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How did it work for you and sick of "clique"?

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2004 5:50PM
Magda - glad it made you laugh, I wish I could claim it was deliberate!

I did of course mean Stuiver - that's the problem when you try to learn a language by speaking it at work and socially, not following a formal course!

(Its a magical image though isn't it Smile

I remember reading a Dutch friend's child her bed-time story in Dutch. She and I understood perfectly what I was saying - the parents cried themselves sick laughing at the way I mangled their language.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
25 Aug 2004 7:25PM
I tried Finnish once....

Still have the scars.
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
25 Aug 2004 11:07PM
"Flemings - the people of Flanders, who ancestors of medieval times excelled in the textile arts; England owes its early eminence as a manufacturing nation to the migration of numbers of Flemings to this country in the 16th and 17th centuries".

Now you know! Smile

From the Pears Cyclopaedia 1935 - the year I was born! (Had it ever since LOL)

Ian - Gor blimey - yor rite mate! Chase me up the ole apple an pears!

Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
25 Aug 2004 11:18PM
Brian - follow Magda's good example! LOL


Good on yer, mate! You gave us a larf!

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 5:38AM
Jas, if I did that when speaking "Foreign" I'd never have learnt anything. As it is I can speak nonsense in about 3 languages and have caused hilarity round the world! Smile

I must admit it made me giggle most of last night- very embarassing as I was in company.

Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
26 Aug 2004 1:12PM
Don't worry, Brian. Some can only talk nonsense in one language! LOL

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2004 1:23PM
When I first moved to France I managed to tell a waitress I was pregnant when I really meant full. Took a while to live that one down, especially as the restaurant was a regular haunt.

Mind you that same waitress, whilst trying her English, told me they had lots of nice tarts I could choose from. lol
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
26 Aug 2004 1:34PM
And what did you select? LOL

In Paris for the first I desperately needed a loo.

I hurriedly entered a likely looking place. Inside stood a middle aged lady holding out her hand.

For a few horrendous moments I wondered what I had walked into.

However, all was well. Apperently she was the French equivalent of the penny slot machine!!
clevercloggs Plus
17 251 15 Netherlands
1 Jun 2006 8:08PM
In this thread there is mention of simililarity of words between languages which are now considered totally different, i.e French, english, Dutch, German, Danish, Finnish.

If you go to harbour villages situated along the north sea cost and british isles from the north of France all the way to latvia you will find that due to international trade a spoken language has evolved spoken everywhere. These harbour cities are part of the so called "Hanse" and the language that developed from this international trade is called Duutsch, which is a dialect. Some of your grandparents can still speak it or understand it and if they would go to a place like bruge or latvia, bremen or rostock they probably could talk to the old locals there.

Full of useless information I am.

doczoc 18 773
6 Jun 2006 6:07AM
Not sure why it's such a big deal. There are certainly cliques on here, I'm sorry if the original poster takes offence at that, but it's there to be seen. I don't think it's a necessarily bad thing, at the end of the day a group of friends giving each other praise can only be good for their confidence. Who is anyone to tell someone else how to use their 'clicks' anyway? Just enjoy the thing and take the clicks with a pinch of salt, it's all subjective anyway.

I think there is a danger that a person judges their works worth by the number of clicks they get on Ephotozine. Although clicks are useful, they shouldn't be your only criteria of success. There are some great stuff in the galleries that don't appear to be appreciatted, some mediocre stuff (IMHO) that get loads of click, and then there are the portfolios that are consistently good and get the merit they truly deserve.
timiano 17 894 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2006 8:02AM
2 years old?!

I think sufficient water will have passed under numerous bridges by now.
doczoc 18 773
6 Jun 2006 10:36PM
Oops didn't see that LOL Sorry!!!

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