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Have just noticed Lucien (ljh) has deleted his portfolio. Wassup???


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elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
27 Jun 2005 4:39AM
Bloody hell, back to a click thread. And back to slagging off!

I like radio 2 but always turn off when jeremy Vine show comes on, some people should just not be allowed to express their inane, bigoted or just plain ignorant (in the sense they have no idea what they are talking about) views.

However, it's a free country and we all have the right to express our views on anything and to comment, good or bad, on others photos when they are exhibited for public display AS LONG AS:

They do not amount to a childish and hurtful attack on others
They are not racist, sexist or in any other way discriminate
The person expressing the view has some ideas about the subject
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
27 Jun 2005 4:40AM
I think the way this thread has gone is hardly likely to encourage Lucien to return. Just the opposite, in fact!

It is a sample of the current problems on the site.

Live and let live!

u08mcb 16 5.8k
27 Jun 2005 4:40AM

Quote:The person expressing the view has some ideas about the subject

you reckon?
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2005 4:50AM

Quote:Live and let live!

Amen, lets think nice thoughts, and let this thread die now.

Whilst it's human nature for people to have niggles with each other the forums must not become a war zone. The personal nature of some of what's in this thread not only annoys the existing membership, it must put new members off also.
nigelf22 16 583
27 Jun 2005 5:04AM
Naively I had always hoped this forum would not be quite such a microcosm of life as found outside the viewfinder. I try to keep reminding myself that I took up photography to try and escape from mundane reality. Still, one person's utopia is another person's nightmare. Call me paranoid but could it be possible that there's a mischievous plot afoot to deliberately undermine this Forum - I do hope not.
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2005 5:10AM
Me too Nigel. Mind you if there was perhaps we could then discover it, kick out the culprits and return to the halcyon days of ePz's youth. :0)

Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2005 5:19AM
Alan Benson's (alben) portfolio is looking a little empty too...
covey 16 1.7k Ireland
27 Jun 2005 5:25AM
As has Barrie Harewood's !!
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
27 Jun 2005 5:26AM
Wouldn't it be better just to ignore people when they make inane comments as all there trying to do is wind people up. As others have said use the report abuse button that way they dont get given the attention they crave.

I personnely hope that Lucien does come back as I have taken great enjoyment out of looking at his work.
gajj 16 32
27 Jun 2005 5:46AM
Goodbye Lucien, will miss your wonderful photographic creations and upbeat outlook! Come back soon.
colin 16 697 5 Scotland
27 Jun 2005 5:47AM
Being the one that started this thread, I think it may now be time to draw a line under this.
Having read the thread in full, it is clear there are a number of people who are aware of Lucien's reason's for leaving. I have e-mailed him out of concern and let him know about the support that exists for him on EPZ. It's now down to Lucien to decide whether or not to return, although as Just Jas said, it has degenerated into the usual slanging match.
Perhaps we should all take time to think about what we comment on in the gallery or in the forum, and to re-iterate what has been said so many times, make sure its constructive.
We all have a collective reposnsibility to keep a bit of decorum on the site. It is a source of pleasure for all of us, and if friendships grow as a result of the site, then surely that's a good thing. I understand that we don't all like the same things, but as the French say, 'Vive La Difference'.