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Help repairing damaged images

bigbed 17 21 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2004 4:11PM
Hi all,
I've been tearing my hair out (what little hair I have anyway) trying to repair some damaged digital photos. It appears that the camera itself is damaged in some way, since all photos come out with the same odd characteristics - even after a complete reset.
For an example, see this sample
(82KB). As you can see there are some very odd highlights. Can anyone suggest a way of recovering these photos in any way (colour or B&W). Please help, because they are of a friend's wedding, and she seems to have been jinxed (2 failed digital cameras, 1 film camera sans film and 1 broken video camera), & she wasn't too happy with the official photographer's photos, so she's after as many other photos as possible.
Please be aware that I have access to Photoshop 7, but am a complete beginner.
Thanks very much in advance for any help you can offer.
30 Aug 2004 5:06PM
Ive had a quick look and copied the image to my pc
I only spent about 5 mins on it but it is repairable to a degree (im not brilliant on photoshop my self) found a vast improvement by converting to black and white and adding various filters in layers.
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
30 Aug 2004 5:23PM
Tim, it can be improved, but I don't think you are going to get a brilliant result from this.
Looked at your webpage, and was more interested in the Spanish content. I see you've reached a good level! Enhorabuena. You provided me with a good laugh as well! Wink From your page.
Empec a asistir a clases privadas semenales en mi ciudad.
Un error garrafal!Wink I think you mean "semanal". not "semenal" Wink
This post would have been an ideal candidate for PM.

Frank W
minoltaandy 17 370
30 Aug 2004 5:27PM
I've had a play with it and it still looks a bit funny as there is a ghost image there as well, but I think what I have is acceptable, especially if you don't have much else. If you provide an email address then I can send it back to you, and let you know what I did. You could email me at the address on my portfolio.
rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2004 6:16PM
I've sent an quick edited version to your email on your website
bigbed 17 21 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2004 6:28PM
abwhitt - oops! thanks for the heads-up (as it were!). I'll change that before the site gets banned!

minoltaandy (and anyone else interested) you can mail me at: epz (at) timandangela (dot) org (dot) uk.

rab - thanks for your email. I agree that the best I could do was in B&W. How did you do this (desaturate or some other incantation)?
Did you do anything other than make it B&W?

gsdarri - thanks - which filters did you apply?
Thanks again
bigbed 17 21 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2004 1:08PM
Wow what a reaction.
Can I just say a biiiig thank you to everyone who has helped me with this (both here and by email). I'm constantly knocked out by how generous people are here in trying to help out idiots like me.
I *think* I can see a way forward now. Some photos will need converting to B&W and fiddling with constrast, curves and burn-in. Others may be possible in colour with some detailed fiddling with midtones, highlights, shadows and saturation separately.
I'm so overwhelmed, I feel a Paltrow coming on (sniff).
Thanks again,
2 Sep 2004 12:29AM
This is the settings I normally use for B&W
Go to channel mixer
21% red 42%green 37%blue tick the monochrome box and adjust the constant (got my saved so I just have to load the settings up)all you have to do then is adjust the levels along with brightness and contrast.
As for filters I use: (its free you can add grain to hide things)
also I tried the one that was listed on this site again its free
Try cloning bits from other parts to hide things
Im affraid its all trial and error.

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