How can I stop birds flying into my windows?

roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
2 Jun 2009 3:35PM
The RSPB advice seems a little sparse
Does anyone have any good advice as the young un's are having a hell of a time of it these last few days and three just today.
I don't want to scare them out of the garden but looking for something to take the kitchen window out of their flightpath

RSPB: You can fix something to the outside of your windows to stop birds from flying into them. Birds fly into windows because the reflections confuse them. Some see the reflection of trees and the sky and donít realise it is glass. By fixing something to the window you will reduce the reflection and birds are less likely to be confused.

Plastic stickers work well - RSPB reserve shops sell stickers in the shape of bird silhouettes, which are ideal.

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stolzy 13 3.8k 7
2 Jun 2009 3:38PM
I have a bird which, for the last 2 days has spent all day repeatedly flying into my office window. I opened the window and it moved to another window and flew into that.
Maybe it's psychotic.

...reaching for the air rifle, unless someone comes up with a better idea.
Metalhead 12 1.9k 2 England
2 Jun 2009 3:47PM
Have you seen these products from an American company? Maybe there's a UK equivalent, or you could try hanging CDs out from the window?

Or change your glass to cling film?

Seriously though, I've read a few websites that recommend sticking decals of some kind to the outside of the glass. Maybe it gives the birds a different sense of perspective instead of seeing the reflections in the glass?
Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
2 Jun 2009 3:50PM
sometimes I have had bird go at my window - though they are normaly landing on the ledge and then pecking bugs off the window (tap tap tap is spooky when it comes behind you and your in the attic!)

The RSPB advice sounds sound, though I suspect that some normal cheaper attachments (maybe blinds?) would be more effective than their ownbrand stickers Wink Though it really gets me that the only advice they have is a selling point!
webjam 15 292 11 Netherlands
2 Jun 2009 3:52PM
In our cottage we had a bird constantly ticking with its beak to the windows. He did it several times a day!
I thought that he was defending his nest. As soon as we approached the window he would disappear.

Stickers on the windows will help, especially if they are in the shape/silhouette of another kind of bird.
You can google for pictures of a birds, trace the outlines and cut them out of black vinyl and stick these to your windows. That might be the cheapest resolution.
After a few months it might be clear to the birds that they can't fly in that direction.
Hope this will help.

GreyMoonRising 11 1.5k 1
2 Jun 2009 3:56PM
Open them.
podgod 15 514 3 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2009 3:57PM
Try hanging a couple of strips of plastic from a carrier bag around the window, I know it doesn't look to good but the birds should get the message in a couple of days and you will be able to remove them. Alternatively, stick a largish head and shoulders shot of someone with a camera to their face on the inside of the glass looking out, I know this will work because every time I stand at the window to take a shot of the birds in my garden they all bugger off.
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
2 Jun 2009 4:00PM
yeah something on the window seems to be the only viable option

It doesn't look like any website is prepared to do a downloadable silhouette that I could print off and selotape on as a stop gap until online orders arrive or can get to shops...not even the RSPB! Unless the good ppl of epz can point me in the right direction?
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
2 Jun 2009 4:03PM
Trouble with the bird of prey option is there's always the possibility that if its too young to know what a window is, it prob has no idea what a hawk is either.......

Edit: K, I've gone for the highly technical hang a Polly Bag On String out the window solution as stop gap
stolzy 13 3.8k 7
2 Jun 2009 4:29PM

Quote:Open them.

I opened the window, but it jut moves on to a closed window. tried CDs and silver paper, but it went away for an hour or so and then cam back repeatedly flying into and head-butting the window.
discreetphoton Plus
15 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2009 5:07PM
stop taping birdseed to the inside Smile
uggyy 14 2.1k 9 Scotland
2 Jun 2009 5:12PM
Remove the birds wings Smile

If you need something fast, masking tape the inside of the window should stop them...
2 Jun 2009 5:26PM
Happens to me too, you can even see the pain on the bird's imprinted face as its hit the window - poor thing. Seems to be a seasonal thing though - more in spring than winter... I'm sure theres a few explanations somewhere ;-0
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
2 Jun 2009 5:38PM

As the light has changed the reflection is now more visible on an upstair's window and its been hit twice in last 30 mins, good job I deployed a portable solution...
stolzy 13 3.8k 7
2 Jun 2009 6:20PM

Quote:its been hit twice in last 30 mins

Pah, that's nothing, this same bird has been flying into my window every minute for most of the day!

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