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Highest rated images on ePz

saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
10 Jan 2017 1:49PM

Quote:I sense a 'like clique' forming..... (you 'like' my comment and I'll 'like' yours) .Surely not...

It's a click clique, so it has to be a like leagueSmile
Ross_D 7 841 1 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2017 3:25PM
Ah yes, the alliteration makes it more catchy. Btw, I've 'liked' your comment..............Wink Wink
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
10 Jan 2017 3:32PM
Mutual back scratching..or should it be ego polishing? you liked my comment, I have liked yours back.Smile
Alffoto Plus
6 265 1 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2017 5:32PM
It's a difficult thing to justify, rating, voting and commenting. Numeric values alone (High or Low) applied to an image don't really give the photographer any usable feedback. Much better when accompanied by a few words describing what the viewer likes or dislikes about the image. But even then it doesn't automatically mean that an image is good or bad, as we know photography / art is all very subjective.

I think there will always be a tendency to provide feedback on a mutual basis, simply because if someone goes to the time and trouble to critique an image then in my opinion a reciprocating response is justified.
However an honest response has to be the most useful, and as long as any critique is accompanied by positive suggestions I think the whole exercise can be constructive.
The click for "cliques" described previously doesn't achieve anything remotely useful to the participants, other than the mutual "back scratching" again so well described. But I'm pleased to see that there is no anonymous rating or voting on this site. On another site that I post images on the anonymous rating system is subject to abuse, and a lot of members have left the site because of it, or like me they have opted out of the rating system.

Photography for me is a passion, and I get a great kick out hearing from other enthusiasts, their opinions ideas and suggestions. I have learned a great deal by taking this approach and I hope I have passed on some useful information along the way too. Long live interactive feedback, and forums like this one!
curlyfilm 16 139
12 Jan 2017 10:48PM
I had never realised, that someone adding "click" in the comments of your photo was meant as a lead to to go and like their photo! I always thought it was a compliment using click, meaning the sound of shutter,
I was always behind! There was one person who would like every photo possible and add comments only to receive likes on his photos.
I admit i have been away from here, its actually much better nowadays, ok not as busy but i think thats a better thing as otherwise you end missing things!
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
13 Jan 2017 6:11AM
'Click' was used in the early days as a short version of 'I just voted on your photo'

Back then you couldn't see who had voted on your photo. I'm not sure it was ever intended as a reciprocal begging tool but human nature is what it is. We all post images hoping that they at least get viewed by a few people.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.6k 30 England
21 Jan 2017 4:09PM
Just out of interest I was looking at my stats last week and the drop off in views is quite marked. A few years ago my pics used to get about 130ish views, now I'm lucky to get 50. This can't be because I've got distinctly worse over that time, but simply because there are fewer people on the site, and many of the old-timers who got to know each other over the years have left.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
21 Jan 2017 8:22PM
EPZ has changed. It is very much amongst the "Go To" site for reviews etc whereas, in the Click Clique heyday, it certainly wasn't.

The forum and gallery are just an add-on. We were always told - in the days of Pete Bargh... remember him? Tongue - that these aspects of the site contributed very little to EPZ's finances. That must be even truer now.
Chris_L 7 5.5k United Kingdom
21 Jan 2017 8:36PM

Quote:It is very much amongst the "Go To" site for reviews etc whereas, in the Click Clique heyday, it certainly wasn't.

How do you know this?

I see more competition not less, especially sites reviewing camera gear online.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
21 Jan 2017 10:29PM

Quote: How do you know this?

Google. In the Click Clique days (8-10 years ago), EPZ didn't feature at all when googling for reviews of photographic equipment. Not surprising, as EPZ reviews had very patchy coverage of equipment.

Now it will often be on the first page.
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
22 Jan 2017 7:29AM
Carabosse is right. When checking the referer of new members, it is more often that not an ePz review/article that leads to them signing up, having found their way to the site via Google. Google is responsible for a very large number of new members.
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
22 Jan 2017 6:38PM
I go back a ways, and I found the site in the process of looking for a DSLR; I found a review of the Nikon D70 through a series of searches. The review was done by a British Wildlife Photographer, can't remember his name, that was 13 years ago, approximately. Man, we had a good clique.Smile

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