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How many have made it

oldham 17 198 England
12 Jan 2005 5:09PM
In response to the thread giving up smoking I stopped again at Christmas and somehow although I still crave a cigarrette i have remained smoke free since Christmas. Has everyone else who gave up still stopped or has anyone failed and gone back on the fags already
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
12 Jan 2005 7:15PM
Good for you Gordon. Hang in there, we're smoke free for almost 51/2 years now. Don't give up the battle. Cheers.
gajj 17 32
12 Jan 2005 9:31PM
Nary a puff since August of 1997 - although I still love the smell and sometimes wish I could, I dare not - one single puff and I wouldn't be able to say I haven't had a puff since August of 1997. Good luck, cold turkey and iron will is the best way!
normanw 17 66
12 Jan 2005 10:04PM
Nearly 18 weeks now, it's still a struggle sometimes but it feels good.

Used patches for the first 6 weeks and they helped me break the habit of reaching for a smoke at certain times.

Good luck and stick with it Smile
tttfoto 19 592 Poland
12 Jan 2005 11:01PM
Gave up 7years ago and never looked back ,my wife now 6 years
Keep it up!!!!
FrankThomas 18 2.8k United Kingdom
13 Jan 2005 12:09AM
I'm trying to cut down on cigarettes by taking up a pipe but I don't have time for one at work Sad
AlanTW 18 353
13 Jan 2005 12:41AM
31 years now and still miss 'em!
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2005 1:20AM
Gave up about 10 years ago and still haven't decided to have another since, although as the others say, it can be a struggle at times. I had to give up alcohol a few years back as well so I know how hard it is to lose ones pleasures in life. Its worth it though, so hang in there, it does get easier.

sybilla 16 264
13 Jan 2005 1:27AM
If anyone needs encouraging 3 years ago on Christmas day I watched my Uncle drown in his own fluids from smoking. Up until the last five minutes he was terried because he just simply could not breathe. He was 65.

kidda 19 277
13 Jan 2005 2:49AM
Stopped just over 2 years ago it does take a good while for the cravings to stop but its well worth it!!!

Used the patches through my local GP dont think I could have done it without them.

Good luck to everyone whos stopping.
teepee 18 1.6k England
13 Jan 2005 3:16AM
gave up nearly 3 years ago after smoking since 1964. Put on a bit of weight at first, but have now started to lose it.(the weight, not my marbles} Don't wish to sound like a lot of ex smokers who go completley anti! But it really is a horrible habit, stinks and it does gradually kill you! Put the money you save in a jar so you can go to Canada or New Zealand and take some of the pictures you have ever taken.. Live long and prosper.....Tony
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
13 Jan 2005 3:40AM
Almost three years for me.
A great bit advice came from a friend who had to quit for health reasons,he said,just remember the cravings will only last a few seconds at the most.
Best thing I've ever done and totally suprised at how easy it is,but only if you've REALLY made your mind up to quit.
flowerted 16 105 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2005 4:11AM
given up 25 years at 40 a day means i should have smoked if i had carried on

wait for it

365.000 fags at a cost of todays price of 4.oo pkt

73.000 pounds or put it this way my mortage is is being paid for for giving up

just think of the volume of smoke it would have produced so thats my contribution to global warming
plus an extra ten years life expectancy plus cheaper life ins
did it with the wife she was on twenty a day it was a man woman thing so we both gave up together neither wanting to be beaten by the other.
so to all who are trying to give it up it is not easy but it sure as hell worth it.
think positive and you will get there
paulsteds 16 123 England
13 Jan 2005 4:47AM
I finally gave up on Sunday the 16 June 1992 while canoe surfing on the river Blyth estuary at Southwold age 48, they get wet and soggy you know.
I started at 15 and was a 30 a day man. I never think of them now and never intend to start again. As you would imagine I had tried to give it up on a number of occasions over the years, in fact this is an understatement, in fact I would comment to colleagues, I wish I had a fag for the number of times Ive tried to give up. In that time I had tried thousands of times for an hour, 3 times for 6 month and once would you believe for 4 years. One fag did it. I can recall squashing up half full packets and throwing them out of my car window while at work, only to go back some time later straighten them out and have one.

Stick at it; the first three weeks are the worst. You wont regret it.

13 Jan 2005 5:52AM
Gave up 1 year and 5 days ago through reading Allen Carr's book - which is highly recommended. All other methods failed, except for the Carr method.

Still get the odd pang, but they slip out of your mind within a minute or so.

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