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Help me decide! 7D, 1Dii or iii, 5D

jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 2:12PM

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice.Grin I currently have an EOS 30D and a couple of decent lenses. I'm looking to upgrade the body and was all set on an EOS 7D after reading some great reviews. Then I spoke with someone who said he'd used a 7D and wasn't that impressed with it and said that it would be better to purchase a full frame body. So I started looking and I've opened up a can of worms! There is so much info on megapixels, frame size etc that it's hard to make a decision.

Some factors for consideration:

Me: Semi-pro photographer, just been on a studio lighting course and would like to do more. Am going to be assisting on a wedding soon, so may do this more often too. I use my camera during my work as a Graphic Designer
High quality images are the most important factor, clarity etc
HD video is a bonus but not essential
I would be prepared to buy secondhand
Should be better than what I have (ie well worth the expense)

I have been looking at 7D, 1Diin or iii and 5D, I think the 1Diii and the 5D might be out of my price range.

Anyway, if you have the time and wouldn't mind giving your opinion then I'd really appreciate it.

This is the sort of fantastic clarity that I appreciate (but I expect this is medium format!?) People/1
Or this

Thanks, Jo
MrDennis Plus
12 287 Wales
12 May 2011 2:30PM
What kinds of pics are you going to take?? (others will ask you this as well)
Portraits/Landscapes 5D.
Birds/Nature/Speedway/anything moving 7D
Not familiar with the other two, but I'll stick my kneck out and say they more or less be same as 5D.
There again, they will all do the same All Round photography, just that one will do better than the other on certain things.

I'm doing a wedding with my 7D. while others would say no. In fact I do nearly every kind of photography with my 7D. Very Happy with it.
Thinking of a 50D as a backup.
Hard decision.
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 2:35PM
I have two sigmas, 24-70mm 2.8 and 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM.
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 2:41PM
Thanks MrDennis.

I do a mixture. Not too much high speed stuff, but portraits - I'm doing a wedding in June and I think this might lead to more. At work I do restaurants and food with studio lighting. I've just been on a studio lighting course and will hiring the studio to do portraits. On holidays I do landscapes... I guess it's for general use...

I'm glad you like the 7D. I hear the AF can be tricky to master...

I guess the main factor is the sensor... are the sensors on those other cameras going to produce better quality pictures than mine.

The 30D is good and I know a lot of photographers keep these as backup, I'm sure the 50D will be great!
fraser 17 631 14 Scotland
12 May 2011 2:51PM
I believe Sigma 10-20 won't work with a full frame camera (either the image won't fill the sensor or the back of the lens will interfere with the mirror); that might be a factor in your decision.
whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 2:54PM
You took the words out of my mouth there, it won't work with a full frame camera. I sold my 10-20mm on when I purchased the 5D MkII and have the 17-40 as a wide angle, which I managed to pick up second hand from a local camera shop.
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 3:08PM
Here's a link to my portfolio there are a few images on there although I'm a designer so there's a lot of that too! Grin

I don't think it's a problem with my photography per se but I'm continually wanting to learn, improve and update... and if I'm gonna buy a new body then I want it to be better than what I have and those images struck me as being pretty impressive. My camera is 5-6 years old now or more even and maybe I'm just being caught by the techology wave and should stick with it.

One thought though is that most people who are shooting weddings, working in the professional arena etc tend to go for the larger sensor and so would my images stack up in this arena? Is it just when you want to blow images up that you will notice a difference?

Thanks everyone who has commented.
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 3:40PM
Oh yes sorry missed off the file extension...Sad
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
12 May 2011 4:12PM
I agree with Chris. Investment in technique and knowledge (plenty available for free) can pay more dividends than buying a new camera and hoping for the best.
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 4:39PM
There is a bit of a random selection there. I can see what you mean regarding contrast looking at the TShirt shoot, the black is not 'black'. This was taken with my first digital a 300D I don't think there was any 'post-production'.

The sealife pictures (shot RAW and JPG) indeed shot on a high ISO as they were in an aquarium with low light where flash was prohibited. The landscapes were done in the states where I was shooting RAW but I don't think I did anything to them before uploading... When you say tagging or converting I don't really understand what you mean..?

I guess I don't have a specific workflow for photography... I should consider this then... A suggested workflow would be great, if you have the time.

I have recently got Lightroom and have started adjusting images after shooting, is this generally always a requirement with digital then?
I try to shoot at 100 ISO when I can.
I've recently learnt to read the histogram.

Ha, this is turning into a tutorial! Perhaps I should hold off on the body at least until after the wedding, I think the other photographer will have a second camera I can use if he's not happy with my 30D!
12 May 2011 8:16PM
Hi jostill. I've had the 7D then the 5D and the latter, although older, and without any of the high tech of the 7D, is now my camera of choice every time. In fact I now only use the 7D for wildlife. The image quality and noise management on the 5D is phenomenal. You can also pick up a good 5D for much less than a new 7D which gives you some cash left over for a new lens, flash etc?
jostill 13 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 10:26PM
Thanks chrelen, it's good to hear about two of the options I've been looking at and I can see from the quality of your images they are both great cameras. I really like your work! I am definitely considering the EOS 5 as an option and as you say it will leave me some money for another lens!
pulsar69 16 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2011 10:40PM
Have to agree there , I have 5d2s and have had 5d1 and used and edited shots from the 7D , the 5d1 and 2 produces higher quality and lower noise shots than the 7d and if this is the most important thing to you then there is no debate. Dont think the 1d3 or 1d2n would compete either , 1ds3 or 1ds4 more like ..

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