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Has anyones memory card ever actually failed?

MattB 14 251
5 Dec 2005 7:07AM
Er, like the title says, i am just curious to find out if anyones memory card has ever failed? I mean not been stepped on or drowned but actually just given up the ghost.

I only ask because there seems to be a huge difference in price between different manufacturers cards and I wonder if it makes any difference (other than write times).........

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digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 7:10AM
Not so much a case of failing, but there are sometimes speed and compatibility issues with various manufacturers. I have always used Sandisk and have had zero problems.

sabretalon 16 1.9k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 7:17AM
Not had any fail on me yet, although it could be argued (by me) that they do not produce as good as an images as I saw! LOL

I have accidently put one through the washing machine and after leaving it to dry for a while, found the images were readable from it and it still works ok. I don't think it would work the same from a boil wash though? ;P
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 7:21AM
No but I know someone who had an uncle who's mate had one failSmile. It's a bit like failing hard drives. They don't happen often but always when you don't expect it and really don't want it to happen.

Don't buy cheap is what I would advise and always make sure you have a spare and that you download as soon as you can rather than risk keeping 300 images or so on a 4gb card.

I always use Kingston 512mb cards but am thinking now of faster 1gb or 2gb (if the price is right)as I find the 512mb limiting when shooting Raw + jpeg.
MattB 14 251
5 Dec 2005 7:26AM
Gives new meaning to cleaning up a card Glenn! Do you still use that card?

I can definatley see the benefit of using 512 or 1gb cards though..... just in case.

Anyone got any bargain tips for best value memory?
sabretalon 16 1.9k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 7:30AM
I still use the card but more for the hobby side and not when I require things that are crucial. Even though it has not failed on me you can never be too sure!

I guess we all do that sort of thing! Buy kit and then backup kit and then backups for your backup etc... And who said we are paranoid? Come who said it??? ;p
JohnHawthorne 14 1.7k 5 Scotland
5 Dec 2005 7:33AM
Yes, I've had one fail for no apparent reason. A 256Mb CF card decided it wasn't going to play anymore and consequently could not be read or formatted. Tested it without success on two different PCs, two different cameras and two different card readers.

It was made by Viking and died within 6 months.
MattB 14 251
5 Dec 2005 7:42AM
oh, errm, I have a viking card getting regular use and coming up for 5 months old......
JohnHawthorne 14 1.7k 5 Scotland
5 Dec 2005 7:53AM
You needn't worry Mat. My card was probably fed up storing the crap images I subjected it to! Poor thing. How would you feel if you had to remember lots of useless information and even worse than that, it was your job to transfer that useless information on? R.I.P.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 7:59AM
An IBM 1GB microdrive just failed last week without warning. Thankfully there were no precious images on there - phew!
redsnappa 17 2.0k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 8:11AM
Because Microdrives use the same technology as conventional computer hard drives they are prone to damage by shock and vibration especially when being written to or read from.
I can't imagine a Microdrive surviving being put through a washing machine.

I would never use them for that reason.
Chris_H 16 1.5k 1
5 Dec 2005 8:35AM
I have had one 256MB card fail before, luckily there were only about ten images on it.
I also had one Hard Drive fail, one modem and a DVD player after a thunderstorm in July. The computer also died along with the hard drive and the plugs were all surge protected I was later told this did not matter. I did not have copies of the pictures either something I have since learnt to do.

I managed to replace the computer straight away, it was not so easy waiting for AOL to send me a new modem though, that took over two months and about 20 hours of talking to Indian call centres. After I finally got it all sorted I wrote a complaint and never heard a thing, at least its working now.
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 9:06AM

Remind me not to invite you over for drinks. Sounds like you are a jinx!!
chinny 15 492 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2005 9:10AM
Yes I have a CF Card that Fails!! everytime I go out of a weekend I come back with cr*p shots ?!? I blame the card.....

Cristian 15 950 1
5 Dec 2005 10:17AM
My father bought a 128mb SD Sandisk card a few years ago that packed up. I couldn't read/write to it via the camera or via a PC. By chance, I took it into Jessops to ask if they had experienced any problems with SanDisk cards. They kindly ran it through their software and re-formatted it for me (at no charge believe it or not!) My Dad lost the few pictures that he had on it, but it's been fine since.


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