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Hobo Publishing?

Stenno 15 11 England
17 Feb 2010 1:39AM
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has heard of, or bought anything from a company going by the name of Hobo Publishing?
They produce downloadable photography programs..ebooks type of thing.

I have bought a few programs in the past, they were very good and there was never a problem downloading them
Now they are selling a dvd with all 20 of their programs included on it. To co-incide, the programs can also be downloaded (allegedly)
I have purchased this disc, they have received my money but try as I might (to no avail) the download links don't work and I've received no confimation of delivery (as promised) of this dvd!
There is another guy I've been in touch with who is experiencing the very same problem.

I actually think this may be a of the 25th February 2010, Hobo Publishing is changing ownership and the dvd will never be available again? After emailing them every couple of days or so over the past 3 weeks, I have heard nothing in return!

It seems to me they may be stalling until that date, after which it will be pointless contacting them again.
The dvd wasn't that expensive to me personally but how many others have perhaps been duped into sending their money to these people?

Any information would be very appreciated


Stenno 15 11 England
20 Feb 2010 8:48AM
Just to update this post and say I have now received the dvd mentioned above!

I perhaps realise my guilt at being a little impatient but can't for the life of me understand why in this day and age, (although I appreciate people are very busy) someone can't find just a couple of minutes to keep you informed about a situation?

Not to worry Smile

DavidGard 12 1
18 Apr 2010 5:13PM
Hi Geoff,

Yes I ordered a dvd and download. They took my payment but my download wouldn't download and I never received my dvd. I emailed support where it says about four times but I never got a response and then I had someone trying to use my credit card details. Looks like a scam so may have to put the word about. Hope this helps a little.


19 Apr 2010 2:13PM
Hi Geoff,

i also bought the crash course, but did not receive any dvd from hobo publishing. i made a follow-up email to support after a month but did not get any replies from them. it's almost 2 months now since I purchased it from them. The link that hobo sent does not seem to work also as it does not download. is this a scam?

3 May 2010 7:08AM
Hello to all! My first posting here - I was looking for something where I was not the only one with problems with Hobo Publishing! I had purchased the crash course 5 back in early February, just before I read where they were changing "hands". I did not get my software/download, and did file a complaint with PayPal. I had some, but minimal contact with HP, but not enough - they initially told me that the software (and Adobe pdf within and .exe file) was not compatible with Windows 7 - it was my fault, NOT! Well I got my money back through PayPal, in late March. I was hoping the new owners would contact me and help me, they never did. I am a glutton for punishment, I see the website is now almost "new and improved" and has the crash course available again, I bought it again! I am crazy, but according to the description, it had everything I needed in one location. I bought it about 1 week ago, and they and PayPal took my money, again. They sent me the link in an email, and the @#$% download craps out at anywhere from 70 mb to 102 mbs - actually it says it was done, it wasn't. Their server apparently can't handle it, and seems to "reset" itself. I have tried downloading at various times of the day, and different days - still nothing! I have contacted them immediately on the first day, and again 2 days later, and now today, including a doc with a couple of screenshots of the download screen, just before it stopped and when it said it was done at 102 mb. I can get my money back if I again file with PayPal, and I also including in my last email that information, and that they need to build a good reputation with the photographers, and if they didn't they would go anywhere, including filing complaints on other sites by upset customers. I really do want the software/ebook, I can't find anything that is an all-in-one kind of information like they claim it is. I am waiting for a reply, I gave them to Tuesday afternoon, then I probably will file the complaint at PayPal if I don't hear from them.

If anyone gets anywhere, share the information here. Sad
snailtoto 15 5 United Kingdom
10 Jun 2010 7:23PM
Exactly same problem as tinkerbell86440. Ordered from new web site but can't get the full download. No response from Hobo publishing.
10 Jun 2010 9:00PM
UPDATE: Filed a claim at Paypal, they also did not get any responses from Hobo. Got my money back after 4 weeks from filing complaint. I would have rather had my software/information, but, felt my money could be spent elsewhere with a more reliable source. I also tried to contact Hobo with a totally different email address asking about their products and wanting to talk to sales, and never did receive a response. They just want to take your money and NOT provide a product. On eBay there is someone selling the same product, CrashCourse5 from Hobo for twice the amount! I just looked at eBay, and now that has been taken down - it was actually a "link" to the same product on Hobo online.
Stenno 15 11 England
23 Aug 2010 8:35PM
Just thought I would offer an update on this situation....strange as it may seem I did eventually receive the dvd which I had payed for?
Trouble being, it just wouldn't work!!!
On (attempted) install, all I repeatedly get is a message saying the file format can't be read, though I don't actually believe it's meant to?
I tried to contact the new owners (same guy's name on the support email addy) who had the nerve to offer me this same dvd in another email I received? Since that time...nothing!
Unfortunately we have all been conned by Hobo Publishing!
22 Oct 2010 6:48PM
I has a similar situation. I purchased the DVD POSE from Hobo. Never received the DVD and it was as a pre order where they did not offer a download link, which came latter. I notified the e-mail address for help many times to which I never got any types of replys.

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