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Has the digital era resulted in photographic complacency?

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 12:01PM
Come on Patters step over to the Dark digital side Smile
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
20 Mar 2005 12:07PM
Maybe that photography tutor wasn't expecting digi users to learn but I can say for a fact that I'm learning with film AND with digital. In fact (worm time) I'd say that starting out with a film SLR has taught me huge amounts about settings, exposures, ISO etc etc, which I can then translate to when I'm using the DSLR because I understand what I'm doing and why this setting will make for a better photograph than that one.

Whether that makes me a better photographer than someone who picks up a digi for the first time in their lives and learns by trial and error? Who can say, but a photographer who can decide why a shot looks good and why another doesn't is half way to becoming a good judge of what makes a good photograph in general, and perhaps they will come at it from the other end, rather than the film end where I came in.

I also disagree that everyone will just delete and keep what looks like good pics. It's what the EXIF is for, as Joe says. Some will, but not those who want to understand photography and improve, in which case they'll possibly be at a photography seminar learning the ins and outs of exposures, white balance etc etc. The ones who don't will just be having fun taking pics, and why not. Each to their own.

patters 17 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 12:07PM
i'm there strawman. love it. finished a year old roll in mt eos50e and jessoped it. results dissapointing, but had some great pics from it. I think its bust. is underexposing, exact same pic from my new digi an film showed 90 and 250! for same pic. I know this is a thread hijak, but can that be fixed?
croberts 17 2.2k 8 Ireland
20 Mar 2005 12:19PM
i've found that after shooting digi for a while, it kills my confidence with film. HELP no histogram!

I did some house interior shots for someone the other day, and used film, as i needed the extra wide angle. Talk about a panic. was mixing studio flash heads with the daylight coming into the rooms, so i was running round like a madman with the meter in every corner, making sure it would be right. Ended up shooting it on digi first, to make sure!!

Is that cheating, or a cheap way of "bracketing"
patters 17 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 12:26PM
u08mcb 17 5.8k
20 Mar 2005 12:33PM
I'm going to possibly put noses out of joint, but taking a picture is not really difficult enough for the medium you use to have much impact.

I don't bracket on film because then I have to take 3 pics of the same thing or whatever which when you stick the slides on the lightbox is boring.

You can tell before pressing the shutter that taking a pic on a dark day at 1/500 sec f8 is going to look rubbish compared to 1/25 f4 on a tripod.
croberts 17 2.2k 8 Ireland
20 Mar 2005 12:35PM
i know thats the point, but these bl**dy 'digi vs. film' people seem to think that if you dont use at least half a roll of every film by bracketing, then your pics are worthless, and you must have got the shot by accident! ;o)
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
20 Mar 2005 12:37PM
Go on Chris - say what you mean!

And what where you doing using flash to light an interior anyway? Wink Might confuse the punter into thinking its like that all the time Wink
croberts 17 2.2k 8 Ireland
20 Mar 2005 12:41PM
LOL! Joe. ;oD
patters 17 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 12:46PM
beer and chocolate is lovely. love you all. gotta go.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 2:22PM
So apart from prejudice, do we have a view yet?
croberts 17 2.2k 8 Ireland
20 Mar 2005 2:56PM
my view is that digital has the ability to teach people an 'eck of a lot about photography. The costs involved in buying and processing film, prevent a lot of people from experimenting the way they should. We all know that taking pictures (lots of pictures) is the only way to learn.

If digital gives people a license to shoot away, regardless, then happy days.
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
20 Mar 2005 3:03PM
I run photographic training sessions locally.

If it wasnt for digital I couldnt do it. Instant feedback and the students can correct and learn as they go along under the same conditions rather than wait and come back when things might be completely different.

I dont think digital is cheaper by the time you factor the difference in body costs/mem cards/storage v film/dev/storage for the average punter but it certainly is a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Most of the people I see can only get out to do photography one day a week (or less) specially in this country so anything that gets as much into one day has to be welcomed.
croberts 17 2.2k 8 Ireland
20 Mar 2005 3:27PM
Maybe when you consider the price of low end dslr's now, the financial step up to digital isnt that huge. Wouldnt take too many rolls of film to make up the difference?

Joe, you're right about the teaching element. Theres really no better way, these days.
ljesmith 17 1.1k United Kingdom
20 Mar 2005 3:53PM
I still use film for a couple of good reasons, firstly most of my work is black and white, which in low light work still out performs digital imaging, and, having worked with Ilford film for many years I instictively know how it will react. Another reason is that a lot of my work is in pubs and clubs photographing strangers, when doing this it's best not to have several hundred (or thousand) pounds worth of photographic equipment on you, so there is a lot to be said for shooting on film in certain areas of photography. I think the limitations of using film, as in not being able to take an unlimited amount of shots, and have the facility to delete bad ones, makes me think a lot more about shots before taking them and whilst taking them. It means i end up with less useless shots. The most important lesson I've learned in photography is knowing when NOT to take a photograph.

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