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Have you a 602? Have you bought an external flash for it?

a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
25 Dec 2003 11:55PM
Hello there!

Have you a 602? Have you bought an external flash for it?

I have a 602 and am fed up with the results I am getting with the built in flash. I have a weeeeee bit of Christmas money and want to spend it as soon as possible - can you advise me which flash to go for (and where you got it from)?

Merry Christmas!!!


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guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2003 12:28AM
Merry Xmas Susan ,

Well I have been researching this very topic , and as yet to buy, but some information I have come across during my search might aid you.

There seems to be two camps on what flash to use, it seems most people I see recommend the good old faithful Vivitar 283 or Sunpak 383 approx. 30 mint on e-bay
these are older models that can be got on e-bay but do bear in mind that there is some confusion on trigger voltage levels that the camera will accept without damage, this can be got over but using a Wein -Safe Sync approx. 40 to lower the levels to under 6v and might be a worthy investment for peace of mind ,although the manual states a 400v limit

Please also keep in mind that you will not be able to use auto modes with the camera , and the aperture and ISO must be set manually to match, these flash guns

more info to be gleaned here

Hope it helps
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
26 Dec 2003 1:44AM
Will - I have tried 3 times to write a sensible reply here but each time it has been corrupted Just Jas
Will 18 1.8k United Kingdom
26 Dec 2003 12:02PM
Corrupted Jas? What happened?
Franticsmurf 17 837 Wales
26 Dec 2003 12:33PM
I've just bought a Vivitar DF200 flashgun - advertised as a slave unit for all digital cameras. It doesn't have to be attached to the camera so there's no danger of incompatibility.

It fires on detecting your camera's built in flash. The benefit is you can use it off axis (it comes with a bracket) without resorting to cables and wires.

I've used it a few times on my faithful test subject (the cat) and it works fine. I got mine from 7Dayshop and it cost 52.95.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
26 Dec 2003 2:00PM
Will - When I uploaded the reply half of it had disappeared. I tried editing and replacing the missing part but on uploading a second time the same thing happened again. I tried a third time same again.
I was unable to delete the message, eventually replaced it with XXXXXs.
I managed to send the above message to you but it appeared with many XXXXs on the forum page. The XXXs have now disappeared.

Just Jas
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
26 Dec 2003 2:01PM
Will - I am investigating this end.
Just Jas
agoreira 16 6.0k Wales
26 Dec 2003 2:16PM
I've sold mine, but I used the Sunpak 144D flash on mine. Worked fine, I think it was only about 30 odd. Has bounce, but not swivel. Some info here. If you go into DPReview, and do a search in the Fuji group, there's lots of stuff there. It's a dedicted group, lots of interesting info.
a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
26 Dec 2003 4:22PM
Thanks a lot everyone! I will check this all out!

gibbsy 16 403 Wales
26 Dec 2003 5:44PM
When I had a 602 I bought a Metz 44MZ-2. It's quite a powerful gun and it balanced very well on the 602's hot shoe. Used in auto mode it gave excellent results. The beauty of the Metz is that when I upgraded to the S2 Pro a change of foot allowed me to use the flash on both cameras until I sold the 602.
a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
26 Dec 2003 10:52PM

Ta! But I have looked and looked and can't see a 44MZ-2 - are they still available? Can you give me a link to one?

guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
27 Dec 2003 7:31PM
susan another flash I have come across might fit the bill is the Vivitar DF 200 designed for digital cameras will post again if I find a link to retailers

product info here

found it at 7 day shop


a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
28 Dec 2003 12:58AM

Yes I saw that DF 200 when I had a look on 7 day shop - I know it makes sense with the "flashes when my own camera flashes" theory.

I . . . .sort of . . . . had almost . . . decided on the Vivitar 285 which is in the same info sheet you sent me (thanks!).

Whatcha think?

guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2003 2:05AM
Yes Susan I have also made my mind up on the Vivitar 285 if I can find it at a resonable price (still looking) jessops price
you have the option of always falling back onto the 283 model about 80 as they are both still in production , it was noted on another forum that the 285 should have the suffiix HV and this stands for low trigger voltage I have yet to confirm this and will be sending Vivitar an e-mail so they can confirm this, so now the search goes on for price as Jessops are always higher than most photo web dealers.

if you find some that are cheaper please post

the hunt goes on

a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
28 Dec 2003 5:52PM

I have found the 283 in 7dayshop for 50


and the 285 for 66


I hope this ain't a misprint as it is a LOT cheaper than Jessops - I was about to order this evening!


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