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HELP something's gone wrong with my dslr canon eos 300D

EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 12:03PM
Somethings happened to my canon eos Sad
was at my youngest nursery play using the 18-55mm lens, taking photos great using the subpressed flash mode, photos were turning out great no problems
the camera was strapped round my neck so there was no bumps or anything
about half way through the camera just all of a sudden started producing nothing but black complete black photos, the lense cap was off and the lighting had not changed, afterwards i thought maybe i'd accidentally adjusted the settings or something so i went through every camera mode taking photos each mode with no luck, the shutter is still clicking away and the camera is still going through the process of taking photos, it sounds fine sounds like its doing everything it should, so i came home and changed the lense to rule that out, and its doing the same thing with the telescopic lense, i've tried with and without flash and every possible setting, it was taking photos great one min then pure black the next, i hadnt done anything from one click of the shutter it was fine to the next it wasn't Sad losts some really cracking shots at the end Sad I've checked on the pc and as suspected exactly as the camera is showing, first half perfect the last half all 100% black no matter what setting the shot was taken on
can you help??? i know something always goes wrong but not my dslr right before christmas i'm gutted, is it sortable or fixable
thanx for your time, really hope you can help
kind regards Emma
chrishanley 12 48 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2009 12:11PM
have you tried shooting with a new card
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 12:13PM
not got a new card to shoot with, do you think it could be the card?
Metalhead 13 1.9k 2 England
11 Dec 2009 12:14PM
You haven't mentioned trying a different memory card. I'd doubt it's that if the first set of photos are still showing, but worth slotting in another card just in case.

There's also the "hard resets". I think you need to remove the main battery and possibly the CR2032 battery hidden in the battery compartment. Leave them for at least 5 minutes.

I don't really know what's happening, but it sounds like it's possibly more mechanical than software. i.e. mirror sticking up or something going astray during the exposure.

Can you release the shutter without a lens on at all?? Not sure if that's possible, maybe in M mode...?

Can you see through the viewfinder as normal?
chrishanley 12 48 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2009 12:20PM
try the what metal suggests with the battery first.
next try a new card
if neither works its a visit to the canon forum.
Metalhead 13 1.9k 2 England
11 Dec 2009 12:23PM
Just found this which may help decide if it's a "sticky shutter" issue:

A stuck shutter is another common failure mode for digital cameras. The symptoms of a stuck or "sticky" shutter are very similar to CCD image sensor failure. The camera may take black pictures (for shutter stuck closed), or the pictures may be very bright and overexposed, especially when taken outdoors (for shutter stuck open).
To confirm a stuck shutter, put the camera in any mode other than "Auto", and turn the flash OFF (you don't want to blind yourself for the next step). Next look down the lens and take a picture. You should see a tiny flicker in the center of the lens as the shutter opens and closes. If no movement is seen, then you likely have a stuck shutter. If so, please see the following for further info and a simple fix that may help:

Above link

There's some interesting info in that above link. Click on the Canon advisory thing from that website and there's another method mentioned of how to possibly release a stuck shutter.

Hope all this is helping...
SteveHunter 13 386 1 England
11 Dec 2009 12:28PM
Another common problem on the 300D is that a small plastic clip breaks inside and then the mirror doesn't lift up when you take the picture. It's a fairly straight forward thing to fix but unless your are very confident I wouldn't suggest attempting it yourself.
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 12:34PM
the shutter is definately working thankfully
i've no other card just yet but i'm formatting the card
just waiting for it to format to try taking a photo cause i did the master reset
in meantime any other advice very welcome and very appretiated!

thanx guys x
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 12:45PM
ok cards been formatted, (just thought i'd try) i did the master reset took both batteries out for 5 mins and its still doing the same thing

how do i find out if its the mirror?
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 12:48PM
I took the lense of and pressed shutter down and that the first i've seen insides working without a lense,
the mirror moves fine went all the way up then down as i pressed the shutter......
i guess i need to look for a card online
Metalhead 13 1.9k 2 England
11 Dec 2009 12:51PM
Can't tell you how to diagnose the mirror problem but there was this topic a few weeks ago about a similar problem with a 300D.

The link has all the info and pictures to attempt the repair yourself if it's the hinge problem, but it looks very fiddly.

At the bottom of the EPZ page, someone has had theirs fixed for 90 in Edinburgh - not a million miles away from you! Might be worth finding that company and giving them a call?
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 1:02PM
I had a look at the link, they said thier mirror had fell out of place, and when i looked at the mirror working it honestly didnt seem to look out of place or as if theres anything wrong, infact the mirror looked in imaculate condition

not looking good to solve this Sad
Metalhead 13 1.9k 2 England
11 Dec 2009 1:30PM
Sorry to be persistant with the mirror issues but there's another EPZ topic here from some time ago about the pins holding the mirror(s) in and together...

I know you said it's working fine, but do either of us know exactly how the mirror moves or operates when a shot is taken? I still think it could be part of the issue.

Failing that, the only other thing I found while Googling was failure of the CMOS chip - the "eye" of the camera itself. No idea how to test that...

Did you try taking a photo with no lens attached at all?? I'm sure that should show up as something on the memory card, if the shutter will actually release at all. I'm not with my camera at the moment so I can't try it myself. But I think I've taken shots with a lens reversed on the camera body and the shutter still fired though there's no lens to make contact with.

If you get an all white image, i.e. overexposed, with no lens on at all, maybe the CMOS chip is fine and it could confirm if it's a mirror issue or not.
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 6:57PM
the camera does fire without lense, taking a photo whilst no lense still produces a black photo Sad
I understand what your saying about the mirrors and yeah we dont know Smile
it was pointed out to me that something dont sound too good with the shutter nose, changing the shutter speed you aparently should notice a difference in timing of the nose but apparently there isnt a difference (i was in glasgow in a slr shop i was in a while ago they dont repair digital) but the woman over the counter checked a different memory card for me and double checked my settings just to be helpful.....)

Any ideas?

or anyone know anyone that can take a look at it in my local area North Lanarkshire scotland?

once again thankyou very much
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
11 Dec 2009 6:59PM
And yes i can see through the veiw finder as normal Smile

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