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Have you used 40D Live View?

User_Removed 13 59 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2009 5:17PM
The Live View function on the 40D appears to be elaborate, there is mode 1, mode 2, etc and meter timer. Has anyone managed to put these separate functions to good use?

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strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2009 5:19PM
Yes Smile

strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2009 5:28PM
To try and be nice and not just a smart Ass.

I have only used mode 1 myself. In that mode the mirror does not come back again, so it is quieter/less vibration.

Mode 2 looks to be stealth mode. i.e It takes a photo, but while you hold the shutter button it does nothing else no noise etc. I guess its for grab shots.

Meter timing is how long it holds exposure for before its decides it you did not want to retain it. And one other thing I find hand is enabling the LCD exposure simulation CNF IV-7 it means the display provides an auto gain so you can see an image, regardless of the shutter speed or aperture you set.

But for live view it is best to describe how I use it. I use the little box to check focus and exposure, it meters from within the box. So for a critical focus scene, I will stop down the lens and go to the important bits and check the focus manually. Then if I have a bit I want to expose for I move to box to that and take the picture.

I also have a Live view custom HDR setting. Where from live view it will pause 10 seconds, then tale 3 pictures at metered and +/- 2 stops. All with the mirror locked up.
User_Removed 13 59 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 8:47AM
It is also a shame that when using live view you lose regular auto focus and also, significantly, image stabilisation. When you try and focus manually, the enlarged image can wobbly all over the place. No surprise that Canon states you should use the camera on a tripod using live view. Sort of spoils it appeal.
I appreciate there is a Custom Function which allows momentary AF but it has to drop the mirror down and bring it up It seems it is not quite ready yet in the 40D.

Also the silent is not really silent; it's just a little quieter than normal. I often wonder, when the technology is not quite perfected, they still release it. It was rather like on an older EOS film camera, the eye control focus only worked holding the camera in landscape mode. There again, the Nikon D3 flagship, has a electronic spirit level that only works in the horizontal plane. It will not tell you if you are aiming up or down which is essential if you want to stop the building from leaning.
Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
19 Jan 2009 9:08AM

Quote:when using live view you lose regular auto focus

Not completely true though.
You can still AF using AF-ON. you just need to choose your AF point first before you do that.
I always use this technique for still life and landscape when I use liveview.
Phil_Morgan 11 182 1 Wales
19 Jan 2009 10:41AM

Quote:Not completely true though.
You can still AF using AF-ON. you just need to choose your AF point first before you do that.
I always use this technique for still life and landscape when I use liveview.

Smart arse! Why didn't I think of that? Obvious really!
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 11:33AM
David, are you certain you loose IS, I would swear my 100-400 still runs IS if you half press the shutter or hit the AF-on button. But to be honest Liveview is best suited to tripod work, not holding it at arms length like a compact. Its when it is on the tripod you get to take advantages of what it offers.

The only thing the 40D liveview is missing is contrast AF, and I guess they ran out of processing power. The 50D adds this., The AF-ON button was added to this series of cameras as they introduced liveview so I guess they thought about it when designing the camera, and it works OK. Just remember to keep holding the AF button till it gives the lock confirmation signal.

But to be honest I tend to manual focus if I am using liveview.

As for the silent mode, well it stops flaping the mirror about, its about as quiet as you can make that camera. I guess we could go back to low reliability cloth shutters for quieter. Its very comparable to what other cameras in its range do, and its liveview is better thought out for tripod use than the majority of cameras out there.

The Sony liveview is better for hand held use but no as good for tripod use. But apart from contortion shots, I tend to find I only use liveview on a tripod. Otherwise the viewfinder thing is very handy.

And Canon did state it as a tripod feature. Connect it to a lap top and its very handy as well, with real time liveview on the laptop.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 11:42AM
In my view to improve 40D liveview you would add a tilting LCD screen and contrast AF so you can use it for quiet street shooting and photographing at odd angles. Might help the back on a tripod too.

But avoid the Sony 2nd sensor solution as you loose the Depth of field and WYSIWYG features.
User_Removed 13 59 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 2:56PM
I agree it needs a tilting screen, 1/2 press AF, IS. In other words behave as it would prior to Live View function.

On my 40D using the shutter to take the picture as normal, with a 17-85 IS the IS 'motor' is silent indicating is not running - this perhaps reinforces the hand book's instruction to tripod the camera.

Maybe they could have a timer on the IS like the exposure meter. I have also thought on previous occasions pre-running the IS would be good option to have, perhaps as an option in the CF menu. For some shots the IS has not managed to get up to speed and you already need to fire the shutter.

The hand book info on the Live View is a little vague as if they do not want to let you know some of its short comings. I would rather them state its restriction in clearer terms.

The feature of holding the shutter down and releasing it when out of ear shot has been featured before on a Canon film camera, it is quite impractical in use if you need to take more than one shot. In many cases the disturbance you may create by moving out the way may be greater than the mirror sound.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 4:04PM
I will check tonight, but I am certain that my 100-400 turns on the IS when I half press the shutter, just like it does in non-live view photography. It then runs for a short time period before turning off.

And if you take a photo I think it turns IS off at the end of photo taking in single shot mode, regardless of Liveview or not.

you can see the IS "float" in the viewfinder.

As I said, the silent mode I have never found a use for. Just live view it

But silly question time, when do you want to use liveview when it is not on a tripod?
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 6:34PM
David, is it that your 17-85 has the later version of IS so if it thinks it is tripod mounted it turns off. If yes then its the lens not the camera making the decision.

My 100-400 powers up its IS in liveview, though to be honest below @ 1/60 its better turned off.
steve_p 12 1.2k England
19 Jan 2009 7:40PM

Quote:But silly question time, when do you want to use liveview when it is not on a tripod?

Its practically impossible to hold a DSLR steady while looking at the
rear screen!
Paul Morgan 17 19.1k 6 England
19 Jan 2009 8:42PM

Quote:But silly question time, when do you want to use liveview when it is not on a tripod

Ever used a medium format camera and waist level finder ? Wink
brian1208 Plus
15 11.4k 12 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 9:48PM
Have you tried using Liveview via a laptop, shooting tethered - it makes that 10X magnification a superb tool. Even better when you connect it to a digital projector and can look at a 6ft square image on the screen.

We tried it at my club during a studio shoot - it was a bit cruel on the lad who was our "guinea pig".

Its excellent for still life or product type shots but I also haven't got it to work well hand held (yet)
User_Removed 13 59 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 10:10PM
Live View is potentially great for candid’s, also shooting above your head or down low. Many compacts can be used in this way; several models do not even have a viewfinder. Many viewfinders have improved extreme angle viewing so even without tilting you can see the image at an oblique angle.

Other manufacturer’s Live View such as on the Nikon's (did I say that?) can let you easily hold the camera away from the eye, focus and shoot in one stoke of the shutter button. It may clonk a little it's not ultra sophisticated but it does the job well.

I have played with the 40D this evening and discovered a way of keeping the IS on active in Live View. If you first focus using the AF ON button, you'll hear the IS start up, while keeping it pressed, 1/2 stoke the shutter button, then release the AF ON to bring the Live View Image back. As the shutter is at ˝ way, the focus is retained, the IS remains running. Press the shutter all the way to take the picture.

Alternatively, I have discovered, you can focus using the [b]AF ON[/b ]button, then let go to retore the image and press the shutter 1/2 way before the IS has time to stop. This keeps it running and allows time for composition etc.

Note Custom Function Group 111 (autofocus/drive) item 6, needs to be enabled for this to happen. It allows the AF ON to activate focus.

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