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Help Wanted With the Canon 300D / 350D /20D

Homesdale 16 123
2 Mar 2005 10:57PM
Can someone tell me how much quicker the autofocus on the Canon 350D is compared to the 300D.

And then compared to the 20D.

The reason i am asking is that i use my cameras for mainly football photography, and want to way out the options on whether to upgrade from the 300D to the 350D or just go for the 20D.

I really can't decide on which camera to go for between the 350D and the 20D?

Homesdale 16 123
2 Mar 2005 10:59PM
Sorry not really worried about the price difference, that won't be an issue. Just the better camera for me.
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2005 11:19PM
If you aren't worried about the price and are shooting sports then go for the 20D for the better buffer size and frame rate. Or even go for the 1DMK2 if you want to go nuts.
Homesdale 16 123
2 Mar 2005 11:22PM
I would love the 1DMK2, but my bugget wont go that high. I don't mind paying up to 1k though.
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2005 11:25PM
Well, the 350D is not out yet, so we can only guess.

From the specs, the Auto Focus system on the 350D looks the same as the 300D. The 20D AF is improved - more AF points, and should be better in low light.

However for AF SPEED, then the Lens you use is critically important (more than the Body)?

When I purchased the 70-200 F4 L lens, I was blown away by the AF speed - lightyears quicker than a Sigma 70-300.

(I know lightyears is a measurement of distance not time - but you get the point!)


Edit: if you have a 300D already, and 1k to spend - buy better glass. Such as a 100-400 L or a 300 F4L & 1.4 TC or ....
Homesdale 16 123
2 Mar 2005 11:28PM
The lens that i have is the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.
lloydy 16 18 Wales
2 Mar 2005 11:29PM
I have had the 300D and now use the 20D and much prefer the 20D - better feel and more control. I have also found as mattw states the quality of the lens has much to do with it
Homesdale 16 123
2 Mar 2005 11:37PM
So is the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM a good quality lens?
ger mac 17 62 Ireland
3 Mar 2005 12:43AM
I just got the Canon 70-200f4 L lens and the focus speed has to be seen to be belived...lighting fast and superb quality
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
3 Mar 2005 12:45AM
Nothing like not getting the answer to the question you ask.

I have no idea about the Canon lens but find my Sigma 28-300 fine for speed of focus and quality. However, I often turn of auto as I find the 300D (not the lens) a bit wayward for some subjects.

Given the 20-25% difference in price between the yet to be released 350D and the 20D I would go for the latter on paper. As said above, the quality of the lens needs to be of the best to get the best so you need to set aside cash for that.

I have not heard many grumbles about Canon lenses.

EDIT Some one got in before me with the answer you wanted, best of luck with spending your money!!
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2005 12:56AM
The EF 75-300 is not the fastest lens for focusing. Also I found it sometimes hunted, not something I have experienced much of with the 300D and Sigma lenses. It focused fasted on the 300D than an EOS30 if that helps and both exhibited the hunting at times with this lens. Accuracy of focusing in the 300D is good IMHO. I use manual focus for macro etc. Finaly I did not find the lens you mention very sharp, in short I put it back on the shelf.

As others have said a faster lens would be better for sport. I am saving up for a 70-200 f2.8 for that reason. So if you could afford that lens and a 20D you probably have a very good system. But I would go lens first, in terms of choice.
snapperstan 16 235
3 Mar 2005 3:58AM
i agree
the answer is the lens buy the best and fastest you can afford
i got a new 70-200 F2.8 sigma off ebay for 400

there isnt a lot of difference between the cameras
although i would say the 20D is better by around 10%
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2005 4:14AM
I found the AF Horribly slow on the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS that I tried. My 70-200 F4L is in adifferent league AF wise.

psiman 17 574 Wales
4 Mar 2005 12:51AM
I know this is slightly Off Topic, but in my experience focusing on the 300D is OK most of the time apart from in low light conditions when it starts "hunting" and I tend to switch to manual. I tried the 350D at Focus On Imaging and it had no problem focusing whereas in those conditions I think my 300D would struggled.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2005 1:22AM
I find it depends on the lens and light level. I find the Sigma DC lenses focus well till the light is very low. I have photographed at the NEC plenty of times with no problems. I had chance to try an EOS30 recently and it focused slower than my 300D on one lens. I bet there is a lot of camera to camera variation.

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