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Help please Outlook Express

debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:03PM
Oh dear - help needed if poss!!

I switched on my computer tonight and all the contents of my Inbox have disappeared.
Several folders of messages have also gone, but I still have the majority of the folders intact.

Outlook Express was working fine the previous time I'd checked and I shut down in the usual way. My computer is virus free and protected.

My hubby thinks I've accidentaly deleted the contents, but I haven't. Has anyone any ideas???

Thanks in advance,

sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 1:06PM
Have you changed identities within OE? Although, this would probably make all your folders disappear.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:13PM
I do have 2 identities, but was just in the usual one and hadn't changed.

All folders are present - just the contents of my inbox plus:

are missing.

Other 60-odd folders are intact.
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 1:20PM
In "documents & settings" somewhere (user-microsoft-identities-08756743388 or similar), you will find a folder called "outlook express". Inside this should be all your folders. If they aren't, you're bu99ered.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:29PM
Thanks for that...just off to check after I've rescued the lamb I can smell burning cos I'm too concerned with the computer....

Will let you know. debbie x
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 1:36PM
It'll be somewhere like:

user-application data-microsoft-identities-253626246265-outlook express
nikon5700ite 16 1.8k
1 Sep 2005 1:40PM
If the other 'solutions' do not help I suggest you turn off your computer and start again repeatedly clicking on f8 as it does so. You should find, I'm assuming you have XP, a menu offering to take you back in 'time' to a previous state in the computer when things worked AOK ....a useful feature when you are doing things to your machine which may or may not work ... after the fashion of the 'undo' button in editing programmes Smile

The problem with doing this is that stuff which has arrived since the problem eventuated will be killed off in the 'time travel' ... so save it to a floppy or CD first.
UserHasLeft 17 654
1 Sep 2005 2:00PM
Debbie, a couple of days ago my mum lost all of the messages in her hotmail inbox. She looked everywhere (literally....even behind the monitor) and eventually found them.

Something called Incredimail had implanted itself onto her system and had very presumptuously decided that her hotmail messages would be more comfortable in its own little Incredicorner of the hard drive. So all the messages were safe and had to be exported back to where they were supposed to be.

I've no idea if this is relevant to your problem but thought I'd mention it just in case Smile
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 2:33PM
Andrew...I might be bu**ered. The outlook express folder is empty :-(
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 2:45PM
Mke sure that you've looked in all possible "outlook express" folders. Have you looked through all the user folders?

If OE is showing some folders, they (at least) must be somewhere.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 3:00PM
Yep - checked them all, but none of the missing messages are there. Thanks for your time with this, I appreciate it. Debbie.
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 3:06PM
But, are the ones that aren't missing there? If you know what I mean.
stevenj 17 2.0k England
1 Sep 2005 3:08PM
Debbie, do the following to confirm if they still exist:

Click the Start menu, select Search, then click 'For Files and Folders.' If you are given a small menu with green icons, opt to search for "All files and folders."
In the file name box, type *.dbx
Make sure it is set to look in all your hard drives, the click Search.

This should tell you exactly what Outlook Express folders exist on your hard drive, and where they are. If the ones you are after appear but aren't in the same place as the rest, you need to move them there.

Hope that helps,
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
1 Sep 2005 3:14PM
Why didn't I think of that? Doh!
stevenj 17 2.0k England
1 Sep 2005 3:18PM
Well it is gone midnight! :o)

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