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Have you a 602? Have you bought an external flash for it?

a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
28 Dec 2003 6:41PM
OK Everyone -

Have decided on the 285 (see link above).

Have a wee bit of Christmas money left over and want to buy a few bits and pieces so I can show the in laws what they bought me!

What else do I need with a flash? Do I need ant weird and wonderful hot shoe attachments etc?

I'd like an umbrella thingy too. . . .

Any suggestions?


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guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2003 11:29PM
Way to go SUSAN
thanks for the info, save money I like it !!! .
I will wait until have confirmation from Vivitar regarding my voltage questions then be placing my order too.

Well to your question regarding Unbrellas , like this you mean , note the one with a flash mounting bracket, you will need a hot shoe attachment and cable thens bobs your uncle.
Some some good studio tips here on studio lighting for starters.

will post when I hear back from Vivitar


ps.... as you have ordered a quite powerful flash I would suggest the white umbrella for a softer light refection, just an idea to mull over
Just Jas 18 26.3k 1 England
29 Dec 2003 2:02AM
Roland - I have an email from Vivitar stating the trigger voltage of the current 283 is approx 9-12 volts and can be used with digital cameras.

The trigger voltage on the older 283 gun I bought 25 years ago is 250v. And is still going strong. I don't know yet whether the older 283 produces any transient voltages that exceed 400v.

S602Z hot shoe max applied voltage is 400v as stated earlier in this thread, as determined from fuji website.

Just Jas
guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2003 7:25PM
Cheers for that Jas ,

Thought as much and confirms my suspicions about older units with high voltages being flogged on e-bay, still waiting for a reply, both these models have been around donkeys years, and have a reputation as being reilable and good general unit by all accounts , so new its going to be .... now where was that cheque card!! cheers again
a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
29 Dec 2003 11:16PM
Hey everyone,

I am most impressed with the advice and enthusiasm here. I am even more impressed that I now know how to do links!

Thanks for the link to the studio lighting - I will be passing that on to my GCSE class mates! There is more there than we have been taught in the past 8 weeks in class!

Will let you know when the flash arrives (complete with white AND silver umbrellas cos I couldn't make my mind up!!!).

Happy New Year in the meantime. (It was my wedding anniversary yesterday and hubby arrived home with a VERY expensive bunch of flowers - what were my first thoughts? "D'oh! I could have used that money on my "studio" equipment"!!!

guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2003 1:13PM
great news about the ....anniversary or flash...i'll let you decided {lol} both umbrellas now thats being greedy , look forward to some shots very soon
regards for 2004
dk 16 59 England
1 Jan 2004 2:46PM
Hello all. I have the same problem as Susan, but I'm not sure she made the right choice. I've started a new thread "Which external flash for Fuji S602z?" and if anyone can help, I would be grateful. Thank you - Philip
tezza 16 569 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2004 5:44PM
Can I put my penny worth in and say, yes to both.

I've had a 602z and a vivitar 283 for just over a year now and they are both excellent.

The flash is more than powerful enough for most peoples needs; is easy to use and has loads of add on's available as it's a good old reliable flash unit loved by all that use it!

guzman 16 14 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2004 7:27PM
Ok all I have just had an e-mail back from Vitiar regarding voltages for both the 283 and 285 models pasted below is the mail recieved by me.

""The voltages for the the 283 & 285 are as follows.283 Approx 9-12v.
285-150v+.Please check with Fuji to see what the acceptance voltage is for the

Note the high voltage listed for the 285, although this falls within the 400v that Fuji state.

hope it adds to the information pool

tezza 16 569 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2004 12:13PM
The high voltage of the second unit, the 285, surprises me since it's a newer model than the 283 but as stated is below the acceptable voltage quoted by fuji.

Thing is if you now use it with other cameras - will it be ok with them?!!

There is quite often a lot of questions about this issue in photo mags and it is now recommended that if you are worried at all, you should buy a voltage limiter for about 40 which will drop any flash voltage down to about 6v.
Just Jas 18 26.3k 1 England
3 Jan 2004 3:58PM
Tezza - the 285 has been around for over 25 years. A colleague of mine bought one shortly after I bought my 283 which I have had over 25 years. The trigger voltage on my 283 is 250v. The 283 has obviously been updated for digital and auto cameras. When the auto cameras (flash ready & exposure data displayed in viewfinder) were first brought out there was a lot of discussion on this topic, with a lot of manufacturer's refusing to honour warrantees unless their own dedicated flash guns were used.

At about this time I sent a letter to Photax asking if the 283 could be used with my Contax 139Q and their reply (after some time) was "Yes"

These two flashguns have stood the test of time.

Just Jas
Just Jas 18 26.3k 1 England
21 Mar 2004 3:17AM
Update - I have just taken delivery of a Vivitar 283 flash gun from 7DayShop, price 50 approx.

The gun is made in China, which verifies it as being of the latest upgrade. The trigger voltage I measured as 9.3 vdc using a high impedance dualfet multimeter.

The old 283 I have, which gave a reading of 250vdc, was made in Japan.

Original manufacture: Japan 250vdc
Later models were made in Korea
Current manufacture: China 9-12vdc

The country of manufacture is shown on the base of the gun adjacent to the hot shoe mounting foot.

I am happier using the new model with my S602Z and Pentax MZ-M cameras.

The older gun I shall reserve for my older cameras.

sunspot 15 1
11 Apr 2004 2:22PM
Hi, i've been looking at the Vivitar DF 200 too, how well does it work with your 602? Are you happy with it?
ron tate 15 272
12 Apr 2004 6:33AM
How to tell the difference between old and new 283`s. The old model has a transformer socket on for use on the mains.

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