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twordley 14 360 England
2 Jan 2006 12:13PM
just clutching at straws really.

is anyone considering getting a dog?

to cut a long story short my neigbour passed away this afternoon, and i made a promise to him to do my best to house 'spike' in such an event.

spike is 6 yrs old a bitzer very friendly medium sized dog, whose been done (so to speak) there is a picture of him on my website under the pets section (bottom right picture)

i could send him to an animal sanctuary but that is where my neighbour got him from in the first place, and it would break my heart to take him back, and unfortunatley i cannot have him.

only serious enquiries please

i can be contacted through the 'contact us' section of my web site


tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 12:18PM
thats a sad story Trev...sorry i can't help.
jany 17 94 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 12:57PM
Ahh bless, it is very sad. We are considering getting a dog, we do have 3 children age 3,6,8, before we go any further would Spike be used to children?
beaniebabe 15 2.3k England
2 Jan 2006 1:01PM
I hope you find someone for him Trev Smile

Angie x
twordley 14 360 England
2 Jan 2006 1:03PM
as far as im aware jany there is no problem with children, he seems comfortable with them and is pleased of the attention
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 1:29PM
Hi Trev,

Try posting at DogPages - lots of people there who might be able to help.

Good luck
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 1:30PM

If he came from a sanctury then most sancturys insist that if you have to give the dog up then you return it to them. So it might not be a bad thing to take hime back.
Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
2 Jan 2006 2:33PM
The sanctuary (if it is a decent one) will probably have written a condition in the adoption certificate that they should be informed about any changes in ownership - in fact they may well have retained legal ownership of the dog. Having said that, it is just to ensure that the dog gets passed on to a good home - if you are in Kent they are overrun with abandoned animals at the moment.
[] bbc report[/link]

I was just about to point out dogpages (where I found my own a month ago - see my latest photos!) but see chris has beaten me to it. There is a private rehoming section now to post in. They generally want to know about how they are with children, other dogs, cats, and healthwise.

Good luck, and condolances about your neighbour - this must be a difficult time but it is good that you have stepped in to help spike.
Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
2 Jan 2006 2:46PM
Oh Trev I've had a look he is gorgeous - gawd wish I'd had mine longer and all settled in as I was all up for getting a second but have to leave it a bit longer (and get one good with cats). BTW your webpage doesn't work in firefox!
Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Jan 2006 2:51PM
Give the pooch a home!!
Everywhere I go with my camera my dog(Robert)goes with me.
He is a great companion and partner in

If you have to give him up then please make sure it is your local DOGS TRUST HOME That's where we got Robert even if it's a good few miles away.
That way you can sleep knowing that the dog will never be put down and the new owners have been vetted and will be further vetted in the future.
Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
2 Jan 2006 3:10PM
I was the one that wanted a dog, and of course it turns out he's a 'man's dog' - prefers my other half! But we both dote on him.

I am training as an RSPCA homechecker (I am not an RSPCA devotee - there are good branches and bad - but somehow have found myself accidentally involved with the local one and they are of the better kind!) - so if you need my help around Cambridge area just shout. Vetting owners is of course essential but some organisations can get a bit rigid in their rules. Quite frankly you know if someone is going to be responsible or not! (psst - part of my fence is lower than 6 foot - don't tell the RSPCA or I'll have my pooch confiscated!)

Sorry Trev didn't mean to go on - I've just been so immersed in this in the last few months - but I'm sure you will find a good home on dogpages.
Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Jan 2006 3:24PM
Would not give them the scrapings off my underpants.

They kill more animals than they save. Most of there donations go into property speculation.

Here a while back there was a swan with a crossbow bolt through it's neck, after 6 days of the RSPCA arsing about, a local resident captured it and took it to a local independent charity who fixed it up and released it fit and healthy again, when the RSPCA said it should be left to die
Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
2 Jan 2006 4:02PM
Hey Bernie, I know where you are coming from - read the same article and have had several experiences that have put me off them as a national organisation. But the local branches (self-funded and separate) can be different - and I have a lot of respect the members of our local branch.

Every animal charity can have their share of twerps who think that an abiding love of animals excuses them for a total lack of people skills, likewise volunteers who really are no credit to the organisation they volunteer for, however, I am doing the RSPCA training so I can also help the local homes that are less well-known, but who have been incredibly helpful to me in my dog search.

Likewise my uncle got his dog from the Dogs Trust at Snetterton, but other people find their conditions a little rigid and have been put off, though they have far better homes for dogs than the ones that tick boxes on paper.
Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Jan 2006 4:10PM

Quote:Likewise my uncle got his dog from the Dogs Trust at Snetterton

That is where I got my dog from(small world) But have to say that I was pleased with the stringent rules and checks the dogs trust have in place and exactly why I recommend them.
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2006 6:31PM
Hi Sus,

Good luck with the Homechecking - my other half is one and it is very rewarding...if sometmes heartbreaking.

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