Have you switched to an Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Subscription?

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joshwa Plus
13 927 1 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 11:27AM
Following on from the poll about what photo editing software you use - Chris_L suggested a poll about Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud and the subscription service.

Feel free to take the poll here:

And feel free to discuss here Smile

JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 12:34PM
The cost of CC is fine for a regular commercial user, but until Adobe also offer an amatuer low usage subscription package at a similiar hourly rate to the £12 a month for professionals then i'm avoiding it for a long as possible and watching out for alternatives.

Most other services are PAYG or unit metered use. Why cant Adobe offer a 10p per hour package to level the playing field - I'd happily then buy a £10 (100 hour) pack then whenever i needed, and switch to the main CC when my usage goes up and i get more value out of the software.
seahawk Avatar
seahawk 16 1.4k United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 12:58PM
I saw little value in going down the subscription route so am still using LR 6.14. Having read the forums since CC was introduced and seen the reports of various bugs and the declining usability of LR for many people I am even less inclined to do so now. IMHO the subscription model has actually helped cause the declining quality of LR because the money rolls in anyway whether bugs are fixed or not. In the good old days one read the reviews of new versions before deciding whether to buy or not so Adobe had an incentive to make genuine improvements or lose custom. Now they have subscribed to Gordon Gekko's maxim ('Greed is good!'). Reading the forums it seems the current version of LR Classic is a real turkey and I'll be leaving well alone. I'm currently looking for alternatives for the day when LR 6.14 no longer works. So far I like Luminar; Capture One too expensive and On1 too slow. LR was a brilliant concept and a really good application but Adobe seem to have ruined it. I wonder if Apple are regretting killing Aperture; they might have cleaned up!
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
20 Aug 2019 3:09PM

Quote:I wonder if Apple are regretting killing Aperture; they might have cleaned up!

That is an interesting observation.
If it could be used on a watch then it may have survived !
Tianshi_angie Avatar
20 Aug 2019 4:58PM
I pay £9.98 a month not £12.00 so I think Stuart that your wishes have already been satisfied. I think it is a bargain - not just PS and Lightroom kept up-to-date with all the latest advances, but also Camera Raw and Bridge plus 11 other programs which include an opportunity to create your own website, using Lightroom to display your images on the web etc. etc. Whilst I am of an age where further promotion of my images is not a priority, for anyone wishing to further a career in Photography I would see these as advantageous to that end and also offers many chances for inspiration and developing creativity.
DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 22 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 5:06PM
I went from CS6 to CC - but only for a year (it was discounted to around £8 if memory serves).

However as a keen amateur it seemed a never ending drain as I only take around 10-15 shots per week.

So cancelled and went to purchased applications. After 2 to 3 years I well ahead.
Railcam Avatar
Railcam 16 967 2 Scotland
20 Aug 2019 5:13PM
I used to use LR6 but when Google Maps altered their access arrangements and Adobe were no longer supporting updates to LR6 I had to go the subscription route. The Map Module is a key part of my database so I am happy that it all works again. The Dehaze tool works wonders in bringing out detail in the steam from steam locos. I am now seriously learning Photoshop CC.

I cannot relate to seahawk's problems with LR Classic. It certainly is not a turkey on my machine - it just works. Quite happy to pay my monthly £9.98 for these programmes.
JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 5:39PM
When i buy my new camera ( not for a while ) then i'll either need the latest CC offering or a bridging software step to read raw files. But looking back on it i got CS6 in 2012 and LR in 2013, together they were a little over £400, on some deal probably. So that's about £5 a month amortised up to this year or next. If id done CC, then yes i'd have had a few more features, but would have spent twice as much so far. So for me this worked out. However if i had to take that decision agian today then it would really have to be CC, or some competitor application.
Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 5:51PM
Photography is my main hobby and I have spent thousands on equipment. The cost of Adobe CC package at £9,98 per month is relatively good value. Prior to cc, I used update my LR and PS every other year so it costs me about £100 p.a. I am now paying about the same but I get all of the updates. However, I would expect to use Adobe CC several times a week and sometimes several hours a day. I understand that those who use editing software only occasionally would find Adobe CC over the top.

EddieAC Avatar
EddieAC 18 3.8k 2 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 7:42PM
I was using photoshop and lightroom with subscription but as we are on a single wage and money can be a bit tight I cancelled and use my copy of Photoshop CS5 and lightroom 5.
sausage Avatar
sausage 19 704 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2019 10:06PM
No problems for me using LR and PS on the subscription. Works well. No complaints here.
andybebbs Avatar
andybebbs 15 647 1 England
21 Aug 2019 7:23AM
no and not going to use lightroom installed on pc and just got affinity photo which i am slowly getting used to and hopefully will replace lightroom when i get my head around it.
Arvorphoto Avatar
Arvorphoto Plus
13 149 6 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2019 7:26AM

Quote:No problems for me using LR and PS on the subscription. Works well. No complaints here.

Same for me
brian1208 Avatar
brian1208 20 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2019 10:17AM
I have been using the subscription since it became available (also around £9.00 not £12 / month) and have no regrets

I also have evaluated most of the other main alternatives over time and have several still on my machine incl

ON-1 photo raw
DXO photolab2

Each has its occasional use but none can match the DAM utility and ease of use of the LR / PS package for my use (750k+ images on many hard drives, all catalogued and available on demand)

If a better alternative appears or Adobe suddenly get greedy with subscription charges I may have to find an equivalent but so far, it suits my needs fine
jaomul Avatar
jaomul 9 1
21 Aug 2019 10:31AM
Currently on the Adobe plan. At a stage didn't do much photography for a few months, cancelled it, used few other bits of software, primarily ACDsee 2018, was mostly happy but not completely, so went back to Adobe, however ACDsee 2019 addressed any little issue ihad with the 2018 version, haven't used Adobe now for 3 months, will end subscription when it comes for renewal


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