag and drop to reorder menu items and even rename or hide certain ones.

I can do the same thing with a Logitech device and have it the way that suits me.

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