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HELP something's gone wrong with my dslr canon eos 300D

rowarrior 13 4.4k 9 Scotland
12 Dec 2009 12:59PM
yes, they will. It's only the EF-S ones that don't work on full frame (5D, 1D)
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
12 Dec 2009 2:19PM
great thanx, guess its a new canon body i'll save for

Any one selling their canon eos for a couple hundred prefere to be 350d or 20d at least then i'm slightly upgrading from my 300d
TRUEX 13 218 10
12 Dec 2009 2:48PM
There is a 20d in the EPZ classifieds right now for 220......
photofrenzy 14 424 2 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2009 4:41PM
you may have a shutter problem ?
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 5:44PM
I've had another nosey at my canon to descover that theres a thin plastic curtian thats attached to some kind of metal hinge that has dropped down over my shutter, if I carefully slide it up towards the flash then I can see my shutter, then it I take a picture I get 3 or four shots perfect, shutter opens as it should, but either after a couple shots or a slight shake of the camera this fine thin black plastic thats attached to thin metal hinge like things falls back over the shutter and I get black photos once again, but now this sounds daft but if I slide this black thin delicate peice of black up towards the flash and take pictures with the camera upside down, I could do so till my hearts content and get great photos!!! the problem seems to be this thing thats dropped down blocking the shutter action.....
other than taken photos upside down.....
Any ideas firstly on this mishap peice thats causing the obstruction and on if its easy fixable???
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2010 6:03PM
Sounds like an easy to fix problem. Any chance you could take a photo of it and post it so we can see what it is?

Is it the foam thing used to damp the mirror flip up? Or is it the holder for the focusing screen?

On mine the mirror came un-glued. I just glued it back in.
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 7:09PM
Yes I can add a photo and I'll do one better, I'll add a video of the shutter not firing then me moving the offending peice/part and the shutter firing, note I've had to hold the mirror out the way to do this and yes I was careful, I'd almost lost all hope and had only looked at it again because I had the attitude that i was just going to buy a brand new dslr when i can afford to so no loss if I accidently damaged it....
I couldn't believe that a simple action had the camera taking photos perfect again!!
The video is uploaded to my facebook as dunno how to on here, but pictures here...
Video link is....!/video/video.php?v=1357244927235
thankyou any help or advice greatly apretiated!!
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 7:23PM
in the photo you'll see a thin bit of black plastic attatched to what looks like 2 metal hinges, this is the offending part that is obstructing the shutter action and when moved up allows camera to work perfect!!
discreetphoton Plus
16 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2010 7:26PM
Looks like it might be a stuck shutter. I wouldn't play with it as you could cause further damage. Send it off for repairs. That delicate bit of plastic you describe is meant to be there. It stops grit getting between the shutter blades.
discreetphoton Plus
16 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2010 7:27PM

Quote:thin bit of black plastic attatched to what looks like 2 metal hinges

That's one of your shutter blades.
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 7:30PM
yeah its costing 150 plus to repair, got a quote, I'd rather buy another brand new that I can use my lenses for costing 400-500 and with warantee, I got this one second hand as a starter, a real shame cause I love it, prob keep a hold of it, cause maybe in a few yrs time I could learn how to diy replacing a shutter...
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 7:33PM
Ok least I know what it is now, thanx folk.... I just wanted a confirmation of what it was, had nothing to loose looking or even touching tbh as 150 to me just not worth it far more value for money buying a new one Sad
EmzLou1980 12 279 Scotland
9 Mar 2010 8:07PM
note to self when buying new one.... insure it... definately worth insuring!
beetlejud 10 1
24 Jun 2010 6:19PM

I have exactly the same problem with my 300D. It just happened and I don't know why!
Nothing is broken or anything.
Please Help!!!

28 Jun 2016 2:20AM
What is the problem in DSLR when a DSLR doesnot show the same result as to same DSLR body & lens?

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