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How brand dedicated are you?

Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 9:36PM
If another brand bought out a bigger, better, brighter, bolder, blue, bubblegum camera would you consider switching brands or are you absolutely committed to your current camera brand?
To me a camera is a tool and as long as it does what I want it to do and does it well enough I'm happy but I don't have any brand allegiance, I'd switch if there was reason enough too. The only issue of course is the cost of selling up what you already have & starting over, particularly if you have a good lens collection.
I've met a few togs over the years who are Canon or Nikon or whatever loyal and would never even contemplate a change costs aside.

justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
28 Aug 2009 9:50PM
I don't care what the badge on the front says as long as it does the job and it's relliable.
I wouldn't consider switching brands because of the huge cost involved for replacing all lenses and accesories, besides, the competing brand might have a better current camera, but who's to say that won't be overtaken by the other manufacturer, in time.
wrinkles 12 351 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 9:52PM
Use what you trust,and know.
spaceman 16 5.3k 3 Wales
28 Aug 2009 9:53PM
I've always used Minolta because their cameras tended to be a good bit cheaper than C & N but at least as good. I found it very sad when they quit the photographic market. If I ever get a dslr it will be a Sony because of the compatibility issue.
Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 9:54PM
So I gather that means you are brand loyal wrinkles?

cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
28 Aug 2009 10:12PM
As Justin has said, Makes no odds what the brand is, So long as it does the job to your satisfaction.

Many people get hung up on the idea that, Something newer, Bigger, Better, Will improve thier output, The manafacturers love these people.....Wink
lawbert 14 1.8k 15 England
28 Aug 2009 10:33PM
I use Canon and have done for 3 plus years now.....Ive spent alot of hard earned on lenses, flashes, and bodies.
But to be honest if I could have a refund for the lot I would buy Nikon now as they seem to have overtaken Canon in the photography I tend to do.
So in answer to your question...Yup...Whatever the brand was I would buy what was the most advanced in features that I require....Not features that I dont!
Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 10:34PM
Do they ever, although I must admit when the Olympus E3 replacement eventually appears and if it's going to be as good as we anticipate I'll be sorely tempted.

Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 10:52PM
Looking at my camera shelf, I have ...

8 Canons
2 Lomos
5 Fuji
1 HP
1 Seagull
1 Ensign
1 Ihagee
1 Braun
1 Agfa
1 Yashica
1 Kodak
1 Panasonic

But the only ones I have lenses for are Canon EOS SLRs (5 of them) so I wouldn't switch as I can't afford to Sad
MattGrayson 14 622 3 England
28 Aug 2009 10:57PM
Working in retail a few years ago I found the only brand loyalty to a commercial manufacturer (ie, not Leica, mamiya, blad etc) was Nikon. To me Nikon users were lifelong users whereas I could talk a Canon or Pentax user to another brand if it suited them better.
scottishphototours 17 2.6k 2
28 Aug 2009 10:59PM
I have used Nikon for 28 years.

I have small hands and can acheive everything on a Nikon with 2 fingers. I found that as a Canon user you need to have 6 digits per hand, 3 hands and arms and these all need to be 50% longer than any normal human should be.

That's why I'm still a Nikon user, and I would never change.
User_Removed 13 736 4
28 Aug 2009 10:59PM
Statistically speaking, the average brand ownership for a Nikon is 25 years. Gulp. I'm past that already.
JohnParminter 14 1.3k 14 England
28 Aug 2009 11:08PM
Very dedicated for two reasons:
It just happened my first camera purchase was a Nikon, so went down that route with lenses, all Sigma Nikon fit. If it had been another manufacturer then I would be with them.
Secondly, I'm perfectly happy with it's capabilities so don't see a need to change.
I'm not lens brand dedicated though, I will buy whatever fits my price and purpose, just happens to be all Sigma at the minute but could be Nikon, Tamron etc in future.

Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 11:10PM
What do the Nikon users move to after 25 years statistically speaking?
Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 11:14PM

Quote:I'm not lens brand dedicated though, I will buy whatever fits my price and purpose, just happens to be all Sigma at the minute but could be Nikon, Tamron etc in future.


Hmmm, I must admit that I have been lens snobby and have only bought Olympus Zuiko lenses, mainly because they are excellent lenses and perform superbly and are very well made but I'll admit that photo's I have seen taken with Sigma lenses on Oly bodies have also been really impressive & sometimes wonder if my dedication has been a bit biased and extreme Smile

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